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    I dunno... there's that cake topic after all. You sure you didn't typo "3/2's"?
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    Its hard to choose a favorite character because there are so many characters in the series, but if I had to I would choose Chizome or Shigaraki. I like Chizome because of his beliefs and I like Shigaraki because of his quirk and how powerful he was/is. My favorite quirk though is Overclock because of the potential it has to become the strongest quirk in the series, but because it isn't really strong at the moment then I would probably say All for one or Foresight because they are cool XD. Heres a link to a thread i made a few days ago about Overclock if you want to read about it. There are some things that i want to add to the thread but too lazy to do so XD. https://animebase.me/threads/overclock-vs-other-quirks-new-best-quirk.770868/
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    Too many isekai titles: While there are a number that I enjoy, there are just too many and increasingly the way they try to differentiate themselves just feel like tacked on gimmicks. Even the ones that try to parody the genre feel generic sometimes. Too many OP MCs: Sorry, but when the MC can take out a major boss or an entire army without even trying, it gets old real fast. Rificulously long awkward sounding titles: not just talking about the english translation either. Increasingly some sort of abbreviation or nickname is almost a necessity. Movies replacing follow up seasons: this may not be a trend yet, but it feels like it could become one with examples like Demon Slayer, Made in Abyss, Konosuba and Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress. I’m not talking about stand alone stories like with older series, but where the main storyline is advanced. The shorter run time usually doesn’t allow for enough character and story development and side characters often get no attention at all. Movies allow for more impressive visuals, unfortunately it usually culminates in some CGI monstrosity for the final showdown (looking at you My Hero Academia & Konosuba). Welp, think I’ve vented enough of my curmudgeness.
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    I am no big fan of fast-food restaurant chains like MC Donalds but the commercial is very fitting to the current season and well made.
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    that's one gruesome scenario! I have to say I think the original is more to my taste and more upbeat

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