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    Changing the username is possible after you gain points in the member shop. I believe 2500 points. It is 2,500 points (under the shop option). I went ahead and made a donation so you can take care of it (I rarely do anything with them anyway). Afraid I’m not much help on the profile picture since I struggle myself sometimes with the technical aspects. Don’t worry about the mis-steps, I’m constantly editing my posts THK is soooooo cool.
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    Too many isekai titles: While there are a number that I enjoy, there are just too many and increasingly the way they try to differentiate themselves just feel like tacked on gimmicks. Even the ones that try to parody the genre feel generic sometimes. Too many OP MCs: Sorry, but when the MC can take out a major boss or an entire army without even trying, it gets old real fast. Rificulously long awkward sounding titles: not just talking about the english translation either. Increasingly some sort of abbreviation or nickname is almost a necessity. Movies replacing follow up seasons: this may not be a trend yet, but it feels like it could become one with examples like Demon Slayer, Made in Abyss, Konosuba and Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress. I’m not talking about stand alone stories like with older series, but where the main storyline is advanced. The shorter run time usually doesn’t allow for enough character and story development and side characters often get no attention at all. Movies allow for more impressive visuals, unfortunately it usually culminates in some CGI monstrosity for the final showdown (looking at you My Hero Academia & Konosuba). Welp, think I’ve vented enough of my curmudgeness.
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    Hi! I see you got the right name now @Ohiotaku is the man!
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    Changing the username is possible after you gain points in the member shop. I believe 2500 points. As for the profile pic, make sure it's under 1.25 MB. I'd also probably make sure it's 250x250 or something thereabout.
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    I am no big fan of fast-food restaurant chains like MC Donalds but the commercial is very fitting to the current season and well made.
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    If by Haru you mean Takumi Hira, well, it isn't like I don't agree, at least in part. His part in the whole thing was a bit sad/tragic. However, as you yourself said, it doesn't work unless it goes both ways, and it isn't like Akane doesn't like Kotarou and him her. In fact, quite the opposite! I think it better that they get together than Akane and Takumi get together and then Akane spend all her time wondering what she's missed, and/or Takumi spending time hating himself for being selfish. (Or worse, Akane hating him for not!) And at the core, if he really loved her that much then he should have said something a long time ago. Who knows, he might even have avoided the whole problem! Even - especially! - if he does love her now then really, what choice does he have except to let her go? No, it really has to be Akane and Kotarou. Anyway, in my mind there's a second season or OVA somewhere where Chinatsu and Takumi get together so it all works out for the best after all.
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    Well, we hope you enjoy it too. Feel free to holler if you have any questions. Welcome aboard.
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    Welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy it here
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    The rules to this game is this: 1. Hinata Hyuuga is the main villain. 2. Sasuke has to die by Hinata. 3. Boruto has to kill Hinata. 4. Himawari has to kill Boruto. 5. Sarada killed Himawari. 6. Naruto killed Sarada. 7. Sakura killed Naruto. While dying Naruto told her his love for her was true love not a competition with Sasuke. Naruto says he was the Sasuke at the bench. "You only love Sasuke cause your competition with Ino." "Before I passed away. I always thought of you Have a Charming forehead and makes me want to kiss it." Naruto kissed it then passed on. Then Sakura pulls a Tsunade and ran off never seen again. Sakura stole some sperms from Naruto and Sasuke's sperm bank.
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    Thank you so much for that! That is so so kind of you now I can actually have the correct name my name translates to Beautiful Little Bunny and with it spelled incorrectly it translated to beautiful PLUM. YIKES
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    I'm constantly editing your posts too. And by constantly I mean this one time. Ahem: anyway...mighty kind of you sir. I don't find myself using the points much either. Then again, I'm old, frail, and technology is so scary to me.

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