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    Yes, because more laws solve everything. This whole thing is becoming a double edged sword. So you have a company, a private entity that is providing a public service - where do you draw the line and call it public space even if it's private property? Google: guilty. Facebook: guilty. Blizzard: really seems guilty. So, the net issue is: do you pass a law and say that you can't say and enforce certain things on your own private property? Or do you risk showing that you endorse an agenda to some weird group of individuals that think non-action is consent/agreement by allowing freedom of speech? Slippery slope. Personally I think there are more important things to worry about in Congress, but...well...I'm not allowed to say more than that.
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    The Photography Club will be hosting seasonal events where you can post pictures for the specific season. What comes into your mind when you think of Fall? Do you think of flying a kite while the trees gradually lose their leafs? Or is it pumpkins? Halloween? Rain? There are numerous amount of things you could have in mind but do you capture those precious moments of Fall? If you do then feel free to share them right here. I will be starting with this one as it's common but yet unique to only Fall.
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    That's not what anyone is saying. Anywhere. At all. At least not on these forums Yes, and as a private entity, that is their right as well. You have a TOS/TOT that you agree to in order to play on their servers. Thus why it's prickly. Is Blizzard a private company? If so, are they guaranteed the right to freedom of expression as well? But, therein lies a demon as well - if you kabash their right to free expression are you also endorsing the limiting of free expression of other entities as well? Again, it's an issue of what constitutes a company as being "private" and "public." We know what that means economically, but where is the line that is drawn that a company stops being private and enters as a public forum. Such a description has not previously been defined.
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    I'm sure they're fine! They'll just work for a different contractor and transfer to Dubai or Bahrain or somewhere. You'd think they'd have to evacuate the building in order to do this:
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    Welcome to the forums~ I'm quite new here as well, so I hope we'll get along.
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    @Keiko Cool! What's your favourite medium to work with? Also, I see the drawings in your signature. Those are yours? @The History Kid Ah, I learn something new every day. ^-^ I honestly don't even know that much about the military here, so I can't say if it's the same or not. But anywho, it's so good to hear you enjoy your work! As it should be.
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    Wowowowo you're an angel that site worked o.o
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    ^ Welp, so much for that https://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2019/10/17/studio-ghibli-film-catalog-streams-on-hbo-max-in-2020
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    Some good photos here. This is one I took the other week.

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