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    I don't live in an highly exciting area, but there is a famous Cathedral and Castle. Our Catherdal has actually been featured in the Harry Potter films and its in Endgame
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    I use Steam a lot for games, mainly because I had to get rid of my consoles. Do any of you guys use it? I love the platform but its very rare that I buy the games directly through Steam now as their prices have become a lot higher than when I first signed up. If any of you guys use it you are welcome to add me, my username is the same as on the forum I mainly play Skyrim, Fallout and Stardew Valley on there. Don't have any friends to play Stardew Valley with but its still an awesome and relaxing game for me. Skyrim can honestly get on my nerves sometimes but its the one game I always go back to when I get bored of the rest of my games. I have taken a week away from gaming just so I don't put myself off all of my games. I can play them for hours and hours and then I will get put off them for months. I don't play online much, I mainly play single player games. Another game I like to play on Steam is Borderlands, I've only played it online a couple of times and that was when I was with my ex. Another thing I love about Steam is if you have any problems with a game you have just purchased, they instantly sort it out. I tried to buy the Sims 3 on there and it wouldn't work on my computer for some reason, they gave me a refund practically straightaway. I play on Two Worlds every now and again as well. Its one of them games where I can only play it for so long and then leave it a while before I go back to it. I think I do that because it stresses me out too much lol.
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    Really depends, I mean someone could recommend me some anime and I might not like them. I could recommend some anime and you might not like them. Those these animes I could watch any time. Jojos bizzarre adventure part 3 Hunter x hunter the 2000 seires Mai-hime Magi The Labyrinth of Magic, Magi kingdom of magic Fate/zero, fate/stay night unlimited blade works tv read or die tv series Dragon ball yu yu hakusho rurouni kenshin my hero academia attack on titan one punch man i was reincarnated as a slime cowboy bebop samurai champloo Danganronpa Ghost in the shell fullmetal alchemist Iria anime series Baki the grappler 2001 series and 2018 series.
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    I generally don’t buy into the concept of an anime with universal appeal since everyone has their own tastes. I much prefer to think that in the vast variety of anime series there’s something for everyone instead of a few series that appeal to everyone. It’s much easier to recommend series on an individual basis . As far as exploring, I would recommend subscribing to a streaming service with a variety of titles and check out series where the concept interests you even if it’s not a genre you usually watch. I doubt Romance, Sports or Reverse Harems will ever be favorites of mine, but I have come across examples that were surprisingly enjoyable. That being said, there are some favorites of mine that tend to be pretty widely appreciated (regardless, I would recommend watching before buying if possible) Cowboy Bebop Fullmetal Alchemist (both versions are sufficiently different that they are worth checking out, though my own preference is Brotherhood) Trigun Cardcaptor Sakura Mushishi Death Note My Hero Academia Most of these are pretty mainstream, but when recommending more obscure stuff, I prefer to know a bit mire about what they’re looking for
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    While not everything about the finale was to my liking, it was still satisfying. Up to this point my pick for AOTY
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    I need to start and cosplay, hopefully next month when I take my daughter to comic-con we will both have cosplays. She wants to go as Elsa
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    Good taste, I think 3 is my favorite so far too~ Gameplay-wise the others may be better arguably, but for some reason the experience of 3 as a whole really stuck with me, which is what I value most in these kinda games. Whereas 4 felt a lot better combat wise, but outside of that, I didn't care for it as much as the others. Oblivion isn't the best as far as graphics, combat, or voice actor variety, but it also is a great experience, and the leveling and stats are a bit more complex than Skyrim which I can appreciate. Custom spells are fun too~
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    Fallout 3 is my all time favourite Fallout game out of the whole franchise. I haven't played much of Oblivion yet, still trying to get the hang of mouse and keyboard. I recently bought Morrowind too I have played Fallout 76 but I keep getting bored of it and then going back to it. I don't have Minecraft on PC but really want it.
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    Which Fallout if I may ask~? I'm a big fan of both Oblivion, Skyrim, and Fallout 3 NV and 4. Bethesda games aren't perfect, but they are a great time. Well, Fallout 76 is maybe an exception, but I havent played it. The debacle around it and it not being on Steam discouraged me, but that's a topic for another thread~ Ah, Borderlands is maybe one of my favorite coop games of all time. I like it both solo and coop, but definitely with friends or at least acquaintances for coop who are willing to split loot. So happy its multiplayer is available again. Borderlands II is also a good time, though I think I liked the first a little more. I have well over 50 games probably, all bought on sale with maybe a few rare exceptions. Steam is how I get nearly all my PC games. The only exceptions for me are Minecraft, and Diablo II. There are quite a few I like but my favorites aside from what I already mentioned are GTA5, Left 4 Dead 2, The Forest, 100% OJ, and probably several more that I can't think of at the moment~ I am pretty sure my username is the same as here if anybody wants to add me for some reason~
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    @Seshi I'm gonna guess 2? 1. I love writing and hope to publish a novel someday. 2. I have green eyes. 3. I hate math.
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    Of course, we'll have an AF party.
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    I can't either. But like I said, I don't need to. lol
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    Got to meet up with my best buddy and hold my niece for the first time today, so I'm pretty happy.
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    I could use a beach. And sunglasses. Don't need to go into the water to enjoy myself.
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    Bort (Houseki no Kuni) Art by ケースワベ【K-SUWABE】
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    Some people prefer anime over real life
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    There are a lot of smaller things you can do with animation, that would be tricky to pull off in "in real life" comedies or SoL shows. There's of course exaggerating features for comedic effect. But think about using backgrounds to highlight certain things or reactions. Another example. Animation also arguably makes it easier to set the mood using colour. It can give studios their own, unique, visual style that's instantly recognizable.
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    Everyone free to watch this Friday?
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    1 @SativaNekoPripyat 1. My name is Jennifer 2. I have a dog 3. I have 2 tattoos
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    1. I have dyed hair. 2. I am 1 out of 6 Kids. 3. The first anime I saw was Naruto.
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    For the upcoming season To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts & Fireforce are the ones I’m anticipating most. Also curious about Cop Craft, Dr. Stone & B.E.M.
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    I agree with you that Japan does make lolis sexual, and it is a common character type for anime now. I like all characters types, but I see why you wouldn’t like them.

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