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    Lately I've been reading about the great artist Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael and Donatello. I'm an enlightened individual.
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    That's something difficult to say. Boxing anime have great fighting sequences. Of course I like ninja fights or fights with characters with magic powers too. Yu yu Hakusho has some memorable fightning scenes, specially in the 1st season during the Dark Tournament. But when the fight is more physical, it gets more intense to me. One good one I think is Baki Hanma vs. Shinogi in Baki the Grappler: Ultimate Fighter OVA. Find this clip from the film but it's kinda lame.
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    Pink Hair from when I cosplayed as Sakura - No costume pics
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    On maths and English course today. Got a presentation to do for english so I have chosen to do it about Stephen King one of my favourite authors
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    Yes...YES MY MINIONS! I am pleased with my Army.
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    Strike absolute fear into the hearts of our enemies.
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    It’s so lonely in this section! Let’s show some love to our cosplayers and share some tips. It does not matter if you cosplay professionally or just doing it casually. We all have our inner cosplay persona. Share with us any looks you’re working on, have done, thinking about...well you get the point! As for myself, I cosplay casually and mostly expirement with looks and original characters. Make sure it is SFW and keep it friendly! For me here is today’s goofing around pic. Since I normally to light themed cosplays. I have tried to lean more towards the dark-ish looks. Nothing gothic. Perhaps she will be a succubus. It’s the wig I’m showing off mostly.
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    Drew these today, its been over 5 year since I have done a drawing. Hope you guys like them
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    Yes!... XD I mean, nani?... >_>
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    Eh... I think it's better not to ask him Just remembered another one with great fighting moments, Ranma 1/2.
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    Me: What a strange technique, where is he trying to put those fingers exactly...? Also me, about 1:00 in: OH LAWD
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    Hug them, after tearing out Doomsday’s heart.
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    This is so true. The weather's been rather miserable here with the rain.
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    And yeah, when you confirm this stuff about world, MC i will be able to start our project
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    You are cracking me up so much! XD Yea, I agree, maybe not a quirk, per se.. But a special ability or fighting "class" that is chosen later on, and can specialize in a certain skill and get better as the series goes on. I see a lot of similarities between MC I would like to see, and the one that you have described. We'd both like them to be young, in order to have room for growth, and a strong build from normal farm work/ physical ability. I'm okay with your physical description of short dark hair and dark blue eyes. As long as we get a blond character at some point
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    @Ohiotaku The only thing you really needed to know is that Reinhard is the "cheat" character to contrast with Subaru's pathetic "powers". I would have loved to have seen more Pandora's Actor and Vanir, though. Wiz over Kris also makes more sense considering that Wiz has had more anime screentime. (There's also Yunyun and like a billion Overlord characters that didn't even make it into the Overlord anime.) I'm starting to think KonoSuba is the weakest link of Isekai Quartet now, to be honest. Besides Aqua, they've all just kind of stuck to their gags and not really interacted with the other shows. I thought the show was going to fix this with Tanya agreeing with Kazuma to not win, but I guess not.
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    FINNALYY. Okay, lets start with suggestions about character, khm khm: 1.Gender:male. Because i would like him to meet with his best buddy again, and it would suck if it would be a girl, cuz it reminds me that i dont have one xDDD 2.Name: Relion 3.He posses dark blue eyes and dark short hair, but hair is not short like on soldier, it is styled on right, you know hahah (I will send you a picture on discord hahah) 4.He is 185 cm tall(but still can grow more). His weight is about 78 kg. He is very nicely builded(like me hehe, dm me for picture ) (just kidding for picture, but for real im training for 4 years now xD) He is very physicly active, so from really young age he had to help his sick mother. To chop trees, drag them to house, chop on smaller pieces, fix the fence, but he was also working out decently. He is not 100% muscle, because he never knew situation like this will ever come. But througu his joirney, he will become a greek god judging by his build. (like me hehehe) We can see that he is very capable and strong for his age which is not given i think, but i would like to suggest 16-17 y old. He is yey to learn combat skills and so on, he will meet new people, good and bad ones. Thanks to them he will find out that something called "Quirk" is in all of them, but needs to be awakend, he have potentionaly one of the strongest quirks in the world, which i will tell later as the story continues hahah.. 5.He is very determin, and smart boy, who prommised himself that he will survive, and win in this hell. He is kind when he needs to, and cruel when situation requests. This is going very well so far(great actually),and im lucky to be part of it Sorry for Quirck, im out of ideas I havent read part 2 yet, wait @Kinbaryu Okay, just did it, its awesome, and it perfectly combines with my ideas yeyy Because he is smart and he sweared that he will slay it, and survive, he knew he didnt stand a chance with that axe, because he didnt even knew, if they could be killed, and how strong theh are, so i would say..., to run away, but there is no such an option, so i will pick up a c)
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    The latest episode was just heart wrenching. I’m both looking forward to & dreading next week because I don’t see this confrontation ending without tragedy.
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    Maybe Lone Wolf and Cub, maybe Akira, but I wasn't aware it was a specific genre of comics in the Western world. To me it was just some regular comics like Spider-Man. The first manga I read aware it was a Japanese-created comic book was Ranma 1/2.
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    I didn’t enjoy this week’s ep as much as the past couple because it seemed to require a more detailed understanding of ReZero. I wish they had introduced Vanir earlier & personally I would have preferred Wiz to Kris. With only 2 eps left, I wonder how they will wrap things up.
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    Crunchyroll put up a special episode of School (Gakuen) Babysitters (a surprisingly cute & sweet series from last year) yesterday. The main story focusing on mid-terms was adorable, but it was the short Snow White reimagining at the end that really made me smile since I totally ship Ryuji & tsundere girl
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    Rurouni Kenshin - Kenshin vs Saito. Probably my favorite. The darkness of the scene is just great. And then when Kenshin gets those yellow eyes, Damn!
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    I have not done it for quite a while, aside from some writing prompts, but I have put out five books and have a few ideas for another story. My problem has been that I have not really done a good detail of characterization and keeping notes on those character details.
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    I am not the right person to ask, to be honest. I do play RPGs, but forum-based ones are not my cup of tea, though Archie thought I would be good for one. Archie would be the better one to ask, since I prefer writing out actual stories, when it comes to creative stuff.
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    Speaking of cake we have cake for today my aunt gave us some since it was her bday yesterday so hands cake to everyone.
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    I vote for Mr. Nobody, because nobody is perfect. Seriously though, I have not really gotten a good grasp of either one of the people in the running the place, especially because of what I know.
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    I think I am going to refrain. It does have a bit of a structure to it, but it does not seem appealing to me.
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    @Sickeyes, @VampireKnight19 I'm glad you guys are having fun with the story so far. Here's the second entry: @Seshi had suggested (and I agree) that we should add some more details to the main character, since their appearance and personality has been vague so far. Some things I'd like for you guys to consider are: What gender is the main character? What is the name of the main character? What kind of hair/eye color does the main character have? What kind of build do they have? (Weight, height, strength, etc.) How does the main character act? Again, let me know if you'd like to see certain things, like creatures, characters, or classes. I'm open to pretty much every idea. Now, for the choices: If you'd like option a), react to this post with "Creative". If you'd like option b), react to this post with "Optimistic". If you'd like option c), react to this post with "Useful".
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    Hug them, after causing a bloody, citywide mess just to rescue them.
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    I hate the weather here... last couple days its either cloudy or its Boiling then the day after its alright but then in the evening its raining and it might even go Bam! Bam! Boem! Boem! and the next day its boiling again. Right now its pretty warm and sunny
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    Well there's this painting some chucklehead decided would look good to hang up next to our physician's library at work. Not much else I can really say here.
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    "Back in my day" an expression that was used around me when I was younger, and now I sometimes find myself using that same expression too
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    Thanks @ArchieKun, it looks like Rising of the Shield hero and The Promised Neverland are tied up at the moment. After reading up on the Promised Neverland, and the fact that there will be a second season to come, I can easily see why it’s so popular. This has been a good season for anime. @Serge heartless as far as not wanting to see slice of life/ romance, you should check out these two anime as well, both are fantasy (though one is dark fantasy) same with Dororo.
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    Who is this Seshi guy you guys are talking about? Instead we should vote for dcrigg with his original content
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    Realistically, I don't think being relatively new is a bad thing for this kind of role. While intimate familiarity with a community is nice, a fresh and new perspective can have its merits, too.
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    I need to get back into it myself. So far, the only writing I have been doing is blog post. I stopped after both my grandfather and dog died within a short amount of time. Well, there are more problems than just the psychology behind the characters and such, but that is the one I realized myself after reading and reviewing various works of fiction, which helped me see the importance of psychology knowledge in writing, so that was one upside to doing blogging. Thankfully, I have never had too many problems with drawing people in with the stories I wrote.
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    Once I walked into work and saw what looked to be drag marks in dried blood on the floor, going next to the robots and then turning right towards the sink. I paused and talked to my best friend who walked in with me and said "they finally did it....they finally killed one of us." (to put it in context, we worked at the gates of Hell, supervised by the incompetent and treated less than human because we were on a "contract" position and thus had no rights) and he responded, "they opened the portal" and that was all we said. Everyone showed up, and the drag marks were "supposedly" a crushed tablet (there is no way) that the incompetent housekeeping staff mopped the floor with, but I don't believe it. Those marks were on the floor for weeks. Then a couple of months later, during a time when a child was missing, he told me he knew where she was. He then told me he had a dream the night before and that she was in a cold, dark, wet place. Then he said, he saw the boyfriend put her in the lake, that the mother's boyfriend was molesting her, that the mother knew and didn't care, and that she had gotten old enough to tell people who might turn him in for it, and so the boyfriend killed her with her mom's permission and dumped her in a lake. Later, two weeks later, they found the girl in the lake. He said, mark my words, that's how it went down. Guess what? He was right on every single account, down to mother knowing about it. And this was not the first time nor the last he would come in and tell me what happened to a missing person and be right on every account.

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