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    Well well, look what popped up in my backyard
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    Hey guys, It was perfect, we went for coffee and we talked about so much stuff. I was honestly so happy to meet my best friend in person. We are meeting up again on Friday and making a day of it this time
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    So Gen Z slang is crazy. I’ve had a hard time keeping up since I’m not really into pop culture- never really have been. But here’s a video describing the topic a bit more Oh and Gen Z peeps, can you either confirm or deny? My nephews are always saying “yeet” so I can confirm that one at least
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    I'd definitely agree with the rushed feel of the film! It was still beautiful, just like the first, in spite of the rushed story. And the potion's draining of life makes sense. It pretty much sets up that regardless of the war's outcome, these guys...uh...aren't going to survive. I do feel the blonde demon was better rounded...but still needed a bit more development. I also thought her brother just kinda came out of the blue! I was like, what!? Or was the "chic" in the first movie who was talking to guy with TB actually her brother all along? Maybe I missed that I'm so confused! I gotta find the series somewhere, I'm sure it goes slow enough for me to comprehend
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    Gryffindor: 68 Hufflepuff: 69 Ravenclaw: 81 Slytherin: 93 Well, I got my fave house!
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    I have been writing around 6 books for a while now but I started a seventh around 3 days ago and I am flying through it. This is the first book I have felt so inspired to write! I have written 2 full chapters in around 2 days and have the outlines for the next 2 and even have an idea of what I am doing with book 2 as well as characters for it (when I finish book 1). Just really pumped and thought I'd share. ~♥
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    Thought I’d drop this here
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    Finally got around to watching it. Like in the first movie, the visuals are magnificent! Just something that I noticed right at the beginning again I agree with @Blue Dragon about probably everything Still don't know most of the names as well. What I also found kind of a let down was Chizuru's role. She seemed to occupy a much more active and important part in the first movie and this movie didn't really do anything. @Blue Dragon why did they even include here, right? Generally, I thought her whole family (father and brother) could have been developed a bit more. They disappeared quite quickly. Also had hoped that more people would survive but they probably wanted to stay close to the actual history of the Shin Sen Gumi. What I did like though was that they explained quite a bit about Chizuru's father and his plan, and also about how that magic water works. I thought it was quite well made that you have to give up your life energy for it. And, I also thought it was great that they showed a lot more about the devils' side and their perspective of things. Oh, and finally they showed why the movie is called Hakuoki So, I'd say overall it was decent, but felt rushed quite often. They should have made the movie two times that length and really developed everything a lot more. But just like @Blue Dragon I think I should watch the series
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    Drinking orange creamsicle milk and catching up on the latest Fruits Baskets episode.
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    Well I preferred the manga, but i still really appreciate the anime. I don't really think its the BEST, but top 3 for sure. I like Naruto and Sword art online better. (Don't hate me!)
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    Chai tea isn’t bitter cuz of all the sugar coffee can be the same way... also it really depends on how it’s brewed and which tea or bean you choose and it’s fermentation process. Some teas are naturally mild, same with coffee if it’s brewed lightly or cold brew might even be more palatable for you. Jasmine tea for instance is a milder blend of green tea and jasmine, you might like it, it tastes flowery. And I like you for that. Let’s enjoy tea together ️
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    I heard another one. 'stan' used as a verb. I'm not a big fan of the name as it is, but used as a verb sounds dumb
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    This thread is giving me flashbacks. When I was in about second grade we lived for a year or so in Huntsville, Alabama. Back then that was pretty deep south and the accent/slang was pretty thick. My dad was from S. Carolina so he was used to it, but my mom and my brothers and I had lived on the west coast (US) for virtually all of our lives. Fortunately kids that age learn fast so after a few months my mom developed the habit of using us kids as translators.
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