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    Random suggestion. I saw that there's an Instagram and Twitter page for Anime Forums. Now, I don't use those but young people seem to think they are 'on fleek' And I think it might be a bit too much work for a single person to regularly update it, especially since not everybody watches every current anime. So I thought how about a thread where users of Anime Forums can offer stuff to go on Instagram (and Twitter). Take the Dr. Stone image for example. Someone who watches Dr. Stone could make screenshot, add a small description with those hashtag-things and then upload that to the thread after each episode if they can think of something. Then those in charge of Instagram (or Twitter) can quickly browse through them and pick the ones that fit. In that way the admins don't have to do everything, and the community can shape how Instagram (and Twitter) looks. Not sure people are actually going to participate, and also not sure if it works out, so it's just a suggestion. Don't really need an explanation or response if you guys don't want to do that though
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    And now I log in to AF to find my reputation is "666". Yeah, that's about how my day's been going.
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    Some days it just isn't a good idea to open your front door. Happy Monday!
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    Sometimes you just need 700 calories of cake... I mean love... I mean cake... Whats the difference really?
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    I should do more biking now since the weather is rather refreshing with the cold wind blowing in my face.

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