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    Drew these today, its been over 5 year since I have done a drawing. Hope you guys like them
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    Finally getting my laptop charger tomorrow! It will be my first time seeing AF on anything besides my cell phone Really excited to see what it looks like
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    The universe is now available on Steam...
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    Not sure what to do today while my daughter is at school.
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    This my favorite Dn'D cosplay.
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    So what anime are you watching at the moment? For me it's Psycho-Pass. I'm loving it so much! It's a Sci-Fi detective thriller but It's quite deep, alongside the depth and action of Ghost in the Shell. And Shakespeare, lots of references to English literature! How about you?
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    E3 Attendees Flee In Terror After Bethesda Presentation Glitch Causes Deathclaw To Spawn On Convention Floor (onion, of course.)
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    @Seshi Well, I started a new job at the beginning of April so I didn't plan to go to the Con this year (just as well). That said, my favorite kid's cosplay is probably the Kiki outfit from Kiki's Delivery Service. Everytime I'm at a con and I see a family who dressed their little girl up as Kiki it always makes me go "Awww!!!!" There was the kid who dressed up as Pikachu at one con too. He was at a dance-off and they played the Pokémon themesong for them to dance too. I bet you can all guess who won that round lol. Other than that, there are too many good costumes to choose. One year, most everyone was going as a scout from AoT which is a pretty impressive setup to make, but I also like seeing Dr. Whos, Sailor Scouts, and all. I've never really picked a favorite...every new cosplay is a new "Whoa! You made that!? You have talent!" for me
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    I've got it and it's on my list to watch someday. I actually have quite the backlog of anime to trudge through. Usually I binge watch anime in the Summer (because it's just too hot to leave the house) so I imagine I'll be tackling some series pretty soon.
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    Well some of the anime I mentioned a lot of people I hang with never heard of them. Its mostly cause they were not aired on cartoon networks toonami, or adult swim. Or don't watch crunchyroll, and some of the older anime now is becoming forgotten. Like even Baki the grappler, the guyver, IRIA, and comic party.
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    @Serge heartless I've watched Dual Parallel Trouble (and my best friend has too) and Vandread is kind of a cult classic anime for most people, so even those who have never seen it have usually heard of it. @Ohiotaku most of yours are pretty unknown to me except for Rune Soldier. @Seshi Cyborg009 was pretty awesome, wasn't it? And Ceres...oh the English dub was sooo very bad! >_> Some of my own rarer pieces in my collection would be... Kikaider (what grand tragic melodrama...melodrama done right!), Arjuna, Dirty Pair, The Girl Who Leapt Through Space (actually, probably 50% or more of my Space Opera collection), Brighter than the Dawning Blue, and Okamikakushi just to name a few. I feel like there's a chance some people in the US might have heard of Kikaider once upon a time...thinking the rest are pretty much heard of only if you are a genre fan and went digging.
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    i just realized its 1:30am and im still studying ... gotta study uptil BB page, i gotta not waste time couse my scheds booked heck on sunday im gonna flirt with that one intern help in hospital couse they will 10000% be lacking manpower theres only like, 7? of them, so every man power is gun help them but first, ill finish my own problems, which is studying sh*t infront of me >:o its also 10 pages before BB page lets go ryu~ fighto~
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    take them on high speed chase, chasing down street thugs, while destroying public property, and getting the police to chase us.
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    I'll place this delicious looking cake here, would anyone like a slice?
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    Hmmm...around $250. Took my husband out to dinner at the restaurant that catered out wedding and had them recreate the menu for us for our anniversary. Did that a couple of years in a row actually. Didn't do it this year...they were taken out by the hurricane and still haven't been able to rebuild. My family stole our wedding leftovers, so having her recreate the menu every year was amazing.
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    ADV promoted the heck out of Excel Saga when it came out, and I remember they had to change Excel’s english VA partway through because she damaged her vocal cords doing her voice.
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    I’ve got some excel saga dvds floating about - very neat saga I love its unique hilarity. This series still has a decent sized fan base, judging from MAL. My honorable mentions would be Rokuhoudo Yotsuiro Biyori, Cyborg009, Gatekeepers 21, and Ceres Celestial Legend.
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    I'm going as Sharon from Silent Hill as I don't have enough time to make an anime costume. Maybe next year my cosplay will be anime based
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    im kind of surprised some people here no the animes I'm talking about, when I goto my cardstore we talk about anime. And most people I have no clue what animes I'm talking about. Excel saga, Hitman reborn, black cat, ill bring up that also they have no idea about. Though I heard black cat manga is more complete then the anime. Could be also these never played in America, and you have to look them up.
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    Sony has fallen so far. Back in the day they were -the- consumer electronics company brand to own. The original Sony Walkman was revolutionary.. lay down a mix tape of your favorite tracks then take it with you and let your friends hear it. This when your only other mobile options were AM/FM radio, or maybe one of those clunky, unreliable 8-track gizmos. Owning a Walkman player back then was like owing the latest Apple or Samsung phone is these days. Of course that was when the company was run by engineers. Once the media execs took over the company jumped the shark. Definition of irony: the last consumer electronics company to embrace the unrestricted MP3 format on their portable music players was Sony. To this day virtually every Sony product has some level of proprietary lock-in. (Or worse.. rootkit anyone?) There's a reason they're "premium Walmart" instead of up there with Apple or Samsung. They'd still be requiring everyone to use atrac and memory sticks if they thought they could make it stick.
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    Swim and trying (yet failing) to tan. Also like to build things in the sand.
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    I've seen most of the above or at least a few episodes of them. A series I rather enjoyed (even though it was very weird most of the time) was Juden Chan (also known as Charger Girls). Pretty much about a group of girls whose job is to prevent people who are extremely depressed from becoming suicidal. It doesn't seem like there would be any weird kinky things on there but there is (the main character likes a TV series that has a girl who constantly fights an alien like creature that keeps using it's tentacles to defeat the girl by sticking it you know where. Also the main character tends to pee herself whenever sees a cute guy or gets hit by a bat across the face when seen by the other main character who happens to be human).
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    Aw, this poem is super cute, I liked the imagery of the city, it fits my very cliche romance-in-the-city mood. Interesting rhyme scheme use!
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    I actually live by a few beaches, so I go there every few days, but my favorite is going there with a few friends, some mellow music and just drifting in an out while lying on the sand. I can't imagine not being by the beach omg
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    I've seen most of those, though I don't think I finished Vandred. Even DP, which was overshadowed by other/better stuff in its day. I watch a lot of oddball stuff, and I'm most attracted to spacy stuff (as in outer space) and SF. If it has to do with space I want to know about it, though I've probably already seen it. I prefer the "harder" SF stuff though, and mecha has been done to death IMO, so I can't/won't say much about gundam-ish titles. Off the top of my head, my obscure/rare list would probably include things like Moonlight Mile, Planetes, Rocket Girls, TO, Sora no Manimani, etc.
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    There’s an obscure scifi title called Geneshaft that takes the female vs male society concept of Vandread but takes the story more seriously and with less ecchiness. Another obscure scifi mecha series I enjoyed quite a bit was Str.A.In (Strategic Armored Infantry). I’d also mentioned a shonen title called Buso Renkin not many people seem to have watched. It takes the basic fantasy elements of the Philosopher’s Stone and homunculi but does something completely different from FMA. The male & female MCs remind me of Ichigo & Rukia from Bleach but I found it more enjoyable. I’ve mentioned (Louie the) Rune Soldier a couple times as a comedic parody of the fantasy D&D genre that doesn’t get the recognition that Slayers did but was actually funnier/more enjoyable IMO. Finally, I enjoyed R.O.D TV enjoyable as well. It actually is a sequel to the OVA series, but you don’t see how it fits together until the half-way point. And the tv series us more cerebral than tge OVA which puts most of the emphasis on action.
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    I seen both dual and vandread ends up liking too another unknown mecha kinda is brain power d
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    Probably Saki. She's a cool chick. She's caring and takes things seriously no matter how far-fetched they may seem.
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    I would, as I plot how to kill the thread.
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    I never picture I'd see the Wings out of playoffs one day. I root for the Anaheim Ducks.
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    Watching Stranger Things tonight
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    You planning a cosplay this time too?

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