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    Those remind me of ninja shoes
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    I would agree on scorching and freezing days would be a bit inconvenient. I tried getting the mail completely bare foot during the summer once and that was uncomfortable, but I would not care to much in general about going on the street or asphalt. Heck, I had to go barefoot once for a while because my toe was bothering me whenever I put socks and footwear on, though at the time I was iffy on it, due to a perception of barefoot in establishments was not allowed. For me, it is just easier, as there is not always a place to sit when entering establishments. Because of my disability, I have troubles balancing on one of my feet, which makes it hard to put on or take off footwear.
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    Yeah, outside the house too. Supposedly, it is better because you have better traction when you are completely bare foot, plus you get more data, thanks to the sense, in addition to being easier to learn to walk. There could be dangers like that, but generally, we do not trust our bodies enough anyway, at least over here, so it would be iffy. We probably are not the heaviest into it (if anything we are way too obsessed with body odor to the point where we unknowingly negatively affect the immune system), but we have been so obsessed with covering our feet that people find it disgusting to go into the streets without shoes, regardless of whether you have socks or not (my own mother would not let me walk in the parking lot without footwear for sanitation reasons and possible wear and tear of sock, even though the footwear I had at the time would not stay on and I was frustrated at the time). Never knew it either, until my brother went there, but we might need an Aussie to confirm it, seeing how my BIL said that soda tastes differently in the UK from the US, but one of the people from the UK I have contact with made it seem like the taste is going to be similar for some sodas, due to the sugar tax.
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    Despite some recent disappointments with the series, I try to keep an overall positive view on it, but saw a couple recent articles: The first says that there will be a 2 week delay on the english dub through the remainder of the season (article lists projected air dates for the dub). While that doesn’t affect me directly since I watch the sub, I know several people posting here watch the dub. So hate to be the bearer of bad news, but will make sure to spoiler wrap my commentary. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2019-05-15/the-rising-of-the-shield-hero-anime-english-dub-to-have-2-week-delay/.146704 The second article was this https://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2019/05/14-1/makoto-takahashi-kaito-ishikawa-to-reprise-their-roles-in-the-spear-hero-drama-cd As if the idea of a series focusing on that tool Spear Hero wasn’t infuriating enough, that pic with Filo makes me want to . Can’t believe this is an actual thing, not doujinshi.
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    So yeah, is there something you find weird/great/fascinating/strange/and-what-have-you about other cultures? What is it? Keep in mind that these will most probably include generalizations and stereotypes which might only be true for a small part of people of that culture. So let's keep this civilized and take everything with a grain of salt and most importantly with a lot of humor! One thing about the US I find weird is the shoe thing. It's just weird that you guys wear shoes inside the house What I find fascinating on the other hand is the customer service being so accommodating (although it might be demanding for the workers themselves).
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    I totally will. I'm planning to buy a couple of longer HDMI cables to actually make this work. I use the Sony VR which is fairly good, but let's face it, the cables that come with it are made for shorter people. If I get any closer to the camera, the camera won't callibrate right either so I'm just going to replace the cables with longer ones and I think I'll use my VR gear a lot more with that small change. So far, played through Loading Human (enjoyed it though the graphics are a bit primitive, like early PS2 graphics when you consider later PS2 graphics, still a good game to practice the controls) and Star Trek Bridge Crew (I need to recruit a crew to take on the Kobayashi Maru Challenge) and been using the VR charging station to charge my controller as the short cables pulled my head down constantly bothering my preexisting neck problems. I'm really looking forward to it. I've heard so many good things about Skyrim VR. I may be ruint after this lol... I really haven't set up a new area for VR. You really mostly sit or stand. You use the controllers to move around...which means I might be learning it new in Skyrim. >_> Anyways, I'll let you know how mind-blown I get.
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    Okay, next week sounds good.
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    @Fx_Omar it will have to be next Friday, the 24th if you’re set on doing it Friday. Ohiotaku won’t be free till next week. That time is 4:30 for me in NC. Works for me
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    Yeah, they do. They reminded me a bit of a boot-like style in the form of shoes and cost about $100 USD. This makes me laugh a bit because some people told me I had ninja-like stealth.
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    @brycec can't put my finger on why exactly, but those look great! Maybe because they remind me of shoes from RPGs?
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    Stardew is one of the best games around. Got Skyrim vr the other day and I'm hoping to try it tonight....
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    Crocs have comfy slip ons. The crocs I have for water shoes are sooo comfy. But they make all kinds of comfy slip ons.
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    Well, as long as you don't use them for drinking, I think anything goes
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    Episode 19: while setting the stage for what has the makings to be an epic clash, the primary focus seemed to be on ironing out some of the rough spots with the story over the past couple weeks and it manages to do a decent job of it IMO.
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    @brycec you get a free pass But I will say using slip on shoes is how I manage.. it’s way easier to deal with
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    I’m not sure why most people in the US tend to wear shoes in the house. It is very unsanitary. I think maybe laziness? It’s hard to enforce the no shoe rule with visitors in my home because not all will comply. Since it’s not a cultural thing here, it’s harder to make it work for everyone who comes into the house I love the Japanese culture, pretty much every Asian culture that I’ve experienced really. I grew up with Korean friends, and I have a Korean friend who likes to cook right now, getting to spend time with her is always a blessing due to how sweet and courteous she is. She’s always the best host too. I try not to take advantage of her kindness though, she is asked to do a lot because of her kind nature. Anyway.. back to the topic at hand. I love the way Asians slurp their soup and noodles and it’s considered polite! I love food. So I’ll go to town on some noodles and be noisy and enjoy my food. Over here in the US, it’s looked at as sloppy - but if I was Asian people would be like (you want some more?) hahaha. It’s just so different!
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    King of England. Being POTUS seems like a big hassle right now Could you get to all the places you need to go if you had to use public transport only?
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    Nice good to hear buddy
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    create my own charity and help those in need with no scam or false promises become president of the united states or King of English?
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    @brycec I wouldn't mind walking barefoot on grass etc, but on asphalt/streets it just seems a bit inconvenient for me, especially if it's scourging or freezing outside. I honestly have never given it too much thought if streets are "dirty" or not. I mean, if your soles are black after that, it would be kinda strange to mess up the carpet in your house I guess. But other than that, there's not a whole lot I do with the soles of my feet Oh I can confirm about things like soda tasting different. Nutella for example can be vastly different just in neighboring countries withing Europe, apparently, so I've heard, because people in different European countries prefer different kinds of bread and therefore Nutella has a different consistency and taste. There are quite a few things (such as sugar taxes etc) that play a role there. Sizes are also quite different (compare Japanese MacDonalds with an American one).
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    @Illusion of Terra if we are all online together right now at the same time, it should be possible for us to set a mutual time.. it would just be a different number for some of us. I’m sure we could figure it out tho. It would be cool to watch together at same time but even same day is okay if it’s too difficult for us to manage
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    @Lelouch-San here you go.
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    We need to call her in here. Sadly, she seems pretty busy.
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    This one really depends on the person and reason. There are a few people that go barefoot inside, and some people that are completely barefoot all the time. However, the thing that bothers me is our obsession with cleanliness and sanitation. Both are good, but not always for the right reasons, or because of things people grow to believe. As for the topic at hand, the thing I find weird is that Australia is almost as obsessed with coffee as, or maybe more than, the US. A lot of the nations that had been colonized by Britain tend to be really similar in a lot of ways today, but my brother and SIL, who visited Australia, said Australia is even more similar to the UK than the US, but they drink coffee more than tea.
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    Next Thursday or Friday evening sounds good to me (Thursday is the one day of the week I don’t have a currently airing series, but I’ll have houseguests tomorrow through the weekend)
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    "Here comes a mighter warrior"
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    @Seshi Well, it depends on what kind of time travel you are talking about. When it comes to the future you could imagine something like you being "frozen" but everything continuing. Something like falling asleep and waking up 1000 years later. What's even more confusing is the question if future events are true/false (or can be true/false) (not saying will be but are). Or you subscribe to some idea of "presentism" and say the future/past doesn't exist, or always exists (similar to what @brycec mentioned). But yeah, the question remains, what would you do if you had a time machine (that can go to the future and past).
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    Well, time travel and time itself are rather complex. The past, present, and future have been said to be occurring simulteanously, at least according to the following article by Pault Ratner on Big Think, who credits Dr. Kristie Miller, of the University of Sydney, though I though it came up earlier than that, since the article was dated 2018, as I thought it was mentioned in The Fabrics of the Cosmos. https://bigthink.com/surprising-science/a-controversial-theory-claims-present-past-and-future-exist-at-the-same-time If you include parallel worlds or universes, much in the same fashion as time travel in Dragon Ball, then it should be possible, but that would be iffy as the future still would have occurred, since parallel worlds deal with each possibility being true in its own world (e.g. a coin showing heads in our world, but it being tails in a parallel world).
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    I heard about the delay and I am not really that pleased with it. If the dubs were delayed by two weeks from the beginning, like FUNimation has done for pretty much every series in the past, except My Hero Academia, I would have been pleased, but this is just disappointing, since I would want to watch this, even if I had a headache. However, that article is a little inaccurate. It says the dub for episode 19 is the 19th, but the 19th is not even a Wednesday. Plus, according to the series page on Crunchyroll, the episode 19 dub is scheduled for the 29th, so the true schedule will be as follows: 19 - 5/29 20 - 6/5 21 - 6/12 22 - 6/19 23 - 6/26 24 - 7/3 25 - 7/10 So far, only the first of those was wrong in the article you linked. This was a little more accurate and even has a link to the Crunchyroll article. https://comicbook.com/anime/2019/05/14/the-rising-of-the-shield-hero-english-dub-delay-release-schedule-change/ All I can say though is that I am glad I am not watching the series on Crunchyroll anymore (I hate how Crunchyroll keeps telling me the next episode is the pilot episode, rather than just staying at the most recent episode and marking it as watched)
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    I would be excited that I would probably have access to a time machine at some point! Hunter x Hunter? Yeah, it's quite long, and there were parts I didn't like, but I think overall it was worth watching. What would you do if you had a time machine?
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    Will probably be at least next week for me, I’ve got a lot going on through the weekend.
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    @Illusion of Terra @Ohiotaku @Fx_Omar Lets set a date for watching Summer wars!!
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    It’s fine, a BBQ calls for banana pudding anyway
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    Have you tried Ergo Proxy, Ghost in the Shell, Appleseed, or Trigun?
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    Yeah, I heard about the delay. I actually started watching it subbed (I didn't know there was a dub) but have been watching the dub for the last 10 episodes or so. Maybe I'll switch to the sub version again (if most here also watch it subbed, just so I can add my two cents ) I'm not even gonna comment on that spear hero thing, just don't (seriously though, what the heck)
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    Back in 05-09 the seasonal releases were so small, as you said roughly 30 new anime, I wasn’t able to get into many new anime at the time, sometimes waiting years for a new anime that I actually wanted to watch. It seems that now that there are far more per season that I can get into. So I’m thankful for the change. Also wanted to point out that Dub has gotten far better for anime since the 90’s... I am watching Slam Dunk in dub right now and the voice actors are making it seem like half the characters are mentally challenged What could be cool (and I’m sure in Japanese it does sound cool, because I’ve watched anime so long I can tell by the sort of facial expressions the characters are making how they were meant to sound) just gets dubbed so poorly that it makes it REALLY lame. It’s funny to watch still, so I’m just going to keep it on. However, for most current dubs, I’m guessing voice actors are getting more seasoned, because they aren’t bad like this.
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    This pretty much sums it all up. Good job @Wedgy But yeah it seems Reddit was just built differently. With it's upvote downvote system that reminds me of Stack Overflow and would seem to be more suited to Question and Answer websites. And forums seem so ancient now. But they're still the best place to make friends online. Even on social media like Facebook. It's hard to meet new people because you wouldn't add a stranger. You would just add people you already know in real life. It is interesting though how everyone here on Anime Forums is a nice person. At least from what I've seen so far. I remember joining MAL and right away I experienced some racism. Although to be fair the mods there took action when I reported it. The main difference I noticed comparing Anime Forums to MAL is that here, people actually engage in conversation. They talk and then listen. On MAL, everyone just talked. No one listened. On a typical thread, people would just post their replies. No one read the replies of others so no conversation ever takes place.
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    What gear do you need for astro photography? I think they're expensive right? I'm just curious. And wow!! You guys take beautiful photos. Some of you can be considered semi pros. I've always wanted to get into photography when I was young. I've always enjoyed things that were creative. So photography was a no brainer. I started with my mom's point and shoot camera. I was still a kid. I remember I even had friends who would make fun of me. They would look at the photos I took and would ask me, Why are you taking pictures of things? You should take photos of people? They didn't understand what photography was. They thought cameras were just for capturing events and people. A few years ago I decided to purchase a basic low end Canon DSLR. And that's when I really got into it more. I'm a hobbyist though. I don't shoot as much as I should.
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    Aside from the art style in which a previous posters have already discussed, I agree that the average episode length nowadays seem to be 13. When back in 2005 or so it was 24 - 26 episodes. So yeah anime has gotten shorter. And there are more anime released nowadays. I checked Wikipedia. And in 2018 there were 198 anime released. (Not counting OVAs or ONAs or movies) In 2005 there were 32 anime released. (Not counting OVAs or movies) Whether more anime released every year is good or bad I think is debatable.
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    I’m very offended rn lol fuzzy socks are all I want for Christmas Well... that and scented candles and warm cozy blankets
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    I much prefer the older art style. This new hd-ifyng gives off a weird 3d but not 3d look that I just can't get behind. That grainy look from the older stuff is the bees knees.
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    Being a pervert doesn't really bother me if I like the character, like Koyomi Araragi from Bakemonogatari or Kazuma from KonoSuba. My friend has been egging me on to watch GTO, so maybe I'll finish it soon. HxH is pretty much a shonen and not your average shonen? Just kidding I don't necessarily mind the fighting and getting stronger aspects of a story, but it's not something that particularly appeals to me. One thing I'll definitely have to consider is the length of the series and how it's split into two different versions. Is there a guide to the arcs of HxH? Or is reading the manga a better experience? I actually love Hachiman Hikigaya from OreGairu, so that definitely convinced me to watch these two anime. I don't mind anime that don't have action; it's not like OreGairu had action in it. A lot of people seem to be divided over Violet Evergarden. Some people say it's great and emotional whereas others say it was boring and slow. Like I said before, I don't really care for action sequences, but stunning visuals can make me love an anime, like in A Silent Voice. Oh yeah, I kind of thought Claw was a weak set-up for a villain, and some of the cliffhangers throughout season 1 turned me off, but I thought MP100 was a great watch overall. If it does indeed feel like a satisfying chapter, then I'll definitely check it out. Thanks for your in-depth replies, everybody! I really enjoyed reading and responding to them. I'll be sure to update everybody on what happens next.

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