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    Just a doodle of a very curious cat. Charcoal pencil.
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    If you have ever found yourself looking for hidden gems in anime, chances are you've seen Sword of the Stranger listed there? Perhaps not. This particular anime is about twelve years old now and revisiting it yesterday, I still cannot believe how well this masterpiece has aged. If it has at all. So, here's the rundown: A swordsman from a strange land is caught in a struggle between morality, righteousness, and devotion as he reluctantly agrees to take a raggedy boy and his dog to a remote, Buddhist temple. Sword of the Stranger is a 2007 Japanese anime film directed by Masahiro Andō and produced by the animation studio Bones. Screenplay by Fumihiko Takayama, music by Naoki Satō and outstanding cinematography by Yohei Miyahara. The language of this film is Japanese and Mandarin. The English-dub released in 2009. Personally prefer the Japanese/Mandarin dub but you can't go wrong with either. The first thing I noticed about this anime, was the incredible background art by Atsushi Morikawa (most famously noted for Cowboy Bebop: The Movie). Atsushi Morikawa has an incredible eye for detail but I've always been ecstatic seeing his colors and their contrasts. "I try to make good use of lines. I render the exterior and a certain amount of the detail with lines, and then color it in. I color these lines differently depending on things like time of day, season, whether it's an indoor or outdoor scene. Whatever's appropriate, and try to make it so that each location has a different feeling. Outdoor scenes in winter might have a lot of dark blues, or I might use brown for an indoor scene." - Atsushi Morikawa I also appreciate the historical research he does to translate the era/environment he'll be working on. In this case, The Sengoku period. The anime itself continues to be refreshing in it's fluidity, raw action and complementing musical scores that distinguish from the typical Samurai motif. Perhaps the most interesting and unique undertone of this film surrounds the idea and concept of foreigners; belittled and ostracized for their physical differences. In a land that prides itself on sophistication and civility, both our protagonist and antagonist face a share of discrimination for hailing from other lands. With Luo-Lang from the Western world, often criticized for his blond hair and blue eyes. Nanashi, the Ronin- The irony is that both Luo-Lang and Nanashi have greater respect and sense of integrity that their surrounding parties/affiliations do not. It was a nice dynamic coming from the outlook of the reputable feudal scenes in anime. To truly immerse yourself in the phenomenal fight sequences, you simply need to watch the movie. I highly recommend it and hope you like it just as much! Spoiler warning on the video!! It's the last scene of the movie but arguably the greatest artistically choreographed sword fight of the time. It does reveal the ending entirely, so avoid if you're interested in seeing the movie. If there's anyone out there that's already seen it, I've primarily posted it for you. So we can remember that this movie is about twelve years old now! Also, not a spoiler; you're free to listen! My favorite track from the ost. Ah, the good memories. If you ever get around to this movie or have seen it already, what are your thoughts on it?
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    Let's say there was potential (although the male MC looks like Kirito) but it went all down the drain with those loli quarrels and magic fights. I really don't know if this was just a coincidence but for the KyotoAni Fire to take place while they were working on Fire Force...is pretty upsetting and saddening. Well, I read the manga of Fire Force in beforehand and decided to drop the series at episode 2. If the second cur is good enough then feel free to mention me here @Ohiotaku
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    Hope you are all having a wonderful day/night. What an interesting topic, I love the idea behind it! That second picture is my grandmother.
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    Following forum rules and guidelines of course, post random lyrics - and enjoy! —————— Children waiting for the day, they feel good Happy birthday, happy birthday
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    Mad World is my all-time favorite song, always reminds me of Donnie Darko but also just really hits me hard and makes me sad; but y'know, sometimes you just wanna be sad? If a song can make you feel something strongly I believe it to be a good song and Mad World can make my emotions go crazy, it's a beautiful (and haunting) song. You're post had me goin' and looping it, lol. ~♥ (Sry for the fan-girling, haha) Also, me, my dad and my siblings were just playing this game like this a while ago; but we had to guess what the lyrics were from. Sadly, only my sister shares my music taste in my family, lol. Okay, ahem... Time to post some song lyrics. "Oh dear, I don't wanna be a burden, but could you please be a little more concerned with the overactive mind of a believer, the toxic thoughts of an overachiever" ... Faith Marie "Toxic Thoughts"
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    This raises a really good point about private vs public company responsibilities. Reddit, for instance, bans a lot of subreddits of things like anti-women and anti-black sentiment. (Not agreeing or disagreeing, only stating the facts) I also play quite a few online video games, and I know that certain people being banned is absolutely in the right. I'm here to play video games. If I'm watching a Hearthstone stream, I expect gameplay of Hearthstone. Blizzard admonishing players for derailing gameplay to push their political agenda doesn't sound wrong. However, Blizzard does allow - hell, even support - LGBT pride at their public games though, especially at their Overwatch events. On a closely-related note, Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey had a similar sentiment, saying "Fight for freedom, stand with Hong Kong." Houston Rockets owner Tilman Fetitta denounced this, saying that Morey's statement does not speak for the Houston Rockets. The difference is, Morey didn't interject this at an event; he tweeted it from his personal Twitter. It's a sticky situation for sure. I'm 100% in favor of free speech, but I also understand the sentiment that you don't want to detract from the service you're providing. At what point should companies be taking action? Even though Morey tweeted this statement from a personal perspective and Fetitta denounced it, NBA merchandise had taken down from all China markets. From an financial standpoint, it doesn't take a genius to think: But personally, I cannot disagree with this anymore than I already do. (Sorry Terra, nothing against you.) There is quite literally thousands of beautiful masterpieces created in media that are enhanced because of the political themes associated with them. Metal Gear Solid is a beautiful series built upon the foundation of "Nukes are bad". Bioshock has various themes such as "Unchecked genetic enhancements can lead to catastrophic events". Fallout also has various themes, critiquing capitalism, communism, imperialism, etc. Joker (2019) criticizes a broken system of mental health, government aid, and wealthy elites. The idea that all politics should stay out of media is just... no. Not only is it impossible; it will surely lead to us having worse media as a whole. The other choice is to silence political agendas you don't agree with, which... also no. We need to allow all ideas to be spoken, then keep refuting them as they're brought up again. If you can't refute an idea you don't agree with, then you need to rethink about why you believe in your ideas. If Blizzard and NBA want to say they're not related to these statements, that's fine. They might not want to associate their brand with certain topics. (Look how that turned out...) But silencing people on their own free time? Man, that's tough.
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    Moderately excited to hear about a feature-length Red Dwarf movie...
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    Some good photos here. This is one I took the other week.
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    This is the last thing I drew. It was inspired by a woman I saw on the bus the other day who was very beautiful. It says 'motherly' on the right-hand side since she had a baby who was silent. She looked like a very caring mother.
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    I'm currently working on making a webtoon. So here's one of the panels. The main character waking up getting out of bed.

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