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    Discord dark arts wonder where that came from
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    Unpopular opinion: Sword Art Online is a terrible anime, with bad storytelling, obnoxious characters - and really just a ripoff/wannabe .hack. You can't change my mind.
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    Ya'll know what goes with potatoes? BACON.
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    Alright. If you've been following this series: So what's the third step? Well it's time to shop for some art supplies! The things you will need will largely depend on your workflow (How you draw from start to finish) There are at least 3 workflows (at least for me) Purely digital (you do everything on a computer) Purely traditional (you do everything without the aid of a computer) Semi digital/traditional (you use a computer for some things) For this post I would be focusing on Semi digital/traditional, as this is my personal workflow. A drawing typically has these steps: Planning Sketching Inking Coloring Lighting For my semi digital/traditional, Planning - I do this with just pencil and paper Sketching - I do this again with pencil and paper Inking - I do this with a computer Coloring - I do this with a computer Lighting - I do this with a computer Planning A cardboard viewfinder Movie directors use this to "frame" a scene. As an artist, you can also use this to clearly form a picture in your head of how a drawing should appear. You won't need this every time. But it helps when you encounter difficult drawings. Just cut out a viewfinder from cardboard or use your hands to form a viewfinder. Posing figure Sometimes it can get hard to imagine a pose. So you need to use a physical object to see the pose better. Posing figures come in many shapes and sizes (and prices). You can also use any old action figure you have lying around. Assuming its joints can be moved of course. Traditional Sketching Sketchbook You can choose between paper or a sketchbook. But I recommend the latter. The problem with paper is you can lose them. At least with a sketchbook, all your drawings are in one place. Making them easier to find. I find that a 50 page 9 x 12 inches (any brand) is good enough for most purposes. Go smaller if you're more comfortable with that though. Pencils Without going into too much detail, you just need 2-3 pencils. One pencil with a light mark and another with a darker mark. This will allow you to vary the weight of your lines in your sketches. However, if you don't ink and color by hand (you use a computer) then you might just need 1 pencil. Mechanical pencils These are perfect for working on fine details like facial features. The point of these pencils are very small allowing you precise control over them. Choose a mechanical pencil in the 0.3 to 0.5 mm range. Pencil sharpener Eh what more can you say? If it can sharpen a pencil then it's good enough. It is funny though how sharpeners come in a ton of variety and styles. Eraser Do not choose pink erasers. Or the erasers that come with the pencil. They are terrible. They rub the paper away and do a poor job. I recommend Vinyl/plastic erasers. They are colored white and can erase without damaging the paper. Paint brush To brush away the pieces left after you erase. You can just use your hand but I find it cleaner to use a small paintbrush. As it won't smear anything. Ruler, French curves, Drawing compass To make it easier to draw lines and curves. It is actually very hard to draw a perfect circle or perfect straight line with just your hand. There is no shame in seeking the help of a tool. A lightbox A box with a glass surface and a light inside. You place your drawing on the glass and it gets illuminated from beneath. This makes it easier to spot mistakes and what not. It makes tracing very easy too. I personally never used one but I can see how useful it can be. Digital Inking, Coloring, & Lighting A graphics tablet There are 2 types of tablets. The first are the ones where you look at the computer screen while drawing. These are cheaper and smaller. I recommend them for beginners and hobbyists. It may take a while to get used to the hand-eye coordination required to use them but it's just like using a mouse. The second type are the ones where you look at the tablet itself while drawing. These are more expensive but bigger. You will need a lot of desk space to use one. They are for professionals. Artists who make money drawing. They feel more natural as it's like drawing on paper. A glove When drawing with a tablet, your hand is always in contact with the tablet. It can be a problem. As your hand can get sweaty or oily. To get around this, most digital artists use a glove. Some cut away parts of the glove for better mobility. Graphics software Again I will stay away from brands and such as it really comes down to preference. There are paid and free options here. If you have the money then feel free to go the Adobe suite route. Otherwise the free options are good enough. The major mistake I see beginners make is that they tend to buy the most expensive art supplies and tools. Thinking it will make them draw better. The problem with that is: A: Art supplies & tools won't be the ones doing the drawing. It will be you. They just make it easier. You can give a bad driver a Lamborghini. It won't make them a better driver. Just a bad driver with a nice car. B: As a newbie you cannot tell if pencil A is better than pencil B. That comes with experience. So just buy art supplies that fit your budget. You can always upgrade anyways if you feel your tools are inadequate. Feel free to share your workflow and the art supplies and tools you use along the way. Because this is all just based on how I do things. I am curious to see how others do it.
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    It took a while, but I finally finished mine. Hopefully it's closely related to "summer" enough.
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    We'll put him in his place.
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    Could be, since I cannot get info on the streams, but I more of heard that it was relatively minimal in the HD department, with streams mostly being 720p that has been up scaled, though that is not necessarily bad, considering that methods used by displays and such to up scale 720p to 1080p do not appear to be that bad. Still, AT&T is the parent company of Crunchyroll and VRV, so I would be more likely to suspect that they will not deliver full HD, even if they promise it.
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    Me and my daughter have been playing on Stardew Valley together today
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    >my traditional drawing 1. planning 2. waiting 3. waiting - (i actually do this phase very often) 3.2 break time- now this is what i do, on Pc that is (and im somewhat doing this often now, couse i find this to be fun-ish, playing with my friends) 4. thinking - confused 5. demotivation - i didnt know my Personality could be this awful! 6. end result - I felt like posting something cause I was just about to start a drawing and now I wasted 15 minutes again... I've made some great progress the last couple of days!
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    to be honest, the way i draw, i just draw everything in digital i find it cheaper, and somewhat more fun (though its probably couse im a nerd) so basically >my digital drawing 1. planning - via PC 2. sketching - PC aswell 3. Inking - (i actually dont do this phase often, and skip to coloring phase) 3.2 Shadowing - now this is what i do, on Pc that is (and im somewhat doing this often now, couse i find this to be fun-ish, doing black-and-white drawings) 4. Coloring - Pc master race 5. Lighting - i didnt know my Pc could be this cute! (i experiment in this part allot though, so my lighting effects always differ, cant do the "perfect" lighting everyone does =/)
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    We have a premiere date as well as a PV for My Hero Academia season 4. Get hyped https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2019-06-16/my-hero-academia-anime-4th-season-reveals-promo-video-more-cast-october-12-debut/.147890
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    I contemplated a lot as to whether or not I'd jump in on this. Finding ONE picture is hard. I opted to go with one that hasn't gotten published - mainly because it's from an EXTREMELY restricted area on post - looking away. It's the rooftop of Quarters One looking towards Bettendorf. Incidentally, my family built pretty much all of the homes on the west (closest to the viewer) side of the town in the early 1920s. There's a story behind this picture, but it's a bit longer than I think is necessary for this thread. I will say though, that at the time that I took this picture, I had only worked for the Army for 10 days - it was a beautiful day, and the view was just breathtaking. DES would have killed us. lol
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    I was able to find some photos I took while being a filthy tourist in Vallarta, Jalisco in 2015. Here's one I had to kinda go out of my way for- I had the opportunity to go hiking near the Rio El Nogalito. I'm still not certain if I was technically allowed to be climbing around on top of the rocks up here with an easy access fall into the river, but it was really neat and I wanted to do it so I did (and nobody stopped me.) Ugh I miss hiking so much. It's one of my favourite activities.
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    Cannot really think of any to be exact. The main ones in the US for dubs are FUNimation, Sentai Filmworks, AoA, and Viz. Sentai has their own service, known as HiDive, but do not know if it is HD. Aniplex titles usually go Hulu, and some are on Crunchy, but Crunchyroll is mostly focused on subs.
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    Work have fun with the homies on my off days maybe go to hurricane harbor or raging waters to cool off
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    Well I got a new part time job so I'll be doing that a good part of the time. Also going to a few more conventions.
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    Lol i will use discord once my internet will be back then i can add you guys
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    <sigh> I knew just from the OP/ED and his brief appearance during Final Selection that the blond haired kid was going to be the biggest obstacle to me staying with this series. Not just his cowardice, but good god man, Brock from Pokemon has more dignity around women. I have no doubt he will grow eventually, but I doubt it will be any time soon and he’s currently so annoying I just don’t know. I’m a bit interested in boar guy, though it seems like he’ll be pretty over the top. I do like the design for the new demon though.
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    Same situation here... Purging things brings me joy, there's some very underspoken stress relief it can bring a person. Meanwhile my husband is hard-pressed to let a pair of worn/torn underpants go.
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    You haven't lived till you have a roommate that clutters every inch of the bathroom with makeup and takes an hour to get up in the morning..... while singing the entire time.
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    I, too, appear to belong to the rooster. Lol, I thought the same with my own. Evidentally I'm also a water-rooster, while at the same time being a Leo in the western zodiac, which is a a fire sign. Anyway, a trait which seems accurate to me is: Roosters are serious in their work. They are straightforward and decisive in their actions. They’ll directly criticize what they see unfit and are perfectionists. This also appears to be a trait belonging to Leo, and can be both good and bad...
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    Hey reader! Welcome to the first entry of my new project, an interactive story. There’s a lot of things I’ll be experimenting in this project, but my main objective is for you to have fun and feel like you have an input. Remember: anything can happen in this story. Don't fret about things like historical accuracy. I'm also going to be trying to build a universe from scratch, so don't feel like there are some rules or guidelines we have to follow. So far, the story has taken place in a fantasy medieval setting, with things like knights, paladins, and more! Special thanks to @Seshi for supporting me along the way! You’re awesome, Seshi-senpai. Let me know if you have any suggestions for the main character’s name and gender or title of the story. I’m also open to any ideas for new characters or actions you’d like to see. (This means you can DM me any OCs you'd like to have included!) React “Useful” if you want the main character to go through action a) React “Informative” if you want the main character to go through action b) OR You could even tell me what you think would be a better option! If enough people agree with you and/or I like your suggestion, I’ll be sure to keep it in mind.
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    Will have to try this for the short story that I want to write
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    Ghost Stories is a good series. Its a bit of a lesser known series though it is still good, but has a stigma of being terrible.
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    I would have to say you, and I share this opinion. I would not say it is the worst I have seen ever as in the absolute worst, but it is on that list to be sure.
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    I think that the closest to an unpopular opinion I have regarding anime is that Attack on Titan is the worst anime ever. I know I am not the only one that thinks this way, but it did not really have anything interesting.
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    Moe ist stupid Kawaii is way too overused - both the idea and the word Monogatari is most definitely not a stupid harem series Even though SAO awful, Asuna is one of the better female characters in anime (who are not protagonists) Waifus are stupid - (Except Kaiki. Then again, Kaiki is best girl-) (<- and they`re good meme material, as proven here >.>) Ergo Proxy isn't so deep as people claim it to be Attack on Titan, the anime, isn't that good and relies too much on epicness and edge People should stop asking for more season Death Note is only good on the first watch Akame ga Kill is meh
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    High-pitched, baby-like, and constantly out of breath female voices need to stop being a thing. Nobody talks like that.

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