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    Here it is, y'all.
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    You do know that minecraft has "survival" mode as well as "creative", right? Survival mode has several difficulty levels, and the hardest level even has a "hardcore" setting (yes, it is actually called that) where if you die even once your saved game gets wiped and you have to start over. I would not characterize defeating minecraft's ender dragon in permadeath survival mode as "easy". Even just staying with creative mode though.. what's not hard about designing and building a functional computer out of redstone in minecraft? I could just as easily say that dark souls players can't be hardcore gamers because there's no building or designing going on in that game. All they're doing is following a storyline laid down by the game designers, with very little room for creativity or game play outside of that path. But of course that would be just as ridiculous as saying that minecraft players can't be hardcore. Dark souls is one game. Minecraft is another. Comparing them like that isn't really fair to either game.
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    @Serge heartless What does it matter if the game's controls have a steep learning curve or not, or whether it's hard to play or not? It's a game regardless, meant to entertain, inspire, and move people. How does this actually make them any less hardcore? The way you are looking at this, only FPS fans and Fighting Tournament fans can even be capable of being "hard-core" gamers. People play games differently, which is a good thing. How boring would things be if they were all like that? A big negative part of gamer culture is this obsession with "superiority" amongst players, always trying to rank one another and exclude others. The obsession with being "L33T" or whatever has done more to damage gamer culture than anything else over the years. We are just going to have to agree to disagree on what a hardcore vs casual gamer is.
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    Just because I said I was a casual gamer, doesn’t mean the games I like aren’t challenging. I just dont spend all of my time on them. To me, a hardcore gamer is just someone who gaming=life.
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    @Seshi @Beocat since this (kind of) came up, you still want to watch this? I'd still want to watch it. Anyone else also in?
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    I’ve signed in normally, not anonymously. Hiya!
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    As someone with this many hours in Dark Souls I, I kind of wish it wasn't always propped on the pedestal of "The Hardest Game, Ever." There are a lot of cheese strategies in the game that I wish weren't there, like backstabbing and most magics. However, I will applaud it for its surprisingly high quality that has held up over the years, with memorable moments that stick with you. That's why Dark Souls is still talked about: for being a punishing game of high quality. I also don't like the idea of reflexes=skill. There is a lot that goes underneath the surface of a game's presentation that can significantly impact the way somebody plays, and seeing dedication to a game being equated to "I pressed a button at the right time" is pretty sad.
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    I guess I have a confession to make, then. While playing MHW for the first time, I kept having this silly fantasy where I was just this bard on hard times trying to find an audience, but keep running into these giant beasts instead. Getting roped into following this hunting party around hoping someone will give me a chance to just play a song for once. Hard out here for a HH, I tell ya.
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    Hard agree here. People who play twitch games aren't necessarily hardcore gamers, and hardcore gamers aren't only playing twitch games. Admittedly, I have spent a lot of time (shown earlier) on competitive games like Rainbow Six Siege, League of Legends, Skullgirls, and Apex Legends. If you count the time I've spent outside of game researching movement, mechanics, macro-thinking, reactive vs proactive scenarios, team combinations, technical countering, character strengths/weaknesses, individual matchups, team matchups, etc. that's easily over four thousands hours wasted. But I actually enjoy games like Borderlands, Dying Light, Payday 2, Monster Hunter: World, and even Pokemon much more. I like it when a game has story, and when you yourself make up your own little story within the game's rules. When I played Borderlands and MHW, I liked to imagine my character had their own backstory and motivations. When I play Pokemon, I pretend each of my Pokemon had their own personality. Does this make me a casual gamer? I'm more than willing to bet that I am better than most people at Siege, League, Skullgirls, and Apex, but I enjoy "casual" games more. I dunno.
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    I’d recommend Magi: Kingdom of Magic, and Adventures of Sinbad. Also, Inuyasha - though it’s an older series, so you’ve probably heard of it by now.
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    I don't think only twitch games a hardcore gamer make. There are 1000s of youtube videos of minecraft contraptions that have been designed and built by people who could only be described as hardcore gamers. Just a different sort of "hardcore" than your typical twitch gamer. I also know people who have spent hundreds of hours in KSP who still can't get the hang of rendezvous and docking. For most just reaching orbit is an extremely satisfying achievement. There's an early contract in the career game that's basically an Apollo-style mission. It requires taking off from Kerbin, rendezvous with and landing - intact - on the Mün, obtaining surface science, getting back into space, plotting a course back to Kerbin, reentry, and safely landing back on the surface of Kerbin to deliver the science. Even with the tutorials, some people play for days or weeks before completing that contract. Some people even decide to stick with "sandbox" because of it. Point being that it isn't so much that the game requires good hand-eye coordination or reaction times though. You do have to fly your vehicles manually, especially in the early game, but it actually isn't that hard. The skill set is more planning and executing the mission... designing and building your ship, setting up the launch and the various trajectory correction maneuvers, etc. Noobs will typically have to try many, many times before they get it right, just like clearing levels in many third- or first-person shooters. That doesn't make it any less hard-core for the people that manage to complete the contract, IMHO.
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    I would say Black Clover is pretty close. It's a similar shonen, with wizards on teams that go on missions. Some other shounen that might be on your radar would be Hunter x Hunter, Radiant, and the Seven Deadly Sins.
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    I appreciate ebooks for the convenience of essentially having a library at your fingertips, and being able to read easily in the dark, but there is just something about the feeling of holding a real book that relaxes me.
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    Here are my favorite main characters in anime. These collages are really easy to make. I'm excited to see what you guys have in mind. These collages can be about anything: your favorite anime, your favorite main characters, your favorite love interest, anything! Here's the website that I used to make mine. Have fun!
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    I haven’t played MHW, just the original on PlayStation and then Monster hunter Tri, on Wii. Never did online play either, just solo. My favorite bits weren’t fighting monsters lol - I just like to hunt, find and upgrade my gear.
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    Yeah, for sure. Monster Hunter: World is considered to be the lite entry into the series for newcomers, but a lot of the missions end up being 20 minutes long for me, unless I'm going out of my way to speedrun. (Which, in turn, means I'm spending time researching the game...) The expedition mode (open world) was pretty fun for me. Don't worry about a mission or a timer, just explore, gather materials, and meet some Palicoes.
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    Not a big fan of the heat are you. I personally love the heat. I have been waiting all year for it.
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    Monster Hunter takes forever sometimes though. I have not played it myself. Though it is a really good series.
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    I prefer books over e-books. Nothing like the smell of a book and just having it in your hands. I like to be able to keep something original versus technology. I know years from now, we may not have actual books. It will be a rarity.
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    Since it is incredibly hot, I plan on staying indoors in the nice air condition
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    Oh man, I finally finished that AMV. It's 4:16 AM here, but I'm going to stay up for a bit longer. Hope you all enjoy it; I posted it on the Summer AMV Wars thread.
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    @LordRed Probably going to be Summer Wars
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    Big yikes. Rewind about 6-7 years and deduct a little self-respect and I was seeing regular 10-day stretches with split/double shifts in between... Still the worst I ever endured was a solid 3 weeks without a day off at a per diem contracting job. 34 days is gonna get a hard pass from me. I'm looking forward to taking off about 9 weeks soon lol
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    They are. There was once a time in my life where I worked 34 consecutive days in a row. I am happy to say, those days are (hopefully) behind me. Still, comp time is comp time.
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    Six-day work weeks are the pits.
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    Ah, yes a man of culture I see.
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    Is it "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" like or This is an important distinction and will affect my vote
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    .. but that day was FRIDAY!!!! Makes all the difference. (Unless you're working some weird schedule that makes Friday a Wednesday, or a Thursday, or even - heaven forbid - a Monday. In which case you have my sympathies. Been there, done that.)
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    Today has certainly been....a day...
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    Monster hunter! @Kinbaryu and I did the same with Final Fantasy, the longer you go on exploring other areas of the games (side quests and mini games) the more fun it is.
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    Apples and oranges. Which tastes better? Entirely subjective.
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    Yeah not gonna lie, I can't say I agree with your definitions either. I consider myself a casual gamer, and I love Dark Souls and pretty much all Souls like games I have come across, and have no problem playing them. I just don't take videogames seriously, seems like that would kill the fun to me~
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    I do like the paper books, and I'm certainly not going to be getting rid of my library of such any time soon. That said, electron versions certainly have their useful features. Obviously there's the space advantage. 64GB is common even on phones these days, and 64GB on an e-reader is a LOT of text.. more than an unassisted human could read in a lifetime. Most of my ebooks are well under 2MB in size, so 64GB would be over 32,000 books. At one book a day, 365.25 days a year that's like 90 years of reading! Even a graphics-intensive, "full-sized" magazine or journal is around 50MB in e-form. At that rate over a century of a monthly publication would fit in 64GB. And my laptop has 10x that. (And my NAS at home more than 10x that!) There's still other advantages as well though. Of course, ordering and delivery is also extremely fast and convenient. As is searching on content. Another advantage around here is an app called Overdrive that allows one to check out ebooks from the public library online. Yet another would be Baen books' online store that offers occasional "eARCs", or electronic advanced reader copies. If you're a big fan of a certain author or series then you would probably love to have access to the raw text of the next installment straight from the author's word processor (typos and everything). That's basically what an ARC is. That sort of thing is not economical to do in paper, but pretty easy electronically. Don't get me started on e-pricing! Seriously, with hard drive space and bandwidth costs as low as they are prices of the electronic versions of things ought to be single-digit percentages of the physical forms. There is simply no excuse for charging anywhere near the same price when the profit margins are 10x as high for an ebook compared to the paper versions. I mean, marginal costs approach zero for the electronic versions. It costs basically the same for a company to sell 100 copies of an ebook as to sell 100 thousand. Quite a bit different than printing, warehousing, shipping, etc. of traditional paper versions. If you buy a hard-copy of a book then you ought to get the e-version basically for free. Some nominal cost that covers server electricity and maintenance for the electronic version would be acceptable, but certainly not the full price of the physical version! But of course as you say, usually you don't get both electronic and print versions. In fact, if you want both versions then you usually have to pay the same price twice! That's ludicrous! I have the same issues with other digital content such as music or videos. Even so I'd be ok with it if the "extra" money were actually going to the authors/artists. Unfortunately, 99 times out of 100 it isn't. E-pricing is a total rip-off as far as I'm concerned.. for both the artists and the consumers.
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    I really enjoyed your submission, @Muco. I'll most likely vote for it tomorrow. I'm thinking of making an AMV, since I can't think of any summer-based AMVs off of the top of my head.
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    Let me add something to the List Here my 2nd Account: If I count hours from all my 4 accounts I have about 2.2k Hours on Black Ops soo.. Don't play that either! And before I forget I have clicked circles (osu!) for over 300 hours... Do NOT click circles! It's a waste of time!
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    Congratulations on winning in the Summer Sonnets contest. It was a blast to read your poetry again. ~Seshi
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    Let's kick off this contest with an AMV of Suisei no Gargantia. Good luck to everyone who is participating
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    How about Hakuouki Movie 1: Kyoto Ranbu Synopsis: Chizuru Yukimora has come to Kyoto looking for her father, a dr. Who has gone missing. While there, she witnesses a fight between an Oni and the Shinsengumi. Taking her into custody, the Shinsengumi debates on what to do with her while they discover she is the daughter of the doctor whom they are also looking for. There the adventures begin.
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    Currently getting the cold ugh... runny nose lol damn Viruses
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    Eeeyaaaa sounds really ecchi

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