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    soo.. i'm watching Boruto and I don't think it is as good as Naruto and Naruto shippuden but i think it's still good, thoughts... anyone.
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    Hello everyone! Tearfully I must announce the end of our Summer Lottery, but I’m really excited for what Fall events we have in store, so it’s a bittersweet feeling. Now, Its time to draw for our winner of the jackpot, which has made it up to 5,145 points! Good luck @Xyro @Beocat it’s between you two and myself. Well here goes! And the winner is, @Xyro Congratulations!! You win the Jackpot. @Beocat you will both be getting a medal to display in your profile and postbit for participating. Thank you!
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    So season 2 will be sometime during 2020. That’s a pretty broad window, but still good to know. And as long as they maintain the quality, it’s worth the wait. As to the episode itself: very appropriate with the various members of the Soma clan trying to come to terms with their evolving relationships to each other. And it f course Tohru is the catalyst for most of that change. Though it seems certain some of it will be painful. Being unfamiliar with the manga, it’ll all be new to me. They also tease the appearance of new characters who seem like will be important Anyway, pretty sure this will be my #2 for the season (8/10)
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    This one is unique, I love the bangs, her length as well and especially the braid in front. I like Kikyos hair, from Inuyasha because she has long wisps that are flowey and tied up loosely. For guys, I generally like hair like this But there are always exceptions, Ed, from FMA has ridiculously cool hair.
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    Do people still buy single volume DVDs of an anime series? Or do they prefer the complete collections that have less discs and take up less space?
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    What type of anime hairstyle do you like? Feel free to name the character and post pictures of it and why do you like it. Is it a hairstyle you have yourself, perhaps? Comment below and let's find out if there are any similarities in how we choose our favorite hairstyle in anime. To start things off: Mikoto from K Project and Luculia from Violet Evergarden. I like Mikoto's hairstyle because it reflects his character and him as the Red King, looks also like a lion-mane. I honestly don't have a single clue about female hairstyles but Luculia's hairstyle looks pretty unique from my perspective. Mikoto Suoh Luculia Marlborough
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    I really like all of these anime hairstyles:
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    illusion of terror thanks for commenting
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    i like kakashi's hair style from the kid series of Naruto i don't really like dragon ball hair styles that much
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    Finished watching Persona 4 the Golden tonight pretty proud. Its from one of my favorite lets players.
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    That was an amazing theory. I think sasuke getting sealed inside the same chamber as kurama is most likely, because the nine tails chakra is much more prominent the narutos.
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    Gotta include some JoJo! Here's my top 3
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    I personally preferred Mori Mori-chan’s longer, somewhat disheveled hairstyle to the one she adopts towards the end of MMO Junkie. While she’s still cute and I get the new hairstyle was supposed to symbolize her having more confidence and taking more pride in her appearance, I found her original look more appealing.

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