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    Thank you for the well wishes everyone. Briala made her appearance at 04:35 this morning after a 13 hour labour. I stalled at a 4 dilation for about two hours after the epidural kicked in, but after a round of pitocin I dilated from a 4-5 after one hour, then straight from 5-10 the next! Doctor was called about 03:30, when he arrived I started pushing at 04:00 and she was out in 35 minutes. For such a long labour (admittedly much of which was spent being in pain at home,) things moved very quickly in the last hour and when I held her in my arms it was like the world around me didn't matter. Doctor stitched up a tear for me and she latched with very little trouble. This whole last day and a half has been one big adventure I will never forget.
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    Hi, I'm a newbie here and I'm looking to find people who want to get along, exchange an interest in Amine and just maybe talk? I still do not know how this website works but maybe somebody will reply, haha. What is your favourite type of anime? What is your all time favourite MANGA? I watch anime for a long time. I'm not like a crazy obsessed fangirl but I truly love it. Sometimes I feel lost in the community, because I do not know all the meanings of some categories and tend to feel shy that I enjoy watching school themed romantic animes most of the time ( Maybe it is lame in this community?I do not know. What are your thoughts?) I have never found my place in the world but Anime really comforts me so I'm looking for some international friends
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    Hey guys, what are some random aweful group names you've heard of, that make you think "what made them pick this name"? A few come to mind for me: "Limp Bizkit"- Sounds like you got something that you cure with a little blue pill.. "Hoobastank" - Need I say more? This ones too easy to make fun of. "Korn"
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    This is 2019 the year the movie Akira took place. Guess they were wrong about WWIII XD
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    Hi everyone I'm new here and I'd be happy to get to know other members I love anime, I've watched many cool series and my absolute favorite is Higurashi no naku koro ni
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    Hi I'm happy to be here. I love anime/manga
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    Hi there and welcome. Evangelion Is a good anime to start with. Maybe try Death Note or DragonBall Z if you are starting out watching anime? Those were some of the first I enjoyed but you can probably gather a lot more ideas around the forums or on MyAnimeList.
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    Watching Demon Slayer Ep:18 - That was interesting
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    I’ve always been fascinated by animation in general and it’s way to create worlds that could normally exist only in imagination. Even in a realistic setting, by using a particular art style, they can create a unique mood or tone. As far as why I tend to have more appreciation for anime than other types of animation, it just seems like the Japanese have more respect for the medium and are willing to take on more varied topics. As far as culture & philosophy are concerned, it’s not unusual for me to encounter ideas I don’t actually agree with, but that doesn’t keep me from finding it interesting or entertaining. Finally, in regards to my current obsession with anime (probably to a degree that’s not entirely healthy for me :P) Without getting into details the past couple years of my life haven’t been pleasant ones. My initial motivation for getting back into anime was probably largely nostalgia & escapism. But to my surprise I keep encountering topics that really resonate with where I’ve been recently. I could give numerous examples of individual episodes or scenes, but I think the best illustration is a recent series called My Roommate is a Cat which deals with coping with grief after the death of one’s parents as an adult. But also the awkwardness/stress/annoyance of social interactions when you’re a natural introvert. And in that respect I find it therapeutic to interact online with people I have a common interest with. Thanks for your patience if you made it all the way to the end.
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    I’d watched the original series a long time ago, but remember very little of it. Not sure if it was because it wasn’t very good adaption or if I just wasn’t ready for it at the point in my life. Loving the new version though and glad it will apparently cover the whole story. Looks like there will be a break after September, but hopefully season 2 won’t be too long in coming.
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    Great idea for a topic! Neon Genesis Evangelion takes place in the year 2015, but I'm not sure it was meant to be realistic
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    welcome to the forum. hope you have fun here. The stars will lie with you.
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    "Eximperituserqethhzebibšiptugakkathšulweliarzaxułum" is another one of those weird long ones. According to the band, it's something written in "dead languages of the Ancient East". "Iwrotehaikusaboutcannibalisminyouryearbook" is weird, even by screamo standards. "Most Precious Blood" Slamming down random words from a pathological dictionary is a classic I actually kind of like 'Smashing Pumpkins' as a name, don't know why.
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    Welcome glad you found your way here From your intro sounds like most anime fans you’ve encountered were focused on shonen titles. People around here seem pretty varied in their interests and backgrounds and are friendly so you should be able to participate just fine. I’m pretty varied in my own tastes when it comes to anime (love how streaming lets me explore different genres). In general I’m not a big fan of school drama or serious romance series, but I do enjoy a number of romcoms and school slice of life series. Some examples would be: ReLIFE, Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun, Kaguya-sama Love is War, Recovery of an MMO Junkie, Yuru Camp, Azumanga Daioh, & School Rumble. To be honest their haven’t been that many manga I stayed with for very long. The exceptions being: Battle Angel Alita, Oh My Goddess, Chibi Vampire & XXXholic (despite the title, that one isn’t hentai :P) Anyway, welcome to our little haven, hope you like it here.
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    I think 2 movies, 3 anime seasons. Really expensive if you buy from Rightstuf (even on sale) but very affordable if on sale direct from Sentai. I actually got the rest of the movies and seasons in the last Sentai sale to catch up my collection. Worth it to me. If you are interested in the games (and would rather pick your own man) they are on the ps3 and the psp. I had heard the ps4 would get one but i have yet to see it.
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    Hi, Welcome to AF! I would have to say my favorite types of anime would have to be Action Adventure Comedy Drama Fantasy Game Magic Military Music Mystery Romance Sci-Fi School My favorite manga would be Fairy tail: 100 year quest. Hope you enjoy your time here
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    Me talking to my friends who don't watch anime
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    Kagura answer Marsh "where just good friends after all" after that she checks her phone see a message from Sofia and replies back to it. "I know Sofia i'm excited for it and my class will do a cat cafe theme one".
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    Great idea, good way to get the community together online.
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    I'll go, any time on Saturday or Sunday works.
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    Nice. Enjoy it. I know how you are with your sharks lol.
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    Hi! I am new to this forum and I've just started watching anime ~2 months ago. Really looking forward to meeting new friends here!
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    Hello there and welcome to our forums. Looking forward to seeing you around.
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    I love to watch anime obviously and I'm actually planning on starting a youtube channel about anime, My waifu was Ryuko Matoi but after I learned of Himiko Toga my mind is scrambled!
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    Extreme metal and (gore) grind is full of weird / bad names "Boy Eats Girl" "Mister Sister Fister" "Slice The Cake" "We Butter The Bread With Butter" My absolute favourite, though, is " ██████ " I love all these bands though, for what it's worth.
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    Okay, I won't be going back to work until Tuesday, so I will be here this Saturday to do this ^^
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    Hello and welcome to the forum @Lucky Bolt This would be a good place to catch up on anime and everyone in the forum is pretty great so you should have no trouble making friends/getting recommendations ^^ I'd suggest Kenshin and Peacemaker because those are my two favorite. Or Sword Art Online. Anywho, hope to see you around and enjoy your time on the forums ^^
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    Oh Evangelion is one of my fav anime ,do you have a fav genre and welcome to af from.Nova the ghostly potato
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    ''Anal C*nt'' - because grindcore ''Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start'' - why? ''!!!'' (chk chk chk) - nobody knew how to say the band name
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    welcome to the forum. hope you have fun here. The stars will lie with you.
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    I am not 100% positive I will be here on Saturday. I don't know if I will be back at work on that day as of yet until I find out from my Doctor in the morning. If that's the case and I do have to be back at work, I will only be able to host this on Wednesday and Thursdays on my off days. I could do this around 10:30 PM on Saturday when I get home from work but that would be the only time on the weekend IF I end up having to return to work.
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    Hello and welcome to the forum @NekoTopia I hope you enjoy yourself here and make lots of friends ^^ Shouldn't be too hard because the community overall is great. If you need anything feel free to send me a message ~!
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    I have to sit this one, since I'm visiting family this weekend (uh...they live in the country and the Internet's slooooow and my sis pays for it by hours or something...) I forgot I was heading their way. I'm going to keep an eye on this thread though for more screenings :3
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    Hi there @shion_2907, welcome to our little space. I'm sure you'll have no problem making friends here. Have fun!
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    Hi there and welcome to the forums. You should have no problem making friends here the community overall is great ^^ I'm Sofi btw and if you need anything feel free to send me a message ~! Hope to see you around the forums.
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    I have used rabbit before, it's a neat site! I like that you can chat with everyone else watching the stream and it doesn't interrupt the film.
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    Sure that would be great if we could get something like that started ^^
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    You are getting the hose again.
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    Sometimes when I'm alone, I like to dress up in all brown and lay on the floor pretending I am a potato.
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    47 Meters Down. @above: i didn't sniff glue but I licked chalk.
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    Nope I am currently watching a movie though. Did you know you can put a light bulb in your mouth but you can't take it out without it breaking?
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    More names! Party Cannon - ''oh, a nice, friendly band that plays brutal death metal'' XAVLEGBMAOFFFASSSSITIMIWOAMNDUTROABCWAPWAEIIPPOHFFFX - i am not joking, that is a band name.

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