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    Yaaaaay! high-five @Wedgy ^^ Bonus win!
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    Hello everyone, I hope you’re in good spirits in anticipating the upcoming season of My Hero Academia coming this weekend! Thank you for all the entries we’ve had into this contest, I’ve enjoyed getting to see these cute chibis. It was hard deciding which characters to choose for our contest winners, or even choosing a favorite MHA character in general So lets go to the polls... Theres a tie for first place?! @Xyro and @Wedgy will both walk away with thefirst place prize of 2,500 points! @SAO LILDOOP You win2nd place, and 1,500 points! Congrats Thank you again, to all who participated! I hope you enjoy the new season of My Hero Academia, and all of the upcoming events we will host this season.
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    Going to go see Joker today, I am so excited; I think this will be even better than Heath Ledgers, which would be insane!
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    Just finished watching the movie. Definitely not for the faint of heart. I'm a huge fan of character-focused media, which is probably why I favored anime over western-media to begin with. Pieces like Joker and Land of the Lustrous set up stakes for the main characters, then absolutely take the dive across them, making the audience sit there and think "well crap, there's no going back now". I'm a little turned off by most Superhero films and shounen-type media where the main character has to grow stronger and defeat evil in order to save the world. I much prefer pieces character-driven media where the main character has their own stakes and concerns and lets the audience understand them rather than "ok, the main character is doing this because they're the chosen one". Something else that is really interesting is watching characters go from good-hearted to evil. Not "I had to kill the bad guy"-evil, but genuine selfishness. This specific type of journey really highlights the relationship between person and society in a way that genuinely takes the audience out of their comfort zone. Of course, I didn't think the movie was perfect. There were a few ends left untied, but I won't say anything because of spoilers. Another thing that kind of bothered me about the movie was that, at its core, this is a Batman spin-off. And while there are different Jokers, this one paints the main character as the original. Because of this, the relationship between this Joker and Batman is pretty critical, but there are some inconsistencies between this movie and what actually happens in the original Batman storyline. For better or for worse, I can't say. The director of the movie also seemed pretty adamant on not doing sequels, which is a shame. I don't think that this movie needs a sequel, (the few loose ends I mentioned earlier weren't huge) but a sequel could flatten out some plot bumps. In the case that this movie does not get a sequel, I'm fine with leaving things to the imagination of the audience. Well not, not all things, though. Avoid media about this movie at all costs. Not only do they paint a misinformed image of the movie, but they contain outright spoilers that are a huge part of the movie without any warning. I won't say anymore because I want to avoid getting political. Overall, I had a great experience with this movie. I'm not sure who I would recommend it to, though. Too long; didn't read:
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    I stopped where they qualified for the singing competition. I’ll probably pick it back up sometime in December (the 2nd half will be on Netflix starting Christmas Eve).
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    Just started Carol and Tuesday it’s going good. I’m binging it atm
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    Bought a spinning thingy also reading Sam and Max comic. You should also.
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    Oh my word, that's just horrid. Sorry you had to deal with such a mess. I frankly am a bit disturbed when people laugh at such a thing, it kinda raises a red flag to me.
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    This one is really good. I love that the second sentence turns the other entirely on its head.
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    Gotcha. That's pretty clear. I see the frustration with the no-sequel thing then. That'd certainly bug me too. If that's the case too, maybe I will take a peek at it when it drops on Bluray.
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    No, this is purely its own thing. This is not meant to be an addition nor the start of a cinematic universe. This Joker is extremely different than Suicide Squad Joker and even the main universe Joker, and will probably not be used again because the director does not plan on continuing this.
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    I've already been test baking the things I'm going to make on Halloween. That purple monster oozing jam is something I made with my little cousin. This month is going to be really busy. I'm doing a Halloween VIP thing for SeaWorld this weekend. Apparently, there's five different haunted house events I'll be going through and a vampire bar (which sounds pretty interesting). Next weekend, I'm doing a Fright Night event at Six Flags. After that, I'm doing a Murder Mystery Haunted Train ride. It sounds fun. I'll have no idea who the actors are among my group and we get a three course meal. We also get to stop at some historical places where various murders supposedly happened. Naturally, I'm going to be too exhausted to do anything major on Halloween day itself. Last year I made my own costume (Krampus inspired). This year I'm dressing as Robin from Stranger Things for the simplicity.
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    Took this while camping earlier today.
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    Not sure there's much of a breakdown to give. They weigh virtually nothing, some have forward assist, and if a civilian wants one, they have to settle with the single fire AR-15 instead.
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    He’d always had difficulty making friends. It was especially difficult to make the eyes look alive again. (Sorry for the edits, this is my FINAL entry/version.)
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    Love driving when the sun sets...wish I wasn't always driving to work.
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    Dude... I think we need a group-bro-hug moment here, folks.
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    (i know its a short story, but I wanna give you a hug now Musuko ;-;)
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    It made krch in my mouth as I bit into the well done meat and something pierced into my gums followed by the iron-like taste of my own blood. I sighed like the idiot I was for not properly removing the bones from the baby's arms...
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    Ehh, not that anyone's ever really asked me about it, but I do mention MMaM allot, so I thought I might as well address it. MMaM stands for "Me, Myself and the Multiverse"; a series I have been working on for the last 3 years. its been mostly based off of characters and ideas formed within my head-thing (I'm an insomniac, so I spend a LOT of time thinking) so I've been developing an entire universe for the MMaM story-line, as well as other series based in that universe (such as "Memetically Me", which is one I'm working on atm) Without going into to much detail, I thought I might as well say that I will likely be using this blog, as well as the writers archive club, to share some of my thoughts, ideas and tips/tricks I have picked up over my short time of writing. (I will also be covering how to write a comic, as well as how to create narrative for characters in video games, in the writers archive. this wont be for a while, since I am still learning myself, but I will definitely get around to it) anyhow, hope this is at least helpful and informative, and I look forward to ranting on about narrative and ideas in the near future (Oh, and please, if anyone has ANY questions at all, or anything they would like me to discuss or go over within narrative or creative fields, then please ask! even if I don't know about it myself, I would happily research it with you, since it means we can all learn together!!! :D) Thank you for your time
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    Its mostly cause people want to blame other people for their problems. No one now a days wants to own up for their own faults. Like Columbine shooting, how they were trying to blame video games. Of course no one wants to talk about how their parents never checked up on them. And never check on what they were doing. I also think the internet sites like Tumblr, Twitter and so on love to blame white men for all their own problems. Society now a days wants everyone to agree with them about everything. If you are different, or think different, people will not like you. Theres a old saying people hate what they don't understand. People don't like the idea of people rebelling against societies ideas. If you are a white man, people will blame you for just being white. If you are different people will not like you, instead of blaming other people for your problems, or movies or games, instead you should be helping these people. Instead a lot easier just to blame everyone, and not teach how being different is good.
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    Right now, I feel like beating up my physics teacher.
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    Here we go with a 3rd straight week of pounding, sawing, and general mayhem as they rebuild/repair the building for the Mars 2020 folks. This is right across the hall BTW. I'm literally taking this pic from my office doorway. Actually, if you include the server room construction, and the power supply therefor, and the asbestos abatement, and the restroom repair/replacement, and, and, and.... we haven't had more than a couple months' break in the pounding for several YEARS now. Ow, my head...
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    Feeling a bit, blah. I came home from work to feed some local stray cats (there's only six of them) as I usually do. They have been hanging around for almost a year now and I got very attached to them. Recently, I have been having trouble with two hunting dogs coming onto my property. Their owner is an obnoxious individual on several other accounts. I was calling the cats to feed them and here come the dogs. They snatched up the youngest (and most playful) kitten of the bunch. It was an ugly sight, obviously a natural thing for these dog breeds to do. I followed them down the road as they played with it like a ragdoll and then just dumped it. Heartbreaking! The poor thing had some bad injuries but fortunately, it was already gone and didn't suffer. The dogs went back inside the house because their owner was standing by the door. He had the nerve to laugh when I came back with gloves to move the kitten out of the road. I fixed her neatly in some tall grass, it was the least I could do. Especially since a lot of children play on our street and I know they were pretty fond of the kittens too. I'm contemplating calling the city but I don't want this guy's dogs taken away and put down just because he's an ass.... What a morning.
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    I told the Genie that my wish was to make my friends and family happy. Then, I started to disappear.
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    Found this gem today. Share em if you got em

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