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    welcome to the forum. hope that you have fun here. the stars will lie with you.
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    Thanks ! I want MH 4... hope its good, I mean, I already know whats to come ahah but, i expect the same quality as the other seasons. Demon Slayer is improving each episode, I hope then won't rush it and ruin the anime.
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    Welcome to the forums. Hope you enjoy it here There was a time I wasn’t even sure I would continue watching Demon Slayer, but it really picked up in the 2nd couer. I now consider it the best series this year. Of course I haven’t seen Vinland Saga (planning to start next month) & MHA 4 is still upcoming..
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    Oh, thanks ! I am, i mean, watching Fire Force, Dr. Stone and Demon Slayer. Wishing to watch or read (or both) Vinland Saga, but can't watch those many at the "same" time. I need to call the Ghostbusters, with Bill Murray and the boys, not with that fiasco of a remake xd
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    Don't worry, enjoying it so far. Thanks u_u
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    What if Itachi sealed Sasuke into Naruto to help both of them out? I asked this question on Quora.com. Do you agree or disagreed? A person that goes by John Robison, Great Toad Sage of Mt. Myoboku said below.
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    Heya ! So, hello duh. I just facerolled into here (maybe) -q People often call me Sai. Came here to meet new people and have a nice time, thanks for having me
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    Don't listen to Seshi, instead join the weekly two cents of Dr. Stone (haven't watched the latest episode but will post as soon as I do) jk, if you have the time come and join any thread you like Two questions though, what is 'facerolling', and 'welder' is someone who uses fire to join metals together right?
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    What is the setting? I see you have The Pharaoh... But you also have policeman... is there a better term for police? Maybe, enforcer? You want to make these listed in an order of supremacy? Maybe you can start with brackets, and put them in groups, since some stations won’t necessarily out rank others, but hold the same amount of influence.
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    I shall give you the gift of sunshine
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    ....I usually hate drawing cute little things...... but here's Kanna sitting on ploosh cushions....
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    Got to sleep in late today, but also working until midnight on a Friday.
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    I don't like pies, but thanks either way ahah I gift you a choco donut.
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    No ghostbuster im a delicate ghost potato
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    I will u_u Demon Slayer seemed off to me at the beginning 'cuz it has some 3D stuff (which i hate on animes), but then it improved so much. Specially with that Bob Ross sights. u_u
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    YESSSS Demon Slayer and Vinland Saga are kickin. Come join our weekly discussion then if you want
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    I shall gift you a potato u_u
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    Welcome, I hope you do enjoy yourself here. Are you keeping up with any currently airing anime by chance?
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    Nice people you say what about ghost potato lol welcome and thanks for being drag here by the ghostly potato of af Nova
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    Welcome to Ravenclaw, @Beocat and @dirudiru Make yourselves at home in your common rooms, and join us later in the Great hall for some butterbeer & chit chat, or a friendly duel. The introduction threads in your houses will explain more about your house.
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    I could see why people think this, with all the over the top popular ones like Naruto, DBZ, Fairy Tale... etc.
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    I can debunk this right now. I keep none of my perversions secret!
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    Thank you, it is lovely I give you the gift of cheesecake. I hope you’re hungry
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    The myth that all anime has gigantic eyes and is loud. Tomie is a good example of just about representative facial features. Cowboy Bebop, too. The Twelve Kingdoms was not loud and "obnoxious," but was more calm and based in drama as well as fantasy (I guess it's isekai technically?) Miyazaki films are also often not as loud. Ah...now I'm sad the author never finished The Twelve Kingdoms :*( It was sooo good!
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    belated welcome to the forum. hope that you have fun here. the stars will lie with you.
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    Create our own language?? Isn't that like really hard? But don't let me stop you though. For the creatures, what do you have in mind?
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    When I was 8 years old, I joined my school's art club. I loved drawing and was known as the "class artist." Classmates often admired my drawings. That made me confident enough to sign up. A week later I quit the club and didn't draw again for 23 years. Being surrounded by other artists in an art class made me realize I wasn't as good as I thought. My drawings looked amateurish compared to them. I sucked. It made me feel inferior. It made me think, What am I even doing here? I'm not as talented as these guys. My story is not unusual. Maybe you quit drawing too because you know you will never be good at it. Or you never even tried because you just don't have talent. Well that is a myth. You don't need talent to draw. Now talent does exist. We cannot deny that. Some people do have a knack for drawing. But talent just gives you a head start over others. It doesn't automatically make you a master. You still have to put in work like everyone else. A natural born artist just gets to start at Level 2 skipping Level 1. For most of us, we have to start at Level 1. So don't put too much weight on talent when it comes drawing. You can catch up as long as you work hard. So if you don't need talent to draw, what do you need? Well two things. You need to observe and compare. Look at an object in the room you're in. What's the first thing that came into your mind? (I look at my smartphone near me) You identify the object right? (smartphone). But that's not observing. Artists observe. Look at that object again and answer these questions: 1. How big is it? 2. What shape is it? 3. How do you think it feels like? 4. What color is it? 5. Where are the lights and shadows? (smartphone) 1. It's medium sized. Not too big not too small. 2. It's a rectangle. 3. It will probably feel a bit rough because of the leather case. 4. It's colored black. 5. The lights are on the left side the shadows on the right side. With these observations in mind you can start drawing. The smartphone should be medium sized. It should be like a rectangle. It should look a bit rough. It should be colored black. The lights should be on the left side and the shadows on the right side. As you draw, look at that object again to compare your drawing. The closer your drawing is to that object the better. That's how you can tell if your drawing is good. (A drawing of a dog should look like a dog and so on). The farther your drawing is to that object the more changes you need to make. Keep comparing and eventually you will get a good drawing. In a nutshell, that's what drawing is. You observe something beforehand and you draw it while comparing. It doesn't require talent. But it does require hard work.
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