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    Zeg means the day after tomorrow. Gushintsin means the day before yesterday. I think we should shorted it to gushint.
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    Of course it is. Even national security minions have to behave according to certain rules, and those rules are determined at least in part by the values of we the people. That's one of the reasons why (for instance) the CiC is a civilian, at least in the US. Unfortunately "ethics" is one of those words whose meaning has been perverted by political misuse. For certain groups of people it now means violating their personal sensibility, with little consideration for the larger social context, or even reality. Nor should they. To be sure it is a tough spot to put the guys who would be facing the mob in. I certainly would not want to be one of the guys pulling the trigger against a bunch of clueless morons. At the same time, they have their orders, and those orders should have been issued with due consideration for all factors, including ethics. The clueless morons could be cover for something else after all. And of course large groups of stupid people can be quite dangerous regardless of intent, both to themselves and others. At any rate, I'm sure the people in charge have other options besides bullets, and I fully expect most (hopefully all) of the idiots who do show up will be stopped at the roadblock level, or at least some other, non-lethal layer. Even if it does come to shooting however, I'm mostly ok with that. My only concern at that point would be in the "discussion" that comes later. Even without the political posturing and media circus that would be sure to follow, informed public debate is always a problem whenever anyone invokes the cloak of national security, yet without it we're no better than any other autocratic regime.
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    Honestly this is less about the military vs civilians and more about civilians breaking the law. You trespass, you get arrested. You resist arrest, the use of force escalates. Ethics always play a role, but IMO only the most extremely pacifist side of the ethics scale would allow civilians to trespass on government property unopposed. @Illusion of Terra are you saying civilians in your country would be allowed to break into secure military facilities without opposition? Not being antagonistic but you keep speaking of the differences between the US and your country. Trying to better understand.
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    KFC, right? Supposedly those are actually really good, but I haven't tried it myself. I don't like Cheetos. Speaking of food that shouldn't go with anything else. Seafood. Seafood shouldn't go with anything. Actually... Seafood shouldn't go. Seafood shouldn't. (Seafood is gross. You can't change my mind.)
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    My Anime List is a site where you can not only list the anime you’re watching, but what series you’ve completed/dropped/put on hold/plan to watch along with rating them (1 - 10). I tend to be pretty stingy with my ratings, giving most a 6 or 7. Very few 10s
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    I think it's a big joke, that clearly started as a joke, and had its gates wide open and welcoming the memes to thrive. If anyone is actually stupid enough to think this is a legitimate movement, and goes to the trouble of showing up to carry out this thing... hate to say it but I agree with @efaardvark this is natural selection in action.
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    Interesting thread idea I always thought there should be a name for something like jet-lag, but describing the time it takes to get back to reality after having binge-watching a show for hours.
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    ...The US military wouldn't kill an unarmed civilian either, because they could be detained without lethal force. The U.S. police AND military both follow the rule of minimum acceptable force, meaning the least level of force necessary to accomplish the task (this task being to prevent breach). When the officer/soldier follows protocol that is. regrettable things happen in the heat of the moment, which is what I am afraid of in this situation. One person inadvertently fires a shot and all hell breaks loose because of nerves and tension.
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    @Castigear I think you are right. What I was referring to in the beginning was the whole killing people. I don't see strong ethical arguments for letting people just trespass (although there are some people who argue against the concept of property altogether, but I think that's taking it too far). But yeah, I agree that should someone really try and break into a military complex, they should face some opposition. If by 'allowed' you mean legally permitted then I would strongly assume that they are not allowed in probably any country to enter a military facility. While I think it is true that probably every country has some legal countermeasures in place against trespassing military facilities (which I think is very reasonable), I think they differ in the extent of these countermeasures. I am very hesitant to say that every country has in their legal framework the idea that you can kill an unarmed civilian trying to break into a military facility (even if they resist arrest). I'm not sure if I'm clear enough here, but it's been a long day discussing medical ethics for about 8 hours straight, so my mental faculties are drained rn
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    RIght now I have a PS4 Pro, Switch, Vita, 3ds, and PC. Besides my backlog I am currently playing Ni No Kuni 2, Bloodstained, and patiently awaiting Fire Emblem Three Houses. Edit: misread the topic a bit. I chipped away at Ni No Kuni on ps4 today.
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    Of course it’s all subjective to my preferences, but hopefully you found some good ones. A lot of shows I rate 6 or 7 were still enjoyable, they just didn’t seem all that special. I’ll definitely add it to my bucketlist. The samurai genre as a whole hasn’t been one that particularly appeals to me. The recent remake of Dororo being the most notable exception. A couple others I found at least somewhat enjoyable were Samurai Champloo, Samurai 7 & Tsukage Ran: Carried by the Wind. Can’t remember the name of the recent one about the Mongol invasion, but it was OK. I watched a couple eps of Kochoki, but will most likely languish in my backlog pile.
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    Ooo, those are looking good... ♡_♡
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    They aren’t for everyone, but Cowboy Bebop hits a broad range of things. You should definitely check it out
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    I have never managed to make it through a single Gundam series start to finish. I think part of the issue for me is that it qualifies more as Mecha which tend to try to be more realistic and have military & political focus. Giant Robot series tend to be more over the top & campy (Mazinger Z, Gurren Lagann)
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    We’ve got to discuss that you haven’t seen Samurai x I love your ratings btw, very true, you’re stingy, that means I can actually tell when there’s a good anime on your list got some new ones put on my “plan to watch” section now- thankies!! Updated a lot of my nineties shows now, thanks haha
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    I’ve been watching Detective Conan and Cowboy Bebop lately. Both really good classics.
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    Akira is an assumption, but the characters are in a gang so they’re life took a wrong turn somewhere. Baki the Grappler, but not the newer one. That one was kinda bad. Mirai Nikki (Future Diary). He’s already bullied, and now he has to deal with Yuno Gasai. Shivers Koe no Katachi (A Silent Voice) because both main characters are an emotional disaster. Kids on the Slope isn’t that bad, but Kaoru’s family wasn’t that great, and some of the kids weren’t that friendly to him either, especially because he played piano. Miss Hokusai was sad because she was always overshadowed by her dad as an artist. Even though she was amazing, she was constantly put down for her art. Serial Experiments Lain. Lain’s friend dies, and she finds out life is a lie. Any more than that and it’s a spoiler. Shikioriori touches on three people that all have messy lives.
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    https://myanimelist.net/animelist/adlde&view=tile&status=7 Just made this not too long ago.
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    No need to change your mind. It's ok to be wrong... edit: awww... I see your sad face....now I feelzzz sad back...
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    My mom packed a peanut butter and mayo sandwich into my school lunch a couple of times as a kid and I threw them out and had to go hungry those days. It was just like two days cause she stopped, after I told her I couldn't stand them. She loves them...she's weird...
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    Sorry for the short replies earlier, I was down range today. Let me sum this up a bit for you @Illusion of Terra. Would they open fire on civilians? They have, they can, and they will if that's the only option between a National Security Interest (NSI) and the criminal (who is now a criminal for violation of federal code). Now, that does not mean that they're going to wait for the situation to get that bad. There's general obstacles and plans they can implement ahead of the already naturally occurring obstacles and the planted ones. You can bet your top dollar though, if someone doesn't comply, they will be detained. If someone is dumb enough to attempt to break away - they will either initiate contingency - which the Air Force is VERY good at, or more likely, they will injure themselves simply from the fact it's a desert, there's no water, the base is over 8 miles away, and there are mines everywhere. When you are dealing with classified information on any level, they are classified due to national security risks. It is considered a greater risk to let that info leak than to deal with other means. Ethics or not. That is why they put up signs that explicitly say "use of deadly force authorized." Anyone with half a brain would realize, "hey, that probably means they have a license to kill me." And that would be correct. They certainly do. Virtually every government in the world has these policies. The United States is not special. UK, Aus, China, Russia, France, Germany, India, everyone. When it comes to the well-being of the greater population of your citizenry, you don't risk it. Ever. Period. Sure they know it's supposed to be a joke. But they also know that people can be pretty stupid. It's certainly not the case that over 1,000,000 people are going to show up. However, those that do will be met with a military force, they can expect to be charged with federal crimes and national security crimes (including treason and conspiracy), and if they resist or put up a fight - they can expect to be met with physical action up to and including led and explosives that could be lethal. The reality of the situation is that chances are, a group of basement dwellers are going to encounter an armed group of people, a handful are going to get detained, and the rest are going to bail because they know sticking around will ruin their lives or worse.
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    Just updated mine https://myanimelist.net/animelist/Ohayotaku&view=tile&status=1
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    I don’t think anyone is claiming it isn’t a difficult issue. If anyone shows up at all, it will end up being a nightmare for everyone involved regardless of the choices that are made. A significant amount of the population will have a serious issue with whatever action is taken. On the topic of should vs should not this or that, it really doesn’t matter. The military has clear protocols in place and civilians WILL not be allowed to force their way into a secure military base. That being said I seriously doubt lethal force will be on the table. I expect it will be more about fortification rather than retaliation. The goobers will eventually give up and go home.
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    She's A Witch! "She's a witch! She's a witch!" they cry "She's a witch! She's a witch! She better die!" And in the fiery glow of the sunset They watch and wait to see her yet For she's got short hair, just like a boys And she walks around without any poise For she wears winter clothes in summer sun So no one knows what she is until they're undone And she looks at me like I've got "demon" written on my face And she looks at me like I better step back another pace And she looks at me like she's got magic in her veins For she's a witch, she's a witch, but I've brought no chains ... "She's a witch! She's a witch! She's a witch!" they scream "She's a witch! She's a witch! Kill her quick, and stop here scheme!" And in the darkened gloom of the night's shadow moon They watch and they wait to see if she'll rise from her tomb For she's got eyes like a demon, they see everything And she's got nails like a dragon, they'll kill the king For she curses his name and refrains not from treason She's not bothered by his laws, no, she doth not see their reason And she looks at me like I've got something hidden within And she looks at me like she's got some hidden sin And she looks at me like she wishes she could For she's a witch, she's a witch, but she seems so ... good. "She's a witch! She's a witch!" They proclaim "She's a witch! She's a witch! End her game!" And in the foggy dew of the afternoon They watch and wait to see her soon For she's gathered an army of those they hated And she's bringing them up to be something elevated For she's buried the righteous and healed the damned Now she is theirs and they are hers to command And she looks at me like I've brought her hope again And she looks at me like I've made beauty out of pain And she looks at me like I'm her equal through and through For she's a witch, she's a witch, but she's still better than you ...
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    This is powerful, really shows the seriousness of judging others. I also just really admire your poetry style, you always seem to know how to leave an impact on the reader, just brilliant.
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    High-pitched, baby-like, and constantly out of breath female voices need to stop being a thing. Nobody talks like that.
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    Soooo, I didnt see this Topic Yet So I made 1. You might have heard or seen It already but Kyoto Animation has been set on fire. Currently 13 dead and 38 Injured, Arson even threw liquid On people, not just the building. I saw this when I just woke up and I couldn't believe It It's an amazing anime studio (Also my favorite) There were 70 people In the building and death count Is steadily rising. Possible Arson has been found. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-49027178 Edit: 33 Confirmed Dead, Arson said Kyoto Ripped him off, Currently 819k $ have been donated
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    My Disney Bloodline: Side note: Green line means adopted, Purple lines means cursed and Blue lines means they are the same person. How Mickey Mouse and his crew were made:

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