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    spent a lot of time doing writing over the last day or so, and been a little head-coldy, so haven't really had the time to do anything decent. but instead, I did try and make a little sketchy-sketch, so made this; I kinda get animation, but don't at the same time. still learning though ;-;
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    What type of anime hairstyle do you like? Feel free to name the character and post pictures of it and why do you like it. Is it a hairstyle you have yourself, perhaps? Comment below and let's find out if there are any similarities in how we choose our favorite hairstyle in anime. To start things off: Mikoto from K Project and Luculia from Violet Evergarden. I like Mikoto's hairstyle because it reflects his character and him as the Red King, looks also like a lion-mane. I honestly don't have a single clue about female hairstyles but Luculia's hairstyle looks pretty unique from my perspective. Mikoto Suoh Luculia Marlborough
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    General History chat thread. Come chat about a fun fact of the day, or anything that comes to mind really Hey @The History Kid lookin good in here. Today let’s take a moment of silence for our fallen first responders, and brave men and women who, in their efforts to save lives, lost their own in the tragedy of 9/11.
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    I have been away from AF for 2 months. And it seems a lot has changed. I was supposed to put this in the Creative Corner but it doesn't fit there anymore. I guess that's why there's the AF Projects club. So I guess I will have to blog about current and future projects. Anyways, I am working on a new project. Basically, I want to make a motion comic. Or a comic book with some animation. It's not really just images but it's also not fully animated. But instead of a Marvel / DC motion comic, it will be an Anime / webtoon motion comic. It will be a mystery story so if you're reading this and you enjoy mystery Anime, reach out to me! I could use the help. I took inspiration from reading books like The Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, and the Famous Five. Here is the story synopsis: And here are the 4 main characters (club members): Misao Takano. The sophomore leader of the detective club. She is a good and caring leader but sometimes can be impatient. Nara Hiruma. A sophomore member. The best friend of Misao. She is creative, kind, and cunning. Junichi Kai. The sole male senior member of the club. Junichi is constantly looking for action and adventure. He is also very frugal. Probably the most frugal person you will ever meet Makiko Handa. A freshman member. She is very energetic but slow-witted. I did not draw the background in this image: So I would like to hear your thoughts and if you have any suggestions for the mystery they will actually solve?
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    This is my first forum I’ve made an account on, even though I’ve been on the internet for years and years idk why I haven’t been on a forum, but this one looked really good. I hope that I can have some good conversationions, make new friends, and find some good anime to watch! Also I don’t even know what my pfp was but none of my images worked because it had to be 0.05 mb or whatever so I looked up “anime 0.05 mb” so yeah lol
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    This one is unique, I love the bangs, her length as well and especially the braid in front. I like Kikyos hair, from Inuyasha because she has long wisps that are flowey and tied up loosely. For guys, I generally like hair like this But there are always exceptions, Ed, from FMA has ridiculously cool hair.
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    I personally preferred Mori Mori-chan’s longer, somewhat disheveled hairstyle to the one she adopts towards the end of MMO Junkie. While she’s still cute and I get the new hairstyle was supposed to symbolize her having more confidence and taking more pride in her appearance, I found her original look more appealing.
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    i like your art lil bro good job
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    "If we are lending money that we ostensibly don't have, to kids who really have no hope of paying it back, in order to train them for jobs that clearly don't exist, I might suggest that we've gone around the bend a little bit." -Mike Rowe
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    Random suggestion. I saw that there's an Instagram and Twitter page for Anime Forums. Now, I don't use those but young people seem to think they are 'on fleek' And I think it might be a bit too much work for a single person to regularly update it, especially since not everybody watches every current anime. So I thought how about a thread where users of Anime Forums can offer stuff to go on Instagram (and Twitter). Take the Dr. Stone image for example. Someone who watches Dr. Stone could make screenshot, add a small description with those hashtag-things and then upload that to the thread after each episode if they can think of something. Then those in charge of Instagram (or Twitter) can quickly browse through them and pick the ones that fit. In that way the admins don't have to do everything, and the community can shape how Instagram (and Twitter) looks. Not sure people are actually going to participate, and also not sure if it works out, so it's just a suggestion. Don't really need an explanation or response if you guys don't want to do that though
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    When it's so fun to tease you have a box of donut for the cake i ate
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    I picked a random name, another random name and another random name. I did them in a blender and Humbby came out of It, It was love at first sight. It has no meaning though sometimes people call me Humble Humbby because it sounds good. I am happy because when i got this name nobody was using it. Now i have a few name stealers (not a lot) but oh well, cant be original forever.
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    Haven't seen that one yet, unfortunately. I should really get around to watching it already. I'd definitely recommend SSY. It's a little different, dark atmosphere throughout. But fantastic world building, and an interesting story. Dokuro-chan
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    Alrighty, after a whole load of stressing out over details, I made a little chibi version of Kiskuna (EV26), one of my OC Enforcers for "Memetically Me" (Which is ironic to me, since she is pretty much a chibi anyway, to an extent). Initially built to act as a mobile fire-warden, after the Omer cataclysm, she followed her dream of, and I quote "Being a bad-ass". She may look a bit intimidating (Which she is) as well as a hothead (Which she is) but she has a soft spot for helping those in need... sometimes. ...Oh, and shes also the youngest of the enforcers in regard to her mental age and also her height, standing at 3' 9.... But her size has never prevented her from hacking at all that appose her with her fire axe.
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    I don't know if I'm going to watch anymore. I finished episode two and I got turned off by the rival character. I know it's a shonen, but rival characters really rub me the wrong way when they're done a certain way, like Bakugou from MHA. (Sorry, I know you two like MHA.) If it gets better, I might consider picking it up. For now, it's on pause.
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    I guess I get to be the first attendee as today happens to be my birthversary. Yay, cake!
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    My boss, before everyone left for Christmas Leave. "Ladies and Gentlemen, it's time for a safety brief. But I don't care. So just follow these rules. Don't subtract from the population, don't add to the population, and if you're arrested - keep your mouth shut."
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    I have not. Harukana Receive

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