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    How is it going, AF? I'm the (currently) newest staffer on the team. Around these parts I'm the "Provisionary" Aide De Camp for the Community Manager (until we think of something else to call it). That basically means I help with just about anything that is asked of me as my time allows. Could be a moderator, could be a coder, could be sounding board, could also be that guy at the end of the bar that gives the stink eye to all the creepers that waltz in. I do that last part well. In the day-to-day, I'm a student two-fold: a military history student in a post-graduate program by night, a pilot-in-training on other nights, and a U.S. Army Historian by day (every day). I also periodically divide up some free time among several local organizations, including animal welfare groups, and historical societies. As for anime: I'm probably the weakest one on the staff for that. I've slowly been adding anime back into my routine, most recently Saga of Tanya the Evil and Fate Grand Order. Previously that included DNAngel, Chrono Crusade, Black Cat, Pani Poni Dash, and Azumanga Daioh. As I've said before in other threads, I'll say it here - I work best as a listener and sounding board for forum members. Never hesitate to holler my way. I've got your six, over and out.
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    Hello everyone, new members and old! We'd like to take this opportunity to re-introduce our staff to you. For some of us, it's been far too long since we've joined the forum, and our introduction posts have since become an ancient relic; for others it's been a short time, but still, intros fall to the wayside and are forgotten once you've been around the forum for a while. Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are your staff, and we're here for you. So without further ado, I'm Seshi, your friendly AF Community Manager. It's my job to host Events for our community, and to make AF a fun place to be. I enjoy being a part of this forum community because of its unique character. We have a thoughtful group of members in our community who take time to share their knowledge and experience in their anime ventures with us, making this a great place for new anime fans, or hyped returning fans. Us longtime anime fans enjoy ourselves here too, and I'm happy to be a part of that. As your community manager, I just want to say welcome. And if you have any ideas for helping the community have some fun, please feel free to bring them up to me, I'm always on the look out for some new event ideas, and am quite a good listener I promise.
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    Hello everyone. Glitter here! Today is the day where we all make friends with users. it's time for FRIENDSHIP DAY!
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    Let's not get too off topic here. The movements of some of these groups, no matter how marginalized, is not justified. No terror action is ever justified in my book. A terrorist is someone who has resorted to cowardice in the face of an obstacle. Simple. At any rate. The only real Joker to me was the one in the last set of Batman movies before the last: Ledger. I thought his performance was brilliant, and I have a hard time seeing anyone else in the role. That being said - if the Penguin ever shows up again, it damn well better be Danny DeVito! Nyuck nyuck nyuck.
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    cosmania was fun, POSTING IMAGES HERE (i did not cosplay thoo, next time im gonna thooooo) also, we didn't see the T-posting (last image) it was night time and we just ate and left, it happend probably night time ish, we only saw it on FB post, and i went "oh my god" literally, just "oh my god" couse, WE LITERALLY TALKED ABOUT IT WHILE GOING AROUND and oh my god they actually f*cking did it holy sh*t no words, only respect >.>
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    Hello there everyone! I am Beocat, currently the only cat on AF's Staff, but never fear. If there is any rodent-slaying or afternoon napping that needs be done, I will be there! I am very fond of Space Operas and Reverse Harems, so if you are ever looking for a recommendation there, I'm your cat for the job. As a moderator, I will do my best to resolve any issues brought to my attention and answer any questions within my abilities. If I don't have an answer for you, I will find one. I enjoy helping people so don't be bashful! I'm a bit behind on the current anime...but I'll eventually catch up. ~Beo
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    hai hai, atashi no X-kun, your abnormal great yandere lover so yea, basically, im the youngest of the staff members here (im assuming no one in the staff <22 atleast) and probably the only one in the team who is specialized in medical field (in terms of blood collection, and analysis of them, though im not licensed yet-- since i failed my first board exam, doesn't mean i wont be taking 2nd one, (even though i wanna run as f*ck from it >_>) lessee lessee im an artist in hobby; and my dream is to one day make a game/VN xD, i enjoy reading eroge's, and incase it wasn't obvious -- i loves yandere >.> (betcha i wont love them in real life xD) im pretty much a free-speaker, what i think, ill say, but in the end of the day, what i say is only what >my< opinion is (its 2019, my opinion doesn't matter.meme) but, me being also a mod, means i will be taking it seriously; if any rules are broken, ill do my mod-duties (majority of time though, ill just edit the message and remove the rule-breaking stuff, while also sending a warning for them to realize what i did; while also leaving a message of what i have done) but lemme get one thing clear for everyone, me being a mod does not mean i wont be speaking freely; so basically guys treat me as a user too, not a "moderator" i toke the mod-job as a way to help, and show my appreciation on the website, but id still rather be treated as a member when we talk to each other; rather than a "moderator" im also; not as updated in anime/manga as everyone else on the staff is (due to studies/hobby/eroge reading), so ill be the worst guy to ask recommendations of anime (id probably recommend fate/stay series, or comedy-ish anime >.>) still; feel free to approach me/other staff if there are any problems; or better yet, approach us and talk to us just to have fun t-thats about it; i still suck at making introductory messages, even in day one i joined AF >->
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    Hey there, we're the_twig. You may notice that we speak almost entirely in the plural, that's because this account is shared between two people. We are brother and sister, Aki and Imo. Our favourite anime is Princess Tutu, which is about a duck who is turned into a human by a dead author, and has to do ballet to restore the heart of a prince. It's a lot less girly than that sounds. If you ever need any anime recommendations, then feel free to ask.
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    Hello. I am Myouya, multidisciplinary artist at your service. I am most fond of cosplaying, just as much for drawing, and dedicating my drawings. It has been long since I last shared any drawings on the forums, however, I am very much still invested in it. Other forms of art that I practice are the discipline of poetry, and RPG making (both video game and tabletop). As moderator of Anime Forums, I invite any user experiencing troubles to contact the staff. There is little we cannot solve with coordination and sincere intentions. Additionally, I may add that I am able to communicate in English, Spanish, French, German, and little by little Japanese. I mention this, for the sake of welcoming a possibly wider range of users. It is a pleasure.
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    Loved DeVito as the Penguin! I used to go to a special effects makeup school right before college and ended up going with a class group to a Halloween themed convention that a lot of makeup artists came to. I got to meet Ve Neill and Danny DeVito and briefly talked with them about the Penguin's creation because it was fantastically ridiculous in the best way possible.
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    Finished Fate Zero over the weekend. Truly epic, but a bit too soul crushing for me at times. Hope the follow up series offers at least some redemption for the characters. Plan to binge Lord El Melio this week as we transition between seasons. Probably won’t get around to starting Stay Night and Unlimited Blade Works until at least November.
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    Some friends and I are going to see it on the opening weekend. Apparently, my theater will be banning excessively concealing attire. Like long coats- etc. I hear other theaters are prohibiting costumes and face paint, though I'm not entirely sure if that's true or not? It's a real bummer to see that sort of thing happening. I think that when it's related to significant crimes that involve the fatality of others. Mental illness is often hazardously neglected. I see a lot of people, regarding the context of this film, commenting on how "stupid" and "illogical" one would have to be to not be able to recognize reality from Fiction. Only, a mentally compromised individual in this extremity can never fully be logical. It's virtually impossible for them to take responsibility for their delusions. I think people try to blame things to have some clarity. Considering that most of these crimes are complex, and outside of any reasoning. If creative art can inspire positive impact it can surely inspire negative ones too. You just never know what kind of content will prompt some unstable person. Now, obviously you can't live in fear and art should never be censored but it doesn't make tragic events non-existant. If people want to be afraid then I guess they have a right to be. My problem is how that fear is being dealt with and it's an overall shame regardless. Also, I sort of think that Internet debates and influences are a bit of a minority. You can read a lot of negative input online and just never really experience it in reality. One of the reasons why I never joined any social media was because of how dishonest people felt with their opinions. Some do it for the comedy/reaction and never personally believe in what they're posting. Some for attention or to join in on what others are doing. An example I can share was that I fell into this very trap and worried over online opinion about the movie Captain Marvel. I like comics and I'm no feminist or had any agenda going into this movie. So, I purchased some merchandise because it's something I like doing for movies. Just experience the fun and celebrate comics. After reading all the hostile remarks by random people online I got nervous wearing my shirt and cap to the opening. I still did but felt uneasy walking in at first, like some bystander would call it out. Once I got in the theater, I felt like such an idiot. So many people dressed up and were having such a good time. Guys were cosplaying Carol Danvers for the sake of good humor, the servers were dressed up too and we were all just very excited. No one, not a single person, was there to make any sort of needless trouble. Went a second time with a friend and it was the same. I had no idea why I lent such a serious ear to the web. I've never experienced anything bad that was circulating on there and openly aggressive opinions have been around on the web for years now! Reality is certainly very different and it was good exposure to be reminded on taking the Internet with a grain of salt. This whole comment is my personal opinion of course. There are just times I find it a bit ironic that people consumed with surfing the web have this idea that society is a certain way. If they don't experience the reality of life and certain situations then online information and behaviorisms are the only information they're receiving and exposed to. As I've seen, the net is filled with trolls, needless hate, aggressive opinions, and forced point-making. Most people use it to vent their collective frustrations and others end up in the crosshairs, unfortunately. It's definitely not a healthy place to deeply ponder over.
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    Was sleeping peacefully with the girls out and blanket thrown off as it was quite hot and I cannot sleep in the heat. My cat decided to bite my boob. Hard.
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    Welcome! Happy to have you. What anime are you currently watching? There may be a topic ongoing about it- if not, feel free to start one for it. We love anime here.
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    Still has one of the best parts when Goemon asks him if he can see with his hat in front of his face while driving. And he says "Were about to find out."
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    watahek i mean, i dont look like a girl at all in my pictures >.>
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    Going through Saekano season 2, seen 7 episodes so far. I like how the tone in the last few episodes is a little more serious than before. I'd rate it ~7.5/10 right now. F/Z is indeed surprisingly dark, but Rider is such a fun character. It ended up pretty high in my favourites list, glad you're enjoying it as well
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    Mamoru (Darien) and Haruka. I'm posting images from the manga--I liked them in the anime, too! (I don't own the images.)
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    For me, It was Heero Yuy. I was 9 when Gundam Wing was airing on Toonami. So I think that was before my crush on Vegeta lol
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    Our school had something like an 'Afternoon care' for everyone under 8th grade where you basically stayed in school, ate and did all your homework for children whose parens worked long hours. So, during our free time there a friend and I decided that it`d be really cool to get into the gym, take these weird sticks with styriofoam around the tip and play "Jedi" - essentially fighting with this things while imaging some epic Star Wars Soundtrack in the background. We did this for about 15 mins. when I trippded and fell backwards landing on my back. My friend thought its a great idea to exploid this slip and thrust this stick right into my face shouting some stupid phrase (Probably among the lines of "Now you're done for" or "Hasta la vista baby")... the back of my head bashed against the floor and shortly after something felt weird in my mouth. Turned out, he nearly bashed out my upper front teeth. Later in the hospital they said that each tooth was basically dangling from only one nerve each (and several years later they said that I was lucky that I didn't need a Root canal treatment). The punchline: this happened on the 23rd of december so I could only eat soft white bread without crust at christmas eve. (and my entire mouth hurt throughout the winter vacation). Though honestly, we could laugh about this when we saw each other in school again.

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