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    It was very fun to participate and I'm happy with the results! duh... But more Importantly this contest got me back Into drawing again which I didn't do for quite a while. Also! Congratz to @XII360 and @TsuchiMaika for getting 2nd places! Hope everyone had a fun time creating their art
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    @Humbby dat crouch tho i can lewd this cough anywho' gratz everyone~!
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    With the end of the week, comes the end of another wonderful contest. It has been an honor to co-host it for all of you and I am thankful to every single person who saw fit to contribute.Your works were very enjoyable for us all to look upon. Over the weekend, we have looked these over for the following criteria, as listed above: 1. Visible Spring theme 2. Recognized Fan Art or Original Character 3. Given Rating of 1-5 And after careful consideration, we have come to an agreement on the winners of this contest! Fan Art Category First Place: @Humbby For a beautifully detailed character rendering, and coloring befitting of springtime- you’ve earned 1000 points, and the first place signature graphic. Congratulations! Second Place @TsuchiMaika For a beautifully drawn character adaptation and spring bouquet, we give you 700 points, and the second place signature graphic. Congratulations! Original Characters Category 1st Place: @Humbby For a beautifully drawn character, elaborately colored with a spring background. You’ve earned the 700 points, and first place signature graphic. Congratulations! Second Place: @XII360 For a beautifully drawn character, with a detailed spring background, albeit less elaborately colored. You’ve earned 500 points and the second place signature graphic. Congratulations! You have all done well, and earned the recognition of your peers. Thank you again to all who participated. I know you may not have won it this time, but you’ve taken part. And I hope you had fun doing it. Please continue to join us for more upcoming events! See you next time
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    I like how as soon as I try getting back into watching anime after spending weeks playing a game my internet goes funny to the point where even downloading episodes takes more than 20 minutes. Ah, sweet life...
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    Well that makes me feel all fuzzy and special. No complements really just relaxing watching fan animations actually.
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    Congratulations @Humbby, @TsuchiMaika, and @XII360! Those are some great drawings!
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    been to lazy to read the plot but i agree, the tattoo is overkill, id probably pass on a girl that's overtattoed tho' thats just me >.> side note, i thought i posted it yesterday, but it seems i died before i did <.> im drawing book store owner-kun that was also a gangster before
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    Since it’s airing now and has a huge fan base I thought I’d drop this thread here. Please discuss all things Demon Slayer. Please remember to use the spoiler button to hide content that could be a spoiler for those not far along in the series. This Ep 1. AMV I found pretty well sums up the first episode:
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    Hi everyone: Community Manager A vacancy exists for a community manager for AF. This position is perfect for those that have community experience, are passionate about anime and have a genuine desire to grow the community. Duties Encourage engagement by arranging regular community events Assisting moderators as an escalation point for community queries and resolving member disputes that may arise Optimising features of AF including the Forums, Clubs, Gallery and Blog modules to improve the user experience as required Adjusting user groups and permissions as required to accommodate new ranks, groups, etc. Maintaining the AF Virtual Shop/Point System Help mentor moderators in line with Community Guidelines and adjusting the guidelines as required Selection Criteria Previous experience with engaging with a community. This experience be from managing an event, social media channel, guild or server Friendly and courteous manner with good written English Benefits This is a volunteer position. However, technical mentoring will be provided for this platform and you will gain full access to the platform to help mould the community to meet a shared vision to better unite anime fans from around the world. There is a 1 month probation period for this role to assess suitability. If you are interested in this position, please send me a message directly outlining your experience and what interested you in applying for this role.
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    @The History Kid Oh yeah, I'm quite certain that many accusations are unwarranted, not necessarily because a solider actually did or did not kill a baby, but because the one making the accusations doesn't know enough about it to judge it. I'm not trying to play devil's advocate or defend one side (simply because I don't know enough about the topic) but just trying to show why some might think in such a way. I do think that it is quite likely that throughout the last 100 years or so of the US military there has been a case of a baby killed by acts of the military. And there probably were instances where military intervention was destructive for the long-term development of a country. If you only look at those, you will naturally develop quite a negative attitude towards it. Like you said the military has done a lot of helping throughout its history. This does not erase the bad things that happened though. It might be comparable to surgeons who save lives on a daily basis. It is extremely probable that at some point some surgeon actually killed someone who would not have died had they not gone into surgery ('to kill', compared to 'murder', doesn't imply intention in English does it?). If the patient was a baby, then there are surgeons who are baby killers. But people would generally not go out on the street and call surgeons baby killers, because they mostly see the saving lives side and judge the other side as unfortunate casualties. In the case of the military, they might not look at both sides, or the situation might be so complex that you need quite a lot education to actually believe that both sides exist. Put in front of the actual situation with all information available, the one accusing the military might end up making the same decision they are protesting against. But, like I said, it's so complex that I can't judge any concrete example as I lack the knowledge behind them. I think we are derailing the actual thread topic though
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    A lot of the problem is, is that there's very limited liability with military. I can't comment on the specifics of it, but the fact remains that in most circumstances (greater than 90%) a soldiers is between you and the bad guys. What most people (including, through no fault of your own, your example) don't realize is that the majority of large-scale humanitarian operations are carried out by the military. It is the single largest humanitarian operative in the world. It is also the largest security guarantor in the world. True enough, people let the actions of a few dictate their overall viewpoint on a subject, however the distain that some individuals have is more extreme than what is warranted. Explicitly calling a logistics specialist (a soldier) a baby killer is no more accurate than calling a teacher a heart surgeon. Saying that a geographic area would be better off without the military is no better than saying an infant would be safe in a den with hungry, rabid, and wild dogs. There's a certain double standard here that people just don't seem to understand nor grasp - but that's true with many things these days it seems.
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    Hmmm...yes and no. There's a lot of people who thank soldiers. There's also a lot who hate them. There's a lot of people that abhor them to the point of taking action. I lost about half my "friends" when I went into the federal service. There's a despairing amount of people that just do not support the military, police, civil servants, or federal liaisons (these exclude legislatives and executives). Some of it depends on the community you're dealing with too. The U.S. Military dominates the local economy in this area (accounting for ~18% of all employment), so it's not unheard of to always know someone in some kind of federal service here. In small towns, the U.S. is unique in having "small-town pride", so it's common you'll always know someone in service there too. However, in larger metro areas where the military has a smaller footprint, you'll see people who don't know anyone. Those areas also have the highest concentration of dissenters. The exception is in California (sorry guys, but it's true), where you have Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego, and San Francisco all as major military cities - but the population still largely hates them. It's actually really disheartening and sad.
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    First off, Crash Course is an amazing production that I find to be of great quality, if not a bit unorthodox and by the seat of their pants. They are attention grabbers, and the material they present is just awesome. When I was taking PSY courses, they supplemented classes with Crash Course. I ended up following them on YouTube sometime later and even went through a lot of their history videos. They are of course very broad and hit strokes of detail, but that's what they advertise themselves to be. For anyone wanting to get a general idea or concept of a topic or event, I have no qualms with their material. As for the second question... There's a few components to answer there. No one in my immediate family was in the military. However, that being said there are military traces in it. My great grandfather was an immigrant from the Ottoman Empire in 1904. He had fled to the U.S. to escape the downward spiral the empire was caught in. When he passed through Ellis Island, he wanted to enlist as a means to acquire land grants and benefits. The U.S. Army wouldn't take him as an immigrant, but instead referred him to the National Guard. He enlisted in the Iowa National Guard and was then stationed as a sentinel at Rock Island in 1916. The last I know of Asha's service was in 1919 where he retired from it. Then you have my grandfather, who was (probably) dishonorably discharged during the Korean War for something or other as a PFC. My grandmother on my mom's side worked in steel and ammo plants during World War II. From 1953-1985, six of my family members worked at Rock Island in the civilian sector. Then, starting in 2017 - I also started working at Rock Island, and am currently the only family member in federal service. So, where does the military component for me, personally, come in? When I was 3 - actually. My dad took me to the local air show, and that year the air show committee had managed to get the then-prototype of the B-2 Bomber to do a fly-past. That was it for me. I knew I wanted to be a pilot in the Air Force. Both parents, and my grandmother would religiously take me to the air show each year after that. I would only read aircraft books and manuals. I actually got graded down for only reading these books in 4th-6th grade. A series of injuries permanently made me ineligible for pilot service by the time I was 16, and by the time I was 18 the Army and Navy both echoed that decision. The National Guard would still take me - but I thought that was a cheap way out. When I turned 22, I decided that history was a big component of the military lifestyle, so I put all my chips (very hap-hazard, mind you) in that basket and shot for the pinhole in the history field. I made a bulls-eye. I never got into Digimon. I know that there is a meme about the main guy (Tai?) and that is about it. So Pokémon. The fandom hit when I was in 3rd Grade, and I remember bootlegging shows on the WB and FOX on VHS to watch when I got home from school.
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    Sounds like the anime development is still in the early stages, but already interested since it sounds different than the typical isekai series https://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2019/05/19-1/ascendance-of-a-bookworm-novel-20th-volume-to-come-with-anime-1st-episode-prior-to-tv-premiere
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    A sk M e A nything though i just guessed what it meant by how his sentence went since you pulled this out....which do you prefer..? pokemon or digimon ?!?!?!
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    Yes Girl Scouts are an American thing. Girl Scouts is an organization for girls here in America to learn things about nature and that sort of thing. They sell cookies as a fundraiser every year. They sell several kinds of cookies. They are exspensive and yes you could probably find a cheaper alternative in a store.
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    No. Some can be exspensive if they are hard to find. I usually get mine from flea markets, yard sales, and antique stores so they aren’t usually that bad. They have cheap ones on EBay and in Thrift stores to.
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    Friday because I get to hang out with my buddies drink and not worry about hearing angry customers yelling through the phone p. s calling it a night nice meeting u nono tty tomorrow or another day american muscle or tuner car?
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    You might think this is creepy but I collect porcelain dolls.
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    Your welcome beside your like my best friend here
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    Love the plot progression. That tattoo is overkill. I like the dots tho
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    I think I'll be keeping the profile for Osmond but change Aria. I'm definitely going to be making changes to Aria. I like your tattoo ideas but I don't know about the venus symbol (you mean the female symbol right?) face tattoo I think it would end up looking more like a cross on her face. If I gave her islander tattoos then it would be more uncomplicated and traditional like this girl I have down below. I want the character to stand out but I don't want the character to end up looking like a Yu-Gi-Oh character if you know what I mean. Also I want the character to look good in motion and be more of a relatable character. Since I think Aria is a more down to earth relatable person. I think Aria and Osmond will be the more simply dresses of the characters; while the other characters like the other airs will be more extravagant looking. I'd like to thank D i s for making the google docs for us to work on. Here are the links if you don't already have 'em. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LNrVqodd1TGYJzX_v299rhfvcmkyi4yEWHVVhY0jP0o/edit https://docs.google.com/document/d/1942JG2fAwNVHAW2fzgWnp7ZlV2ArPg94WBPZ7oThv1A/edit https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lah627d6bZKx0vC92mJqYRnJXhJECFlzbl0qz88FVmk/edit https://docs.google.com/document/d/184DmoPfecwIjTKyukb-ykzkD4GuURSj6NrPu2yQVFgU/edit I'll be posting stuff here as well as there. He's some more plot beat for yeah. 1) Mr. Broadwell tells Osmond to leave all his stuff behind and walk down the mountain. 2) Osmond does this but keeps seeing glimpses of the water woman from the cave in the shadows. 3) He can hear the water woman speaking to him telling him to turn back and continue his quest to find the Empyrean with her instead. 4) When Osmond reaches a camp he sees a helicopter, and he soon sees his parents are there. 5) He’s shocked to see his parents in person. His mother looks very angry, and she almost hits him, but his father stops her. 6) He yells at them to release Aria. 7) They tell him they will return her as soon as he returns home. He asks his parents why they are doing this, and why can’t they just let him go. 9) They tell him how the parents could be from an important family that at one point possessed the earth (or Gaian) Flame but lost it when the young heir at the time abandoned their duties and betrayed their co-possessor of the Flame, greatly tarnishing the Clayborne's reputation. 10) He surprised to learn that all these years he’s been raised to take the Empyrean 11) He asks where Aria is, and they tell him to forget about her, and that she is likely a distant relative of a forgotten rival family that died out long ago. 12) Osmond says he won’t cooperate unless he knows Aria is safe. 13) They reluctantly agree. They show him phone footage are Aria tied up in one of the helicopters. They tell him, he’ll see her back at the mansion. 14) He tells them that Aria’s diary was left back where they slept and that he needs to go get it because it seemed important to her. 15) His parents are annoyed with him but let him go with a guard. 16) While he’s there he picks up Aria’s diary, but he also secretly picks up the grimoire the book store owner gave him and hides it in his cloths.
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    Hello everyone and when your a potato ghost lady of corse sleep doesn't exist
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    Finished the 5cm/sec manga (only bought it because the 'One more side' LN was released). I recently started 'Blood Trail' by Oshimi Shuzo and its really good. Also, I'm soon caught up with the Detective Conan manga.
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    Ban @ArchieKun I don’t trust him
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    I see about a dozen items in there that I want. In a hurry. As for me...well...hmm... I collect books...speakers, amps, and more and more recently - firearms. The most recent addition to any of these collections was an Emotiva XPA-3 amplifier...and I still haven't gotten around to doing what I want with it. Prior to that was the addition of 16 books pulled directly from the CMH publishing office. And then before that (and the other two amps) was an M1911A1 from Springfield Armory. The A/V rack (yeah, yeah...I know...I have a lot of stuff, sue me. And the 1911...(paging @SanguineTear)
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    Hello, I collect military uniforms myself. Im starting to narrow down to what i actually want to collect. Its an interesting hobby for the military history lover.

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