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    The idea of this thread is to find anime movies which we can watch together and then discuss what we liked, what something meant and anything really you want to say about it. So here's a suggestion of how that might work. First post the title of an anime movie that you want to watch at some point in the upcoming two weeks Others who also want to watch that movie in the upcoming two weeks react to your post with the emoticon (or just reply to your post saying they want to watch it) If there are altogether at least three people who want to watch the movie, the person who suggested it opens a thread about that movie A couple of things that might be helpful: -if you saw a movie that was posted longer than two weeks ago (e.g. new members who just joined), simply quote it or re-suggest it and with luck others will want to watch it then -you can repost a movie you have posted before but no one said would watch also. Just make sure the two weeks are up before you repost it -make sure you have access to the movies you say you'll watch -I chose three people as the minimum because if one drops out you still have someone else to discuss it with -Even if others agree and then don't watch it, don't hold it against them. just be friendly If you have any ideas on how to make this thread better (maybe limit it to one week instead of two?) just say so and I'll change this post. All movies, old or new, not watched yet or just want to do a re-watch, are welcome! Trying a genre that you usually don't watch might also be interesting!
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    There’s also the issue that some members are in different countries, which can affect availability. I just thought any additional information could make things easier (hopefuly) I would think movies would be more convenient than entire series for most people since it’s less of a time commitment.
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    I’d seen it, but it’s been several years and while I remember general themes, I don’t remember specifics. So yeah, I don’t mind revisiting it. One suggestion: it might be useful to list where the movie is available (legally at least :P) to make it easier to determine if it’s something members have access to before they vote. From what I see, Summer Wars is available on Funimation but not CR, Netflix or Amazon.
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    Yea, since it’s a voting system, it’s up to everyone to decide. Secondly, my favie I’d love to rewatch with friends: Summer Wars
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    Here we go: Sun shines through the door To my side the one I love. Hope this never ends.
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    My Submission: Fallen leaves, God breathes Life through death, course of nature. Sacrifice, spring sings.
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    Will Smith, Fresh Prince You'll Hang Out With
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    @Seshi I'm in. Haven't seen it, but remember that I wanted to watch it and then forgot about it
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    I like your ideas! (I've never watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer I just picked random names XD but thank you for telling me I will change the names.) "Osmond Clayborne for Alexander and Asia/Aria Alighieri for Willow" are good names. I'll post the character profile for Aria, Osmond, and the Book Store Owner later today as well as revised plot beats. Some of what your saying can be included later in the story.
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    @Seshi Just saw this recently, so I don't think imma rewatch it so quickly afterwards I guess there's no harm in one user suggesting more than one movie at the same time though?
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    Great Haikus everyone. I am so thankful for your works.
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    That's the type of feedback I need! Thank you!
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    I can be quite critical, so be careful what you ask for So, here's what I think. The artstyle and the drawings are really impressive. Everything is clear (i.e. it's clear what is moving, falling or standing, what is in front of something else etc). I might have made that pill in a darker color maybe (or with some kind of inscription/letter on it), so that it is more clearly separated from the woman's shirt, but that's just a question of taste I guess. Storywise it's interesting, but I don't quite get why the guy would simply take a pill some random weird woman on the street offers him (even if he thinks that the blood might be dangerous for him). Other than that, her holding up her phone/device which says "Human" was something I liked. I also liked how the monster was not shown until later on and then got his own panel for it! Language-wise I liked it but I think there's an "i" missing when the guy says "That was the aftertaste? Why the hell did I eat t". Also, on the last panel I would leave out the "because" (before "If I don't get the" (might make it more epic), just a suggestion. All in all, this has a lot of potential! Edit: one more thing I noticed. The first time you see the woman in full she has something like a T/cross on her left shoulder but in the last panel where she stands she doesn't. That doesn't bother me and I didn't notice until I looked really closely at everything. I would have assumed that it's either different clothes or just the angle, but if you want here to wear the same thing, this might be something to consider.
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    I really hope it becomes something even If we don't win the contest. Any specific thoughts or comments?
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    ♥ Hello everyone and welcome to my Haikyuu collection. I have only recently begun writing Haikyuu's but I will post more on here over time, so feel free to check back any time! ♥ Haikyuu's so far: (2) #1. Fear The man who fears death, sadly only provides proof, that he's never lived... #2. Cycle Fallen leaves, God breathes Life through death, course of nature. Sacrifice, spring sings.
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    Looks really impressive. Better than a lot of stuff I see in official mangas such as in shonen jump
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    Ladies and Gents I present to you CHAPTER 1 of the one shot. This is the last sketch update, the rest of the one shot will be available at the end of the month for the contest!
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    The Grimoire could be passed down in the first family that lived on the island as the origin of the legend. Since the bloodline of the original family has branched off into several families now there is strife and growing interest in the whereabouts of the grimoire. It holds the secrets to the incantation to summon the great angel and to use the abilities attained by the flame.
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    We could definitely use more ideas; the more people that contribute, the more rounded the story will be in my opinion. I was thinking the Island could have a history involving an ancient grimoire whose knowledge is unique to the Island, there being only one surviving copy of the book. And I did have some alternate names for the protagonists: Osmond Clayborne for Alexander and Asia/Aria Alighieri for Willow. I do like the meaning of the name Alexander though.
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    No i prefer food/anime/books
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    Women u prefer chasing guys around here miss potato ghost lady.
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    Ideas if you like them. The imaginary friends are actually fairies, sent to troubled souls to guide them (in promise that they will look to becoming owner of the Empyreal power of the flame) The Island is known in legend to be home to a source of power, those who are born on the island have developed some strange power in consequence. The powers are said to aid in the testing of ones mind in preparation to their Ascension to the throne of power. Because of her power, Willow has hidden herself from the outside world, much like Alex. She senses a connection with him in spirit and is able to see the fairy’s that he keeps with him. This is why she seeks his help in the forest. (btw willow and Xander from Buffy have already been done.. maybe pick a dog MC name?) Different* MC name
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    @LonelyPoet Thank you for giving the idea a more concrete form. I feel like this is one of the hardest parts of the writing out of the way . Now we have something to work with! As far as changes go, I thought maybe the imaginary friend who convinces Alexander to leave could be a familiar of either one of the Ophan, or Willow, in an early attempt at seeking him out. Maybe also to show he has the potential to be heir to a flame. Also, do you have any details on Willow's personality?
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    Didn't mean anything bad by it just saying women and their gardens
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    Ladies and Gentlemen! I give you CHAPTER 1! Still to be polished. But I want feedback so! let it rip! This is the last sketch update until the one shot is done. I'll update the cover page once its done and someo ther stuff, but for actual manga pages, it'll head to medibang.
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    Got done watching episode 18 dubbed on FUNimation, who has a queue that is more reliable than Crunchy's, and found it a little interesting.
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    My haiku: Kites and comets spring, Surf beyond of our planet, The spring we call youth.
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    Thanks to everyone who went out of their way to tell me they like my new Avi
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