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    It took me awhile to really pick one since there are so many characters on the show, but my favorite character is Eijiro Kirishima AKA Red Riot. Second to Midoriya I think Kirishima is the strongest person in the class strength wise and he's done something not many people have been able to do, become friends with Bakugo.
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    Akira is set in 2019. Edge of Tomorrow is set in 2020. GI Joe the Rise of Cobra is set in 2020. Highlander 2 is set in 2024, we're almost there The Postman (underrated) is set in 2013 The original Robocop was set in the "future" of 1991
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    Maybe 3. It'd disappear up its own rear end, be made almost entirely of plastic, and would be the epitome of irony. Also, you wouldn't be allowed in because it'd be walled off from the rest of the world.

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