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    https://myanimelist.net/anime/38659/Shinchou_Yuusha__Kono_Yuusha_ga_Ore_Tueee_Kuse_ni_Shinchou_Sugiru Thought I’d create a topic for this show since a couple other members had indicated that they watched the first episode at least. Also, while browsing another site I clicked a spoiler that contained more information than I intended to learn at this early stage Suffice to say that despite being largely comedic up to this point there is a more serious and darker side to the story. Episode 3 contains a lot of hints to the big picture while still being funnier than last week IMO (especially Seiya’s new sparring partner ). Anyway, this will get boring fast if I’m the only one talking. So, anyone else care to give their thoughts?
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    Last year I gave one of my nephews the complete dragon ball and dbz box set for his birthday, so I asked him later who his favorite character was, he said kid Goku. So I got him a DBZ hoodie with kid goku on the back as part of his christmas gift. I wouldn't do this for my other nephew, who has no interest in anime. OP, I would like my hunting license for christmas
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    " 'PlEaSe DoNt CrY, sMiLe FoR mE....' , those words bounced around in my head for a while. Sat alone, shrouded by the encroaching night, I tried my hardest to burn the images of that crooked smile from my brain. But I couldn't. not now, not ever. That was when I became aware of the knife in my hand, and the steady stream of crimson dripping from the carved edges of my lips..."
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    Actually pretty sure it’s this girl from Nichijou (Mai Minakami)
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    Title: Untitled It's funny, this feeling. Compression, I'm reeling, laugh track and I'm bleeding yet smiling while pleading. My nerves have gone haywire, my mind is on fire, I'd tell you the truth but then... I'm a liar. I'd ask you to stop, but can I quit? Getting back on top won't stop this trip. I'm down on my knees and I'm begging you please, but what for? I'm your whore and I screw with such ease... Gimp with a lighter, today I'm a fighter, tomorrow a dead man or something much brighter. Now you're holding me down but not like you used to, crying and saying that I've abused you? That look in your eye, mistress why? I swear I'd cry but then I'd die. Noble friends, brass, now distant murmurs of the past. Even the sun's beginning to look downcast. I sleep with a demon, a freak in the sheets, can't stop believing I'm wearing cleats. Mother is grieving and I don't know why, sister's deceiving dad by and by. The whole world's gone haywire and I'm just sitting her, one foot in the fire and one hand on the beer. Got a cold and a fever, just want to be near her, but I can tell now that death's drawing nearer. Hazel and crimson encircle my mind, in this torturous prison there's no time to unwind. This torture... The eyes of a loved one, the mind a demon, but not like the one that I could believe in. She'd hurt me, she'd kiss me, she'd show me no mercy, but it was a choice, and in that laid consistency. I choke on the misery, the pills I can't swallow, revel in the pity and wish for tomorrow; but I know... I cannot escape this sorrow. And now it's tomorrow, yesterday was then, a new body I've borrowed, my pain feels like a sin. She caresses my cheek and lifts up my chin, but things look bleak, because I am dead within. My posture has fallen and cannot return, my blood has slowed and cannot churn. I flinch at her touch and she flinches at mine, it's all too much, what's happened this time? A life in the grey, monotonous play, sacrilegious missionary, secretive orgy. I wish we could stop, but then, could we quit? Getting back on top would require a fit... Note: Sorry I didn't title this poem, but I couldn't think of a name befitting it. Hope you liked it anyway.
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    I watch dubs. If I felt like reading I'd read the manga or book. When I'm watching an anime, I'm not interested in investing more effort than just watching and enjoying. Plus...
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    What is your take on this video below? Do you think Animators deserve more recognition about their work as well as have a better work condition? Is being an animator in Japan the least paid job and how it's compared to an animator living outside of Japan? Share your thoughts below...
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    Serious question. To some of us it might seem quite straight forward and will be confounded by the preferences of others, so I thought I'd ask here: What door do you prefer using to go into your house? And is that the same door you use for guests? Please enlighten us.

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