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    So, the past year or so I’ve noticed more anime movies (not just Ghibli) getting showings at nearby theaters. Granted, many were just a single showing on a weekday night, but was wondering if other members here had taken advantage and what they thought of the experience. For me, I saw the My Hero Academia movie & Promare and am planning to see the Konosuba movie in November. Sadly, I don’t really have any IRL friends who are into anime, but it’s still fun reacting along with everyone else to what’s happening on screen. And while the theaters hadn’t been packed it’s still drawn a decent audience, again given the strange show times.
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    Never thought I would get to see a red-tailed hawk so close~
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    I don't go to theaters as a general rule as it is. Overpriced as all hell. I opt for watching at home. The argument that going to an anime movie creates community might be valid, but frankly, you could get an even better community experience out of a properly run convention.
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    Greetings, For some time now, I have been creating a personal project RPG. In principle, based on The Lord of the Rings. I am looking after the whole project myself, however I was suggested by a friend that perhaps I could off the participation of a visual artist from the forums to assist me with certain visual aspects. The purpose of this thread: I invite digital artists to create simple yet meaningful sprites for this project. -The exact amount of sprites missing is uncertain, but it might be at least a dozen -I do not demand wallpaper-like resolutions or quality. The sprites must fit less than 500x500 With chance, I may find an artist offering their practice and time to participate in this project. I suppose this post alone might not tell everything. If you might be appealed by it, questions will be welcomed with answers, to clarify any more concepts or misunderstandings. I may attach a few screenshots of the current game, in hopes of inspiring.
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    Seconding what @Illusion of Terra said. @Xyrohas some very impressive pixel art already and is exactly the person for the job.
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    Unfortunately I don't have what it takes what you are asking, but @Xyro is really great at pixel art, so if he doesn't have too much to do with his own project, maybe he might look into it? On another note, are you using MV?
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    welp iz set, tomorrow im going to a cosmania, gonna be mai first time, butttt ikuzooo was gonna crossdress, still debating if i should im kinda of...really really scared >.> so odds are, ill back out on doing it, sempai said its daijoubu too, couse next time is when im actually really gonna do it ...so i guess i wont do it for now >_> incidentally, im unsure (or cant remember) if i mentioned it, but it seems me and sempapi will be starting a YT channel, soooo im probably gonna post sh*t we do on my profile xD so far, from what we talked of today, its gonna be like, danplan/emirichu styled vids (we discuss sh*t, and animate the discussion) but it will be in conyo language (translation; both English/Ph language) but im gonna make it so subs will be done (CC subs xD) wont divulge too much on what topics will be, but one things for sure even if it fails, were gonna be having some fun, and in the end of the day, that's all that matters if we both have fun, i don't see any loses xD also, i started jogging again ^-^
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    Can I ask, what's your cross-over story about? I don't really have a problem with writer's block anymore, but when I did have it, it was usually because: 1. My real-world environment + routine was stressing me out, so I wasn't motivated to write. 2. I didn't know what I wanted to do with my story. I would try discovery-writing, aka writing without a plot. In my opinion, it's all right for some chapters to serve as a "bridge" for the next major event in the story, but there should be something noteworthy happening in some capacity, such as a new character being introduced, or, in my case, my characters are falling in love, so I try to use cliffhanger chapters. 3. It's important to also identify your characters motivations (what they WANT, what they NEED). These don't have to be genius-level. Your characters don't need to reinvent the wheel, they just have to have a reason for deciding to go from point A, to point B. Some context: My character Nika is a 20-year-old 'alien'. In her hometown, there are two, week-long festivals, like the Carnevale of Venice, Italy. These are held twice a year; one in spring, and one in fall. 'Traditionally', a girl would invite the boy she likes to accompany her to the festival, but Nika has never gone with a date before. If I made her follow her usual patterns, she'd never go to the festival, and that would be less-interesting (generally-speaking). So for example, in order for Nika to get from working in her Geranium garden, to playing festival games with her date, there needs to be a specific motivation that propels her out of her comfort zone. Maybe another girl wants to ask the boy Nika likes, and there's a race to see who can get to him first? Maybe there's something special about this boy that fills one of her desires (again, what she WANTS)? Hope this helps a little. Just a couple things that helped me focus on why my stories weren't working for me, and how to fix them.
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    Just wanted to open a thread (As suggested by seshi :3) to post some of my art stuffs, since I'm just working on learning to do better pieces in my spare time between writing. Still, I will outright say that I am in no way great, but I am still learning, so please be patient with me :3 (Addition) If you would like to check out more of my thingies, feel free to have a look at my newgrounds stuff too ( https://xyrodonatus.newgrounds.com/ ) But ya don't have to, I just like making the art for the fun of it ^^ Anywho! Ill start off with the one i did for the MHA contest on here, since Toga is one of my favourite characters in general. (One is just an alternate to the eyes I was using to figure out shading stuffs) just to add one of the most recent ones I have done, here's a little picture of Oshino Shinobu from the Monogatari series
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    Hi! (sorry for my bad English) Here comes Suzuki! I hope I'll have a good fun with y'all
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    I was actually surprised that they decided to do the next arc as a movie instead of a second season (though much of episode 19 was movie quality to begin with). I fully expect it to get a US release because I was actually doubtful Konosuba would be popular enough make it locally for me (further than the others I’d seen, but still less than an hour drive. Plus airing on Toonami ought to help the chances.
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    I wanted to go see Broly when it came out, but we rarely get to go to the movies at all. This was recent, too. I hope we see more anime titles here. I’d love to go see the Demon Slayer movie if it comes to theatres, no question.
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    It was March. I was walking from my car into my building at work - Monday of Mondays. I had in my hand a grocery bag full of Bubl'r drinks and yogurt. My lunch for the upcoming days, since I was trying not to run all over the place for lunch at this time. It was about 40 some degrees that morning, but in the shade it was still well below freezing. My shoes were flat bottomed, no tread. I was walking up the sidewalk and came across a wet spot (3 foot by 2 foot) - except the wet spot was still ice. I slipped, fell, and slit my hand and wrist wide open - bled everywhere. Spilled all my yogurt. Sad face I looked around frantically to make sure there was no one around to see me. Thankfully not. I rushed inside to clean my hand up, and then just went on about my day. But I was still very sad that I lost all my yogurt.
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    Fantastic. Hopefully they might be interested in this.
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    Hello. That's correct, I use the MV software, which eases countless procedures for myself.
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    "That dreaded season comes around once every year... But its always a question as to what's worse; The sheer overgrowing amount of them, or the fact that duck season is just around the corner..."
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    I’m gonna have to say for me it’s Clare from Claymore.
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    I haven’t watched any of the Vinland saga, but I keep hearing great things about it. Next time I have a chance to sit down and watch something, I might check it out.
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    I had an embarrassing thing for Daisuke Jigen.
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    I think my first anime crush was either Tai Kamiya from Digimon or Bakura from Yugioh, I can't really remember which exactly lol.
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    Honestly the only anime I've ever saw at the theater here was Yu-Gi-Oh, which I did go see. Oh, and the Black Butler movie which I also went to see. I haven't seen a single other anime airing here though that I can think of. If they did air I probably would go to see them if they were ones that I liked.
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    I hadn't seen or heard of this anime (another reason I'm glad I check this forum). This sounds really good I think I'll have to check into it now.
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    I don't go in for those animes with hundreds of episodes anyway. 2 or 3 filler eps and I drop it. I don't see how people can stick with a series for that long without some sort of ending/closure. I'm also a binge-watcher and usually I don't start watching a series until it is already over. I'd be highly unlikely to even start something like Naruto or DBZ.
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    You know you're a game nerd when stuff like this rotates through your Spotify feed during your commute...
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    I can appreciate the art of DVD covers, and wanting to support the industry...but some of the prices when I was younger were really...unreasonable. Four episodes or 5 episodes were sometimes given, but not always. I had started buying the Inu Yasha series back in the day...and there were only three episodes per disc. If you're getting it new at like Best Buy, it was between $20/$30 a pop (not necessarily counting tax.) Especially if you're looking a massive anime series like Inu Yasha: $30 for 3 episodes (which is how they were originally sold,) and there's 193 episodes that's roughly $1,920. Probably not counting sales tax. That is not something I can afford to invest XD I regret not saving my money now that I'm in my 30s...I should have been more discerning in which series I purchased (but, hey, hindsight's 20/20.) But...that's me personality, and I'm not much of a collector, so I can respect people who enjoy collecting the art. There are certainly series I do still have that I will never get rid of that have lovely cover art and I want to keep. I just don't think it's viable to do it for every anime series that comes out XD At least, not on my budget!
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    Introducing, AF-Chan! Just a chibi atm, but I wanna make her properly at some stage
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    Oniiiiii-samaaaaa! I hope you're fine and all. I think it has a Malevolent in it. Ryuji actually came up with "Maley"
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    My Konosuba quiz is now ready for challengers. Oh, and I already bought my ticket for the movie in November.
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    "...hey, boss, it cant ACTUALLY be that big, right? I mean, its just a hunk of walking bones an....*silence falls for a few brief moments*...what the fu...*A loud, echoing scream renders the rest of the audio-feed inoperable, before the signal turns to static*" - The last radio signal of delta team 4 Wanted to start work again on the shaded abominations. I have a kind of idea as to the direction and style I want these to be in, as well as a few vary vague ideas for a game (albeit, this wont come to the table for a while, since I want to get my bachelors before doing anything really) so for now I hope you enjoy "the bone-pile" as I like to call it so happy with it XD
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    Literature & writing were my best subjects in high school & college, but I never had the confidence that I could make a living at it. And in my “old age”, I tend to ramble on (as I’m sure you’ve noticed )
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    First job: [ Redacted ] Current job: U.S. Army Historian (Command) Dream job: USAF FWD Deployed Fighter Pilot / Field Grade Officer Fav food: Steak. Lots and lots of steak. Fav dog: Australian Kelpie Fav candy: None Fav ice cream: Cookie Dough! Fav vehicle color: Black Fav holiday: Christmas Day of the week: Saturday Tattoos: 0 Like to cook: Yes Drive stick: Yes Like vegetables: Some Wear glasses: Yes Fav season: Autumn
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    made a little chibi for Eve. shes one of the main characters for Memetically me, alongside Wren, Jax and 7 a bit simple, since I didn't want to go over-board, but it was really really hard to restrain myself from just adding more XD
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    An animation I just made. Took around an hour of sniffling and really sore throat coughing, but was worth it!!! XD
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    Meh, slowly getting over the oll cold and whatnot, so hopefully should be up and out of bed soon XD Anyhow, tried to at least keep up with stuff, so made a pixel art piece of Kiskuna trekking through the snow. Hope its alright! ^^ Oh, and sucy for good measure (Not overly great, but I tried!)
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    spent a lot of time doing writing over the last day or so, and been a little head-coldy, so haven't really had the time to do anything decent. but instead, I did try and make a little sketchy-sketch, so made this; I kinda get animation, but don't at the same time. still learning though ;-;
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    Hi everyone, Welcome! To the first event planning thread for A-F Movie Night! Here we will discuss what movie(s) we would like to see together, as well as planning a time. I have our first poll set up, to determine which time zones we are going to be geared toward for our viewings. We can have more than one viewing to suit those who may be left out of a certain time, so don't worry, we will do our best to include everyone. (If I have left out your time zone, please inform me ASAP so I can update the poll). @Asuna Yuki has volunteered to host this event on Rabb.it, since this brilliant thing was her idea We may need 1 additional volunteer to host from an opposite time zone. We will see depending on how diverse our time zones end up being. Lets get started! Please submit your movie suggestions below, and once enough suggestions are made, I will add a poll for us to decide on a movie together.
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    If you go to Anime News Network and do a search for “stage play”, you’ll see this is actually a trend in Japan

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