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    I made this before current names are Mint and Toffee
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    We just got our Instagram up. If anyone wants their art featured on our Instagram account, please share it here. I'll tag you with #memberart, and other relevant tags of course (this is instagram, the more the better). Help our Insta grow! If you have any tags or mentions you wish for me to add with the post, just say so in your comment here.
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    Years and years ago partly a product of boredom and partly a requirement for the mandatory art class for the requisite Valentine's Day assignment I went with something anime. It's not the last thing technically but I don't have the sketch book, threw it out immediately when I was done with it, but this would be the last thing that was finished in it since for the assignment it was simply line art I shaded it during my other classes whilst not paying attention. I was kind of a horrible student, rarely paid attention I was either sleeping or retouching old art assignments like this one.
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    was it, by any chance, Lady Georgie?
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    One congressional staff meeting at a time. You are absolutely right, yes.
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    Listerine it instead. I think listerine wasn't mentioned up there... I think the next adulting topic should be on laundry.
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    Post here on your birthday and invite your friends for an impromptu birthday party We’ve got cake
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    Aside from Steins;Gate, the most popular show on my favourites list is probably Madoka Magica. OP is apparently #37 on MAL's popularity list. I expected it to be higher as well. Although I guess that the relatively shorter run times of most shows higher in that list work in their favour, popularity-wise.
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    FOSS is the acronym for Free Open Source Software. (Free or Open Source Software if you google it up) During the past years there has been a rise of open source software and programmers across the world have dedicated their time to develop it through platforms such as Github. Blender 2.8 was released a few weeks ago, while it was considered the only capable free option for 3D artists has now caught the interest of many big companies and the latter one being Epic Games with a donation of 1.2M. How is this in any way related to anime, you ask? Khara, the anime producer behind Evangelion and Darling in the Franxx are moving to Blender. they are currently working on “EVANGELION:3.0+1.0” which will be released in 2020. Anyway, you can read more about this here. Blender is probably the most known FOSS but there are way more of them like G.I.M.P (the free photoshop version I use to say), Kirita, Godot-engine (game engine) and the list goes so on. Do you use or know any FOSS software that you would like to mention? What is your opinion on FOSS? FOSS or proprietary software like Photoshop and Maya?
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    The actual wargame was one ep, the previous three just being set up for it. But yeah, FF’s potential remains largely untapped IMO.
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    Thnx @Humbby that’s gorgeous. Maybe next time we rebrand I can look into this for the avatar and make a matching theme for twitter as well.
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    I remember a time when that one seemed to be considered pretty popular. It remains my all time favorite slice of life series (Yuru Camp being second)
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    Literally installed It to follow but seems like I'm alone at the moment *sad life* Made this while I was... doing nothing? I guess? (I have to much free time) just posting this here In case It wants to be used as avatar.
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    1. Death Note / Still my All time favorite 10/10 2. Attack on Titan / S3 Part 2 was amazing 8/10 3. Sword Art Online / Bah 6/10 4. Fullmetal Alchemist / TBD 5. One Punch Man / First Season was amazing 9/10 6. Tokyo Ghoul / TBD 7. Steins Gate / Progresses very slow but somehow makes It entertaining to watch also 9/10 8. No Game No Life / Unnecessary fan service like the show tho 8/10 9. Naruto / TBD 10. Angel Beats! / TBD I Rated all of these shows very high because most of them were also very good and fun to watch.
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    1. Death Note - seen it, didn’t mind it, I guess 2. Attack on Titan - don’t like it 3. Sword Art Online - honestly hate it 4. Fullmetal Alchemist -I’ve seen Brotherhood, I loved it 5. One Punch Man - haven’t seen it 6. Tokyo Ghoul -don’t like it 7. Steins Gate -haven’t seen it 8. No Game No Life -haven’t seen it 9. Naruto - hate it 10. Angel Beats! -haven’t seen it As you can tell, I’m very clearly out of touch with the most popular haha. For the majority of them I either haven’t seen or I don’t like them. My top favourite anime are Planetes, Texhnolyze, Ben-To, Sailor Moon, and Azumanga Daioh.
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    last thing i doodled was a cat in a cowboy hat
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    My Hero Academia & Cowboy Bebop are probably the most mainstream/popular of my favorites outside the ones I already mentioned.
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    i think so too!! its just mismanagement on the site staffs part, makes it impossible to find other users unless its word from mouth or you're searching for a specific video or a specific search term
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    Learn something new everyday!
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    I don’t either, but to watch with others in my house it has to be dubbed. I like watching anime with others too
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    Starting my third semester in Computer Engineering. Bachelor Pretty interesting stuff, though also lots and lots of assignments as we get stuff from both, data science and electrical engineering and together with it, most assignments from both courses. Especially electrical engineering is pretty nasty - for me, the hardest lectures and exams are from the EE part... I'd also like to study mathematics but this and a full bachelor and then master degree in CE... might be a bit too much work...
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    Their simulcast lineup is a bit lacking. But their back catalog is still pretty impressive especially if you go the VRV route which gives you access to Hidive’s titles. And CR still has some good exclusive titles (Konosuba, Laid Back (Yuru) Camp, A Place Further Than the Universe). My only complaint about VRV is an apparent glitch with the subtitles on their version of Hidive where sometimes the same line repeats over and over taking up a lot of the screen (I didn’t notice this happening on the standalone version) Funimation is sharing a lot of their simulcasts with Hulu, but not all. And they seem to be keeping the dubs to themselves.
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    I've been running FOSS almost exclusively since forever. Back in my college days I bought my first computer, a Commodore Amiga 1000, which I eventually upgraded to a 3000. But then the chicken-lips company self-destructed and folded, leaving me with some very capable but orphaned hardware. I took a look at MSFT's W3.1 and Apple's System 7 - the latest and greatest commercial OSs at the time - and decided there had to be something better. Both seemed like a big step backwards from the Amiga's native OS (and hardware). Then I looked into BSD unix, and eventually found a CD containing source code for OpenBSD. It took me 2 weeks to figure out how to bootstrap the system back then, and then 3 days to compile a working kernel for my hardware, but I did it. Wonderful learning experience, and I've been a fan of FOSS ever since. Some time around the 486->Pentium transition a CD of Yggdrasil Linux found it's way into my possession and I built my first "PC" system to run it. Since then I've been running Linux as my main OS on most of my personal systems. (The exceptions being a couple Mac laptops, once Apple saw the light and switched to Darwin "underneath" their MacOS X.) Over the years I've also tried RedHat, SuSE, Ubuntu, and Manjaro at one time or another. I seem to recall I also had a couple iterations of NetBSD in there somewhere. I've actually never even owned a Windows system. Currently I'm running Ubuntu on a (AMD) 2700X CPU in a system w/32GB RAM and an "old" Radeon RX 480 GPU. Recently I got them to install some new Linux systems at work too, replacing some old Sun systems.
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    Thank you for the generous donation of 1.500 points. How can I even return this favor?
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    It won't let me delete this for some reason
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    its hard to think of something that my region in the US specifically is known for... i guess it'd be Hoosier Pie outside of desserts... ive also had rocky mountain oysters, sweet pickles, and gumbo is a favorite of mine
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    i played as a first chair trombone for four years throughout school, but two years ago i bought an electric guitar i haggled down in price from a creepy old guy at a festival. recently replaced its strings with power slinkys im getting kind of good at it, but i wish i could afford some effect pedals. you just dont get that professional oomf in a guitar without them
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    ooh this is a fun thread i just drink my tea as is, but with LOTS of sugar.. my favorite is peppermint tea. i dont know if you consider that a "real" tea hahaha, but i love me some minty taste. i even use peppermint scented shampoos
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    Congrats on coming up with that one
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    youtube can be pretty intimidating now that it seems like everybodies famous on there these days... but then i remember how it used to be. i think it just seems that way because youtube only advertises the people with millions of subscribers, theres tons of smaller users that are out there just enjoying doing their own thing. once you remember that you can post your own stuff unfazed i like to post myself poorly playing video games and videos of my birds and garden loll
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    Jax. Definitely Jax... ...or maybe Lewis...or Oryx....void? ...too many names ;-; ...I'll go with Oryx
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    Never a problem! I'll try and get the comic/manga style narrative done after game characters, so it may be a little while, but will definitely be done :3 still, if you find you need any more help, always happy to oblige! ^-^
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    This was actually extremely helpful, it gives me a good place to start working. If I remember correctly, in your character development post you spoke about creating the basic structure of a character and I think that's what i'm going to start with. My friend and I have a pretty set idea of the characters and setting, as well as some thoughts on plot. Also, if you do create a topic on comic/manga style writing it would be really helpful and I could learn a lot from it, but if not then thank you for the info you already gave. It really has helped me get my footing with this area of writing.
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    Firstly and foremost, I think I'll try and cover writing in a comic/manga style in a bigger topic for the archive, since it's kinda a lot more in-depth then it first would sound. But to give a bit of a more breif answer now; Writing in a comic style is far more varied then you would otherwise get in a regular story. What you want to do is follow how the art portrays a scene, and write in context to that imagery, especially if you are showing the story while following a main character. The idea is that the imagery is what truly shows a reader the world. The text, as well as the writing, is what puts flavour into the characters and how they perceive things. Let me try devising this up into two parts though; character speach and descriptive narrative. Character speach: you will mainly use this to show speach from each character. My suggestion would be to make a profile for the character outside the comic, get a feel for how they would speak, then write naturally how they would react and speak to the contexts they are in. Descriptive text: these can be done outside of scenes, but to give some detail to things. Try and avoided being too descriptive, bit try to give enough that the text warrants existing. Remember that the key to a good comic is show-dont-tell, as the imagery is what can truly draw a reader in. Anyway, while that was a bit short, I hope that helps for now in some way or another. And seriously, best of luck to the two of you! What you are going to start doing sounds utterly awesome, so do your best!!! :3
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    Let's get this started! In all honesty, it took me a while to find a parody, acceptable for every age group.
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    As recently as last season almost all of Funi’s & Sentai’s simulcasts were available on CrunchyRoll, but looks like that golden age has ended. Hate to see it happen, but honestly surprised it didn’t happen sooner.
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    sadly none of them are my favourites, weird though since i would've expected one piece to make it the most popular. i've watched sao, fma, ngnl and angel beats, while i've read aot, naruto and death note. none of them were really great in my opinion besides fullmetal alchemist (though brotherhood is better), they were all average at most. i really didn't expect to see steins gate, ngnl and angel beats in the top ten most popular though
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    I remember the days when all you had to do was worry about going to school and watching cartoons. Your elementary teachers who gave out hugs as much as they gave out candy and good advice. Maybe you had some homework that you threw off for awhile or it was easy and you got it done right away. Your teen celebrities that you had a crush on growing up. That summer camp you went to as a kid. When the only real issues you had to deal with was offline bullies and chores that you didn't really want to do but you did anyway. Friends you'd make. Or didn't make. Authentic people who truly cared about you and you them. Now everything has changed so much. The teen idols you grew with are either on drugs, considered obsolete, or dead. Rent and Bills are your indefinite companions. Bullies are now cyber as well as tangible. People seem either fake or unconcerned. Cartoons you grew up with as a child are considered old school. Music now sounds the same with no variety. Losing so much now than you ever have as a child. And now using nostalgia as a way of coping with a horrid future. I miss the way it was.
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    Reality is a fickle thing. I'm not sure how other generations have reflected on their younger years (namely the Generation X crew). I'm sure they probably have and did, but perhaps the reason it seems like the younger crew is more nostalgic is because we have platforms that we reminisce on. We're more comfortable using them. I'd hate to think that something happened to make us actually be so forlorn about our younger (tweens/teens) than other generations. The shocking thing about that is none of us who are in positions to make the changes to go back actually do so. All they do is drive forward ignoring the "no bridge ahead" signs.
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    I second @Vitis's suggestion: audit a class. The courses are usually much cheaper, and you aren't graded on it - so it's not a big issue if you miss anything. Then look at certifications down the road. Auditing is an incredibly useful tool that too many people don't take advantage of. Be careful with your online courses though, they have a bad knack of not holding up to the standard of face-to-face classes. My job will pass over online universities every time over face-to-face universities.
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    welcome to the forum. hope that you have fun here. the stars will lie with you.
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    What got me into anime was AMV Hell 2 back in 2006, I probably would be a very different person today If I had never watched those. I'd love to learn to edit videos with an even a tenth of the talent of modern AMV makers. If you figure anything out, I'd love to hear about it, your work flow, tools, etc. Here's hoping I hit a thousands posts one day.
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    Hello guys, I made AMV for naruto. Please check it out and leave a comment if you want. Love and Enjoy!
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    Sekiro is a good game. I'd agree with this. I don't play games professionally or for long extended periods of time (I think I would consider a hardcore gamer somewhere around 7-8 hours per day). So I guess I'm more casual. If I'm on an off day with nothing to do I might play 4 hours or more but that's not an every day occurrence.
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    Detective Conan recently. I want to start watching Death note over again.

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