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    New & Exciting Updates? Share them here with us! Today, Crunchyroll announced the date for the upcoming Dub of Demon Slayer! It will be releasing on Toonami October 12th for the Fall Anime Block! Sooo excited that it got enough traction to make it this far. Not only will we be getting a dub, but the future of this franchise looking good, such a success that it's going on cable TV.
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    Hi guys hope everyone is doing well, big fan of anime so looking forward to meeting and getting to know new people with a similar interest, this is the first forum I've joined so excited to hear new ideas and opinion's from like minded individual's who share the same passion I have for anime
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    Sorry for the inactivity lately but my power has been out for like a week.
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    Ahh, Friday the 13th.... would be scarier if it wasn't for the fact that my birthday falls on friday the 13th of october, sometimes! (Albeit, not this year though, since its the 13th of October, which is Sunday ;-;)
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    We technically are philosophers - our Ph.D's are Doctorates of Philosophy.
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    Have to agree that the emphasis of the series is on what a bleak and violent time it takes place in. A “happy ending” seems unlikely or at the very least a long time coming and at a high price. I like Askeladd’s character as well. He may be a cynical opportunist and no doubt there’s plenty of blood on his hands, but he’s quite willing to treat Thorfinn as part of the crew as long as he’s useful. Ironically Bjorn (the one who took him hostage) is the other character who seems most willing to accept him. Pretty sure I’ll see this one through to the end, but may binge instead of following weekly (currently on another 30 day trial of Prime)
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    Hi I am new to this site and need a bit of help I have been into anime for quite a while now and now I want to start collecting anime figures, can anyone recommend a good site to order good figures off of? I'm talking good quality not some of this cheesy made stuff. Thank you
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    Started watching this earlier in the week snd am through episode 8. Agree with what everyone else has said about how well it is written & animated. Probably my #3 for currently airing series. My biggest problem is I really don’t like the MC. Seems like he’s either being as hot headed as Bakugo or sulking. Can’t really blame it on his dad’s death since he was showing those traits from the start he’s going down the path his dad tried to protect him from. Yeah, it’s the whole viking code of honor thing, but doesn’t change that he’s working with the very people who killed him and not covertly. Yllsa seems to be doing a much better job of continuing the legacy he wanted to leave behind by out doing most of the men in the village. No wonder they see her as prime viking waifu candidate
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    If you're in Europe, Archonia is good. I've been buying from there for a few years now. You can also look for vendors on https://myfigurecollection.net/ Any of their 'partners' should be fine. I've used Ninoma once, via MFC. They ship directly from Japan, and were fast. Just be aware that you might have to pay import taxes.
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    I would recommend checking out AmiAmi. I have ordered from them before. They sell new anime figures and pre-owned ones if you are interested.
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    In the profession of history, often times we encounter a few choice sayings that the general population has grown accustom to hurling our way. Each and every time I heard one of these sayings, in school, I would get agitated. Every time I hear the other, now, I get even more irritated. 'You're studying history? So, you're going to teach then!' I know this is hard for some people to grasp, but the history field has one of the most dynamic skillsets of any profession. You require knowledge of literature, ability to conduct academic research, ability to write in an academic format, have organizational skills, have problem solving skills, be able to form theories with miniscule quantities of information, and - anymore - we have to be computer savvy. We'll ignore for a minute that History B.A.'s are also a favorite path of law schools for perspective students. So, that means I could teach (if I liked being underappreciated and spit on by students and probably the administration). But more likely, I could be a librarian, be a researcher, work in government (local, state, or federal), aid in archeological research, aid in academic research, write, office automation, office administration, secretarial work, archive, work at a museum, work at a historic site, work as a park ranger, be a lawyer, go into politics, work for a publishing firm, work as an appraiser, work as a historian or historic advisor...do I need to go on? But this doesn't bother me near as much anymore (mostly because I'm employed and am now at a graduate level - that question is easily shot down), so much as this: "You guys only have to study history though..." In my undergrad, I worked in the archive where I currently work (though I wasn't getting paid then). Rather, I just worked in the archive and I don't just work there now. Anyway... Part of my job then was to do the basic historians duty of making heads and tails of what was in front of me. In my case, that consisted of reading through extremely elaborate and detailed technical reports on various weapons systems. I read about ballistic studies, engineering reports, studies on digital azimuth's, fire control platforms, and various forms of climatological impacts. That's just to name a few. I was tasked with sorting these into a database in a searchable format that people could read and understand. So, of the 2,500 entries, I had to read them all, make sense of them, and then parse them into something the general public would actually search for. Chances are you aren't going to be looking for a ballistics study on a gun, but you might look for the firing range or angle of that gun. I had to make sure that data was programmed and available. Likewise, when a historian takes on a subject, they have to assume specialty expertise on that subject. For example, I could not write a research paper (25-50 pages) on the P-51 Mustang unless I assumed some sort of expertise on the subject. I may need to know things about the Army Air Force, the Air Force, North American Aviation Company, aviation as a subject, and engineering - to know what the P-51 did that was better or worse than its contemporaries. If I'm writing on the history of heart surgery in the United States, I am going to have to have fundamental knowledge on the processes and history of surgery and heart surgery (and treatments) in the United States. That information isn't just present in the realm of history, but to the realm of medicine as well. A historian's duty, in a dull sense, is to know "stuff", and report on it in such a way that it remains replicable or applicable. It is our job to preserve a period or issue in time and ensure it isn't forgotten, whatever the reason may be. That means we learn history - not as a profession - but as a skill. To a historian, our degree certifies a skill, the knowledge and specialty comes after that skill is procured.
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    That's where I stopped too. I'm think A). That it was only a cover up. The student was killed as part of a bigger mystery. That's about all I got. haha I asked helped from @Keiko I'm so grateful she was willing to help.
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    Welcome to our community, Abeezy. Great to meet you
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    No, no...nothing like that. We prefer the term "high-functioning dead person."
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    Yeah it would be awkward. Imagine going to that wedding. There's you and your partner, and then there's your childhood crush with their partner. Naturally depends on the person and how things went, but still I think in most cases it would be at least somewhat awkward.
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    Try being a philosopher Just the other day a woman on the train was wondering why you would need to study philosophy, since it's something everyone knows how to do. Actually never heard many stereotypes about historians, except that they are old
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    It's supposed to release to all the consoles simultaneously @EnviousEnvy
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    You are generally in control of the things that come your way in some shape, way, or form. It's all about how you prepare for them and whether or not you've effectively anticipated them. The biggest thing that people have to remember is that it doesn't matter how "suave" someone else's life appears to be - they're going through garbage too. Sometimes the people who seem to be doing the best are going through more than even you are. How things get dealt with varies from person to person. The big problem today is that no one is getting taught resilience, and the net result is a lot of people can't "just deal with it." We spend so much time telling people "that shouldn't happen" that they care too much when something does go wrong that it ruins their peripheral vision on life. Bad things happen in life. It is a matter of fact. It happens to everyone. It will happen to everyone. Winning in life means you overcame it. Caring too much about the little things is far more destructive to a person than not caring at all.
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    I think that you can care - even with a friggit attitude. You care, but you care in-so-much as you know whatever will be will be and you know you're just going to deal with whatever it is that happens. That's how I am. Now, I don't want to try and fool anyone nor myself, I have fears - but they are not event centric. They are not on things that happen. I think the last time I actually sat somewhere nervous about something was my board interview simply because I didn't know what to expect. A lot of that also has to do with experience. Your own experience, and how well you're versed in dealing whatever is coming your way. If you are a public speaker, standing up and talking in front of people on a subject you talk about every day probably isn't going to result in a second though about that event.
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    Hikaru Shidou on her battle outfit is my cosplay dream of magic knight
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    I don't rent movies either. Returning them on time is such a hassle, I'd rather just use Netflix or Hulu or buy it if I'm that interested.
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    How come all of a sudden all that side-channel crap (ad feeds, youtube "recommended", etc.) is showing me earthquake and disaster preparedness stuff. Stop it! It is Friday the 13th and you're making me nervous!
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    ‘“Friday the 13th is still better than Monday the Whatever”
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    Same here. Trying not to look. Haven't had time to watch it yet. Will watch tomorrow but though I have season 2, haven't seen it all the way through (can't remember what came up that pulled me away at the time) so I'm going in this time with virgin eyes hehe.

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