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    Let's create our own language only for this forum. Let's create new fantasy creatures.
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    Silenqe is Silence but with a q instead of a c. I used to go by the name Silence, but a lot of people already used it so i couldn't use it a lot when i was making new accounts to a game or website, so i decided to change it a little and people might use z, x or s instead but i have never seen anyone use a q and q is also unique in a sense, so i wanted to use it instead.
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    I do that too and it was one of the reasons I got the reader Boox that I did. It essentially has a built-in Wacom tablet. There are a number of other readers that also have built-in note-taking abilities as well, but the reader that I picked is one of those that actually lets you write in the margins of your e-books.
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    Create our own language?? Isn't that like really hard? But don't let me stop you though. For the creatures, what do you have in mind?

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