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    I also change favorite characters, but I'd say its more due to relevance than actually changing favorites. @Noraa I also love Askeladds character. Have you seen the currently airing thread on Vinland Saga? We can keep in touch on it more there.
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    My opinion on my favourite characters change all the time. At the time my favourite is Envy from FMA. He's really evil and ruthless, but weak and sad on the inside. Envy's final scene had me tearing up, which is strange since he is supposed to be a villain. Out of all the characters from FMA, Envy is by far my favourite. And since FMA is on my mind a lot recently, that makes him my favourite overall.
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    Thanks you for answer me. And didn't see hunterxhunter but now I would like to see it !!! My favorite anime charachters is Askeladd of Vinland Saga because despite all the people are killed by Askellad he always try to don't kill them... He always do it for his soldiers and every action he did is thoughtful. He did some mistake but he always finds a solution even in difficult times!!! Obviously he is very strong and intelligent.
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