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    "Sometimes, I wonder who you see when you look at me" From the movie -The Falling (2014)
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    Hey there, Cruck. It's a great feat to become a dragon keeper but you shall become a true dragon keeper, one who can befriend dragons and perhaps take me along for a ride? The name is Arkados and the last heir to the family Dardian. Our family was known for it's infamous illusion magic and my goal is to create the greatest illusion humankind has ever seen.
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    What do you think of "the most popular" anime? Do they make it on your favorite list? If so, which ones? 1. Death Note 2. Attack on Titan 3. Sword Art Online 4. Fullmetal Alchemist 5. One Punch Man 6. Tokyo Ghoul 7. Steins Gate 8. No Game No Life 9. Naruto 10. Angel Beats!
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    Recently I've gotten negative comments regarding the scent of soap I happen to use which prompted my idle curiosity. What do you look for in a soap, shampoo or conditioner? How important are the sub-categories that aren't priorities in and of themselves? Do you feel compelled to purchase a product that is marketed towards a particular gender and are you opposed to using a product that isn't traditionally marketed towards groups to which you belong? Where I live we frequently have very drying to actively caustic water combating from chemicals added to combat algae blooms that produce potentially fatal cyano-toxins so a priority for me is the avoidance of harsh surfactants that can lead to dry skin as I already have issues with my skin drying out easily adding to the problem particularly during the times where the water is poor just makes me woefully uncomfortable. I also make sure to avoid chemicals conclusively linked to health risks even though the quantity used in soaps is considered safe because why risk it when there are plenty of options to eliminate them entirely. Certain scents give me massive headaches particularly long lasting chemically formed scents so I avoid them however as long as the scent doesn't physically bother me (usually needs to not be benzene based id est most artificial scents) I don't really care what the scent itself is. Lastly due to the cramped quarters in our particular current shower bars of soap don't last long as there is no way to avoid the water from running directly on the bar of soap using the holder so I always pick up liquid soap. Following all these guidelines I found shampoo much easier to find a quality product than any sort of body wash since liquid body washes tend to have real issues lathering without a harsh surfactant in them. I recently switch my hand soap over to Dr Squatch from Tamarinda. Tamarinda is fairly decent glycerin based soap, but I still found it drying out my hands and it did have a variety of scents I did enjoy, but scent isn't as important as the soap quality itself and Dr Squatch is the difference between night a day since switching I haven't had any of the previous issues with woefully dry skin at least on my hands and I don't mind the Bay Rum scent. For Shampoo I simply resigned myself to use Pantene Pro-V Rose Water, while not a fan of the scent I couldn't really care less that it's primarily marketed to females, it's concentrated so it provides a good lather it's not drying though it is actually a little greasy for my preference probably meant for longer thicker hair but it's cost effective and checks all my personal boxes avoid harsh chemicals, being non-drying, providing a solid lather, and the scent while floral and not appealing to me it doesn't give me a headache. (That's the one that I've received negative comments about using) For body wash I've tried about 20 different brands each with varying pros and cons and kept hopping around mostly due to not lathering effectively while avoiding surfactants. I finally settled on a brand called Attitude, which uses a Coco-sulfate which is a surfactant, but not an overly harsh one and one that isn't linked to the problems of lauryl sulfates so it provides a fair lather though a little low for my tastes still it's acceptable. Unlike most brands that avoided the very cheap and effective lauryl sulfates it's fairly cheap which is a big plus. Preference towards the Orange scent it's a scent I actually enjoy (I'm a sucker for fruit scents actually) and while not actively moisturizing it at least doesn't contribute to dry skin so it's the product I'm going to stick with at least until we get moved where the new shower should allow for bar soap and I'll likely end up switching to Dr Squatch.
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    I think you are both missing the major point here: you don't see a problem with "just about anyone" being identified as influencer and someone that the masses follow? That's one of my big points. It's part of the reason you have people running around citing conspiracy theories as fact. A generation of followers and half-cocked "leaders.". So now you have a generation where you have a person who is insane spreading their opinion as fact to a mass of followers and being paid to do it. My point is these platforms award stupidity and insanity while their userbase grows farther out of touch from reality.
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    After searching EWG for the safest “skin deep” reviews on soap, I switched to attitude as well. I like this one I used to use 5.5Ph soap by Sebamed, which felt really good, but I think it may have sodium Laureth sulfate, and who knows what else, possibly some PEG ingredients that I try to avoid. For shampoo I like Avalon organics. I don’t mind that the soap doesn’t lather as much. It makes a huge difference to use an organic shampoo. I prefer moisturizing shampoos so that my scalp is taken care of. My hair is usually great without conditioner if I’m using an organic shampoo, it doesn’t strip your hair of all its oils.
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    *With my tongue no longer paralysed, I shrug and fold my arms* Pshhh, what? Winning? I never said a thing.... but I guess this battle gone on long enough... so whatever! *With a loud "HUMPH", I Tsundere walk off the dulling platform*
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    Oh, I dunno... this is just too much fun... Why don’t you say please? And with a flick & a swish, the curse was undone. Now can you repeat that last part about me winning?
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    Yoo the last episode was crazyyyy. The animation the story the fights. This anime never fails to surprise me.
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    A quick search into ingredients of herbal essences show that their baseline product has sodium lauryl sulfate an extremely drying surfactant not to mention its link to a myriad of other potential health risks so that could by why it dries out your hair. Im fairly certain most men's shampoo excludes lavender they tend to go for tea tree oil which gives that pine-like scent that the majority of non-artificially scented male soap reeks of. I'm allergic to black walnut leaf oil though its actually poisonous for humans, never heard of anybody being allergic to lavender, must be a pain depending on just how allergic you are to it, past soaps which should be relatively easy to get around Id imagine it'd be hard to get around other people's perfumes. Lavender is kind of a staple in them that's not to mention it's a popular ingredient in cleaners considering lavender oil is a natural anti-bacterial.
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    For some reason I thought of y'all when I saw this so I jus gonna drop it.. PotatOS Lament .. and leave.
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    Influence can most likely be both the cause and solution to problems. Some might think "they should be held to account for their influence" and while this sounds fairly reasonable on the outset I'm very cautious of that mindset. It isn't clear whatsoever how much influence any particular influencer has, nor is it clear how that influence manifest itself. How could we even begin to measure or compare this? Think of two channels, one with 1 million passive subscribers, and another with 100 dedicated fans who would do anything that the influencer told them to do. Who has more influence? I have no clue. Perhaps we could call them different forms of influence, but I think that might be a cop out. My main grief with this mindset is how it seems to manifest itself. The individuals that are most often held to account, are typically the easiest ones to hold to account, not the ones that probably should be held to account. Lastly, it is clear as mud as to what constitutes "bad influence", what are the things that an influence should be held account for in the first place? Sure some thing's are broadly agreed upon, but many, many things are not. I really think the best we can do is think "influence might be a problem in some circumstances for some people".
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    I mostly agree with what you have said, but I think In a world that is so defined online social interaction, there is tangible value in being, for lack of a better term, an 'influencer', as they truly due have influence on how people perceive topics. So I think it is likely the case that many people perceive being a youtuber as something incredibly valuable. It might be the case that what we call a "youtuber" is most likely something akin to kids wanting to be "A Rockstar" in the 80's. Then again this might be just an over application of the phenomenon that "people like to be liked".
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    ^ Ehh, that was one of many studies. I don't exactly question the outcome, but I question the pool that they polled. I think the big thing about the "Youtuber" notion is simply that there's a glory factor that for some reason has been attached to it for something that has little perceived value. It has no tangible impact outside of entertainment. To most people. To others they actually relate to these people, it becomes an inspiring thing. Honestly though, I think part of the grand stigma is a lot of people are getting sick and tired of entertainment industry individuals making bank while the average Joe that actually makes society function gets punked. Youtuber's are seen as some kind of extension of that. I agree with that sentiment to an extent - there is an outlet and a use, and with that comes purpose. That being said, there are at least a few YouTube people that feel that "this is all I can do" - which by and large is a product of their own failures, not anyone else's as they would have you claim. The perception is "I have followers, I am immortal." That is simply not true, and I think many people on all forms of social media would do well to remember that. All that being said - Youtuber being one of the most aspired professions...well, depends on what you call a profession. It also depends on who you poll. I do not consider being an "influencer" or "youtuber" a profession anymore than I consider someone writing poorly/none edited 160 word commentaries on complex subjects in a text box on a website to be called a "professional writer."
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    I remember the days when all you had to do was worry about going to school and watching cartoons. Your elementary teachers who gave out hugs as much as they gave out candy and good advice. Maybe you had some homework that you threw off for awhile or it was easy and you got it done right away. Your teen celebrities that you had a crush on growing up. That summer camp you went to as a kid. When the only real issues you had to deal with was offline bullies and chores that you didn't really want to do but you did anyway. Friends you'd make. Or didn't make. Authentic people who truly cared about you and you them. Now everything has changed so much. The teen idols you grew with are either on drugs, considered obsolete, or dead. Rent and Bills are your indefinite companions. Bullies are now cyber as well as tangible. People seem either fake or unconcerned. Cartoons you grew up with as a child are considered old school. Music now sounds the same with no variety. Losing so much now than you ever have as a child. And now using nostalgia as a way of coping with a horrid future. I miss the way it was.
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    *Unable to move out the way, Mimblewimbles curse takes its hold* Hah! Go-tchyou nwow! Cofnffundwo...coffnudow...cot....cofff.. *Any attempt to say Confundo is simply met with a jiburing blurb* ...erghh...shyou Winn thish ghoun sweshi....can yow mewov tha cwerss nows?
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    Well, M is one of those characters you make while throwing ideas at a wall to see what sticks xD. Thusfar she has gone from M to being the basis for another Novel series I'm working on called "Memetically Me", which focuses on Earth millions of years into the future, when everything goes to the toilet. Been hoping to get more stuff done for it recently tbh, but been super buisy with a lot of stuff. Still, M is a character I want to work on more, just think she's going to need a bit of a make-over. You know, being a murder puppet and all. I wonder if she entertains at kids parties? Hmmmm...
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    Mimblewimble! Seshi cries, flourishing her wand at the target, while diving to the side. She lands on the ground hard, losing grip of her wand just as the spell was cast.
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    What an interesting character you have made here
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    My anime spirit animal
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    I'd agree with what Beocat said, from what I've seen in the comment sections for YouTube a lot of it seems to be just people being trolls or just finding little details to hate about everything, regardless of what you are posting. If you make YouTube videos and are able to handle criticism - and a lot of it - I would opt to not read the comments.
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    A lady came up and hit me on the back of my head once as hard as she could because she thought I was her son. She was mortified when she found out I wasn't her son. There is a guy that must look a lot like me in the U.S because while visiting I had several people in the city I was visiting come and ask me how my work was going, if I am still working at ____ place, how so-and-so is doing. It would take them a minute then realize I am not this person and apologize and walk off. Really want to meet this guy though because we must be identical twins. This girl used to stalk me around when I was in school. Full on anime girl style stalk. You would turn around and she would just be lurking there. Creepy more than weird. She moved away (I think) or went on to stalk someone else.
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    A lot of the listed powers the opposite is simply not being able to do the thing which humans can't so it'd be called being 'normal' at least for humans. Opposite of regeneration I'd say would be Hemophilia, lacking the ability to clot properly pretty much means you don't heal properly with potentially to die from what would be relatively harmless to somebody who is normal. By definition the opposite of intangibility would be tangibility something everybody possesses since we interact as if we're solid objects because we're solid objects. Same as above for invisibility though I'd like to point out the inherent flaw if one were actually invisible you'd be blind while using said power and you'd still emit heat, smell, and would be tangible unless you have some sort of combo power going on so you'd still be pretty easily detected plus humans do have a sort of sixth sense about being able to instinctively feel when an object is near them without it interacting with them in otherwise perceptible fashions. Opposite of shape shifting would be being particularly rigid so I'd Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva or colloquially referred to as stone skin disease. Joints, connective tissues, organs become ossified and effectively becomes new bone tissue. Teleportation's opposite would simply be requiring time to relocate to another place instantly of instantly being transported to a new place so every normal human has the opposite of teleportation in that they have to travel from point a to point b. I'm going to say by appendage manipulation you're referring to the classic bendy superpower and I'd put that in the same vein as shape shifting. Planet and weather manipulation's opposite would be simply not be able to manipulate the weather spontaneously and humans can't do that, they can however use technology to manipulate the weather but it's not like some guy just decides he wants rain so he goes outside and commands rain out of thin air so humans already have that as well since use of external science doesn't count as a superpower. Opposite of breathing underwater or in space would simply be not be able to which incidentally nobody would be able to breathe in space there's literally nothing to breathe in space. A reduced lung capacity so one couldn't survive as long could sort of be counted as an opposite though interestingly enough even if humans had some sort of gill system and lung system it'd still not really let you just magically breathe underwater. You'd have to have a system that allowed you to keep regulated pressure in your lungs while breathing through gills otherwise you'd get decompression sickness either from going to deep underwater or when you come out of the water. (yes fish do get decompression sickness often times simply when you pull them out of the water when you're fishing as it's actually far easier for a gill system to get decompression sickness than it is for our lungs. In theory if you took a deep breath of air never releasing it or inhaling you could swim as far down as you want and surface as fast as you want and not suffer from decompression gill system aren't quite that lucky as to being able to in some way prevent it by simply holding their 'breath'.) The proverbial spider sense, humans actually have that by default. That feeling when you laying there and you feel like you're falling and it wakes you up, that's basically your real life spider sense. Further than that danger intuition is more or less the ability to feel pain, pain is your body saying something isn't right that you should fix it sooner rather than later by say removing your hand from the oven burners and to that there are people who can't feel pain and that's the closest to the opposite you're going to find it's called congenital analgesia. Duplication is another case of simply not being able to do it and humans can't spontaneously divide into two humans. Cells divide and constantly replace so if you want the opposite of that it'd be called death. Manipulation of magnetic fields is also something humans can't do however, we actually can innately sense magnetic fields. We as humans are natural compasses we have a tiny iron deposit in our noses that instinctively point us towards magnetic fields which theoretically can be used to discern magnetic North on our planet. Males have larger iron deposits and thus make better compasses so being female would be the closest to being opposite I suppose. Humans can talk to animals and talk to infants the ability would be able to understand them as if they were speaking a distinguishable language, but even among our own kind if you speak English and somebody you're speaking to speaks German then you're not really communicating with them effectively that said even people who don't understand a single word the other is saying could get some basic thoughts across through body language or something and animals are the same way while we can't discern what each of their noises precisely mean we can get a general idea of what they want without that knowledge so I'd say the inability to do so would be being so self-involved one is completely oblivious to everything else and that'd be an extreme form of hubris or narcissism. I would like to say the opposite of superpowers would in most case be having superpowers, there isn't really a single traditional 'superpower' that you'd actually want to have. Invisibility doesn't actually make you invisible and you'd be blind. Super Speed you'd be ripped apart by colliding with a bug at significant enough speeds or absorb an egregious amount of radiation if there weren't any actual particles to kill you from colliding with them or the very real possibility that you burst into flames from friction and that's not even mentioning due to how we move if you went to fast your legs would simply snap in two before you could reach those super human speeds. With super strength you'd not be able to break through walls since in reality reality gets in the way and whatever force you put on object the object puts on you and you'd need super density to use your super strength or you'd just be a guy pushing against a wall or trying to pick up a car you'd still have limited points of contact so the car would just break around your arms that is if you had super durability that your bones didn't just snap since super strength doesn't always mean you have the needed durability to actually use it. Outside those issues our world is designed for about average people of about average strength with super strength you'd constantly have to be careful about controlling how much pressure you put on something it'd likely drive you insane. Flying, lack of oxygen the higher up you go so suffocation warnings if trying to use it for anything more than a hover. Super hearing, you can't selectively tune things out so every little sound would be amplified like somebody constantly shouting in your ear and people weren't designed for that if they were to acquire it later in life it'd be a real headache. A real super power would be being slightly better than everybody else if you were slightly faster than the fastest person or slightly stronger than the strongest person you'd be better, but you wouldn't be out of spec as it were and thus you'd be still be 'super' human, but you'd pretty much be ordinary still. Fun fact: The human body is theoretically capable of running 40 miles per hour without issues in that our legs wouldn't snap in two, we'd still be able to breath well enough to maintain it etc etc.

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