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    @OhiotakuI'm starting to get the impression your nephew makes a hobby out of photobombing.
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    https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/daily-briefs/2019-12-08/dr-stone-manga-has-important-announcement-on-december-16/.154093 Since there’s only 1 more episode & things look to end on a cliffhanger, pretty much guaranteed to be an official announcement of Season 2 (or a movie if they follow the example of Demon Slayer, Made in Abyss & Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress).
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    Ohh if you meant they should make an anime version of Battle Royale (the book) then yeah that'd be fun to see lol
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    He’s definitely more impish than admirable
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    Halloween for Christmas last year? XD
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    Saitama is fascinating for able to punch with infinite power. Luffy is fascinating too for having rubber body
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    Does anyone like adventure manga?
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    My Brothers new puppy
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    Just a doodle of a very curious cat. Charcoal pencil.
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    Sorry it's not a selfie but I just wanted to show off how cute and big my daughter is getting. 3 months now.
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    The First manga I read was Battle Angel: Alita (Gunnm), and it is still my favorite to this day.
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    I drew this just a few days ago.
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    We just got our Instagram up. If anyone wants their art featured on our Instagram account, please share it here. I'll tag you with #memberart, and other relevant tags of course (this is instagram, the more the better). Help our Insta grow! If you have any tags or mentions you wish for me to add with the post, just say so in your comment here.
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    Here is the Instagram. Also in the footer, PC users will see the links to our Instagram and Twitter.
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    Posting another pic of me this time no filter
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    My first manga was the "Pocket" Sailor Moon from Hastings (ours went out of business years later when kids were stealing pokemon cards. I'm sure there were other contributors XD) I still have them (even though it's not a full set.) The comic was poorly flipped, and some of the pages were cropped off. It was awesome! But they never got the complete series, so I didn't ever finish the manga until it was re-released. I was soooo stoked when they did that!
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    This is the last thing I drew. It was inspired by a woman I saw on the bus the other day who was very beautiful. It says 'motherly' on the right-hand side since she had a baby who was silent. She looked like a very caring mother.
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    I'm currently working on making a webtoon. So here's one of the panels. The main character waking up getting out of bed.
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    not the latest...butttt, i did do this when i was drawing her i tend to do this to my drawings when i take hours on drawing the funny thing is...they always take me 1-3 minutes to do >_>

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