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    Never been good at math buts it’s somewhere in between 1-1000 earth years
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    This is the only correct answer.
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    All kit kats are good kit kats, except white chocolate (that's the ultimate evolved form of the kit kat) I'd love to try some of the more exotic flavors you can find in Japan. They are basically impossible to find where I live.
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    Started writing what is going to be a one shot fan fic. Its turning out awesome story wise so far.
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    Cliches generally get a bad rep so I wanted to ask, are there any that you actually like to see and don't get tired of? For me, it would have to be the anime mom haircut (it cracks me up) and those moments where weak af antagonists/characters are boasting about how great they are before being totally destroyed by a passing badass. It's just so satisfying!
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    Hello everyone!... I hope all of you are having a great day!... ♡ *noms cookies with some chocolate milk*...
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    The only one on that list that I hadn’t seen was peacemaker Kurogane, been watching it for a while and it’s right up my alley thank you so much for the recommendation
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    The best thing about standing at a traffic light is making funny faces at people but when you add a Helmet the effect Is nullified No I dont hate them, Yes It could be dangerous but its more about what you do when you're on it.
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    Only the finer things - I say.
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    29 - dreading 30. Correct. It's from the good planet.
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    You’re definitely a Martian then. Cuz white chocolate is from another planet
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    I decided to share a haiku that I wrote to break the ice: I love to cuddle With my Lilly whose warmth shines No, winter won’t come
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    Lol i talk,lurk,teleport and haunt see all normal kinds
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    You're free do so. Wicked has not blocked anyone anyway.
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    Because I’m being waved at by a ghostly potato
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    For me it would have to be: Hunter x Hunter (2011) Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Assassination Classroom Barakamon A place further than the universe Honorary entry - Code Geass And a whooole lot of others. I'm very indecicive. My top five changes almost everyday. I do it sometimes to fill the void, I rewatch for the same reason (I haven't watched that many shows though). I also like rewatching series that are my favorites. Sometimes you notice a lot more stuff the second time around.
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    You might like Overlord or Castlevenia? I'm also going to recommend Puella Madoka Magika if you haven't seen it- it's definitely not the anime it gives the first impression of being. It's a quick and easy binge and I enjoyed it.
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    My top 5 anime Sailormoon Yuyu Hakusho Golden Time Magic knight Rayearth Fullmoon Wo Sagashite
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    Currently airing series: Rising of the Shield Hero, Dororo, Demon SLayer How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord - ecchi isekai GATE - military isekai with some fanservice Nadia: Secret of Blue Water - has some similarities to Castle in the Sky Claymore & Goblin Slayer - some similarities to Berserk School Rumble & High Score Girl - some similarities to Gamers
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    If we're talking stand-up comics, I've been loving Brad Williams, Hannibal Buress, Theo Von, and of course George Carlin (may he rest in peace.) If I'm playing a game on the computer I'll often mute the game and just queue some stand-up.
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    I loooove Gabriel Iglesias! Also, Monty Python and most of them weren't exactly comedians but the Dean Martin Roast is still hilarious.
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    Kenichi would be a good one to watch
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    I write a lot of fan fiction. I love to write but it's more of a casual hobby and something to have creative fun with. Actually, doing so keeps a lot of stress off and I love to have a type of canvas to go to and reflect on feelings, emotions and philosophy-- etc. I'm on Wattpad but took a long hiatus. When I joined I didn't think anyone was going to actually read or like my stuff and several stories in people were asking when new chapters were coming out. My inbox got swamped and I got a little overwhelmed. I'm juggling an Ajin, Bloodborne, Joker (comic), Devil May Cry fic. Almost finished with both Ajin and Bloodborne. I'm currently doing a lot of major research on the Sengoku period and inserting it into my new fic about Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. I'll write about almost everything. Anime, games, television. Although, I think my favourite material to work with comes from video games. I've gotten some self-insert requests from readers so I finally caved and I'm working on a Welcome to the Ballroom romance. It will primarily center around Masami Kugimiya x Reader. I'll see how that goes!
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    Especially in Shokugeki no soma
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    I’m new here and would like to get to know some of the people In this thread let’s start off simple what are your top five anime’s of all time , mine are as follows -Berserk -Kenichi -Btooom! -Quan Zhi Gap Shou (The Kings Avatar) And lastly Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress (Although it was somewhat disappointing with the ending)
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    From the album: IIVIsouljam's Art

    I'm turning my art supplies closet into a TARDIS, since that's where all the magic comes from. Going to be securing the windows and light fixture with these wonderful lights. Turning out to be a fun project!
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    I really agree! About being pregnant, I watched the movie a second time and I don't think it was anything majorly important. I think he was simply stating that he was cutting her hair because on their island it would never have gotten that long otherwise. As to why it had grown out, it seemed to be that he was so fixated on everything being the same as it had been previously he didn't like that she had dyed her hair in order to live in hiding. He wanted her to look like an Iorph and he resented the fact that she had lived happily as if she weren't one. Therefore, he kept her in captivity until her hair grew out and the timing was right to attempt to rescue Leilia. Once that time came, he simply cut off the portion of the hair that had been dyed.
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    I see. Problem for me is that I cannot really stomach another yearly subscription in the $100+ range, or even the $500 one time fee, but it does seem to be quite interesting. Of course, I am not really an audiophile, so that could be why it seems ridiculous.
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    Feeling great enjoying the weekend weather is nice today was able to stay outside without burning up too much currently celebrating cinco De Mayo relaxing watching movies all day also spending some time with loved ones..
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    I have looked into one alternative call Emby, which used to be called MediaBrowser, but Plex ended up being the better route, due to the stupid decisions that push you further into their subscription (devices that plex does not charge for a client cost you money for an additional devices on Emby). Emby should provide the capabilities of both products, but I am not sure about multi-channel network support. It might work out better than what you use, if you want to consolidate, since Roon's prices are ridiculous and only focuses on music streaming.
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    I'm right there with you on no longer using Plex. I mean sure they are great for what they are trying to do on the surface/ Though I do like how they handle naming conventions sometimes not to mention some of their newer privacy policy updates in the past few years have been less than optimal for users in my opinion.
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    I stopped using Plex mainly due to its incompetence when it came up multi-channel HTPC networks. It could never understand that there was a format BESIDES Stereo Matrix. I ended up going with JRiver and Roon both. Roon is...amazing. I really wish they had a video player built into it, because JRiver is just so damn top-heavy.
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    I wish i could topic about food from my country and all that
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    Lots of anime tend to have that vacation/beach episode. Where there's that super shy character that doesn't want to be seen in a bathing suit. You just know that awkward trip the main character is going to have, where they land on some girls chest. Or, they accidentally catch a peek of their crush and get a bloody nose. There's always that one girl everyone points out for having bigger boobs than the others. I like when they turn these cliches into something unexpectedly hilarious. Like in Outlaw Star, where a gust of wind blew up the swimsuit skirt of a bird woman and Gene peeked without looking at her face first. She started flirting with him. My favourite cliche would be that the nerdy character always wears glasses or is so intelligent, they know things instantaneously/had a feeling at some point in the plot. "Of course, I suspected as much. Three episodes ago, I gathered plotline insight." I actually don't find this a terrible cliche because sometimes it gives villains a lot more depth. If a super brain is hot on their trail, it can give certain villains a measure of respect for outwitting them. The villain might even alter the framework of a carefully constructed situation into their own and surprise everyone. So, regardless of the hero inevitably prevailing, a good villain will make a great and lasting impression! The mom hair! I love it!
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    Been playing the Sims 4. Got a few more game packs and now I'm building my starter homes in new worlds. Love the building....love playing offgrid style too. Got a farmer I'm playing now
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    I'm not disagreeing with you but I don't know if Harry Potter is the best comparison unless you're strictly basing it on structure. You would have to look at the dynamics to see where they differ. Deku for example is driven and knows what he wants to be, and is always working toward that goal. He wasn't born special like his classmates, but offered the opportunity he embraces it fully and both appreciates what it is to have such power and understands how much work actually goes into mastering it. Compare that to Harry- a kid who was basically neglected and used from the start, had no vision of who he actually wanted to be and just went along with wherever the wind was blowing. You could make an argument here that, given the circumstances of his fate being thrusted upon him, it wouldn't have mattered much if he did have a clear goal in mind (beyond besting Voldemort, obviously.) That all said, what we are looking at here is a story about 'following dreams, proactively working toward a goal and bettering yourself along the way, ' versus a story more in the direction of 'surviving with the hand you are dealt and making pragmatic choices.' At least in my perspective, that's pretty different. Despite the above I think I understand where you were going with it. People love stories in that format and they sell, and that's why it has potential to be long running and widely popularised among a ranged audience.
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    Happy Cinco De Mayo peeps
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    Happy Cinco de Mayo to everyone celebrating! I'm not Spanish but my mom loves celebrations our family is celebrating today, eating a lot of good food.
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    Food and anime always good to see but makes me just hungry
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    Title: Dichotomy A crisis of identity, caught up in my past life, reality cuts like a knife, all this pain and strife within me, but is it within a her or a he? My interests stray from my minds eye almost everyday, I tried my best to be a trooper, but I am just to sly, stealing myself away like Sly Cooper, Everyday by and by I am told nothing but a lie, but a lie so sweet, strange and unknown yet warm and fuzzy like the comfort of home, Am I really so strange, from myself so utterly estranged? Am I really to change? God's image is so deranged! I talk to my friends, my family, they say its so plain to see, the complete dichotomy that is me, I tried so hard to flee from who I was meant to be? It doesn't seem right, can't sleep through the night, I just wanna be happy... "Murderer, murderer, you'll kill her", these words echo in my ear yet I wont hear, not when my family dear pressures me to steer in another direction, Is it time to get an erection? I don't know anymore, my soul has flown out the door, I'm falling to the floor, sulking and sobbing terribly sore, just the thought of the procedure, the day drawing nearer, decisions forced to make quickly, am I really just a female effigy? Fender-bender, can't let her, gender gender, get better. I'm so confused, gotta tie this noose, you can see me in the news and cry in the church pews, Because to me, you see, its all just hypocrisy, y'all call for equality, stand up for sodomy, pledge allegiance to the church of inclusivity, but when it comes to me, you show no sympathy, am I so different, am I so warped, or do I just enjoy things some other's don't? Do I need a dick to pick up a hockey stick? Do I need balls to wash up in the locker room stalls, after a game of football? Oh how far will we, humanity, fall? How long will we condemn the normal to abnormality before we see the beauty in our difference? We call out, sexists for their misogyny, we freak the f*ck out over stereotypes, yet we're their own prodigy, honestly, gender ain't no dichotomy, just let us be free already from the tightening grips of society! I'll do whatever the hell I want, I'll do it freely so you can see the only person I need to be, impress, surprise, is me... Note: I wrote this because I am sick of the transsexual narrative; liberals today say stereotypes are bad and condemn those who use them yet they tell people who enjoy things the opposite gender enjoys that they are truly meant to be that gender; its bullsh*t, everyone is beautifully themselves and nobody needs to change simply because society demands it. Hypocrisy is the driving force behind modern liberalism.
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    So I’ve got 2 friends who suffered severe damage to their bodies and brains from motorcycle accidents, and know of one person who was run over in traffic (minding his own business) and got killed. One of my friends who was in a coma and suffered bodily scars and brain damage went off into a construction zone because the road suddenly ended. Sometimes those things come up, and it’s lucky there aren’t more addicents because of them, but even in my relatively small town, when construction on roads is being done or even random junk is in the road or there was a fender bender - people have to immediately react to change their speed and or swerve out of the way to avoid a collision. Some people would argue that a bike would be easier to pass such an accident or road block, but it’s not as safe to do split second maneuvers on a bike, it takes a lot more awareness and control of your body whereas in a car you can just slam on the breaks and not have to worry too much. If you do decide to get one, highways aren’t the most unsafe place, there are a lot less obstacles on highway, it’s mostly stop and go traffic that is the problem. I’d say there are more accidents in the city, and cause more problems especially with crowding. If you’re afraid of speed of a highway and losing control of your bike, then perhaps it’s not a good choice for you anyway. Maybe get a Polaris 3 wheeler (spider?)instead - they look safer.
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    Two people I like so far that are comedians are: Gabriel Iglesias ( Fluffy ) & Dane Cook. I saw Fluffy live a couple years ago where I reside and it was pretty cool show.
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    I enjoy watching Conan O'Brien remotes, where he goes to other countries (like Mexico, Japan, Israel, Germany, Cuba, Italy) https://www.youtube.com/user/teamcoco/playlists
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    Ashamed, I mixed pm and am up. My Friend started laughing, I thought I said something funny. I Did
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    There's always a beach or christmas episode! It's like a requirement at this point.
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    I know right, it like never happens,
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    rain in the UK? Why, that's unheard of
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