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    Naruto was banished after the Pein's Attack. Naruto found a Cherry Blossom tree and he leaned against it but found a giant carven inside the tree. Naruto decides to make a village named Hanagakure but he calls his new home, "The Land of Cherry Blossom." He makes himself the First Sakurakage of Hanagakure. So he builds the village of Hanagakure. This is the symbol on the Sakurakage's hat: Sakurakage's Hat: This is the headband: The symbol on the vests: I could also see Naruto build a statue of Sakura Haruno in the town square but this version is this one: W ith a plaque that reads: The Hanagakure is strong and Beautiful as Sakura Haruno's Large charming forehead." signed The First Sakurakage.
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    So, hey im new here. I joined here because im bored, and this seems like a fun community to be in. I don't know much about anime or manga. (like I've only watched very recent or popular ones, or read like 10 volumes of a manga or something) Oh btw I won't be very active, mostly lurking. Uhh I don't know what to say, Merry Christmas i guess, Bye!
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    Welcome to the forums, hopefully we can help relieve some of that boredom 50+ episode series will be primarily shonen (One Piece, Bleach, Naruto, Jojo, Hunter x Hunter, etc. ) And Merry Christmas to you too.
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    Yes i do, but I am not caught up with the latest episodes yet. Also you got any recommendations for anime that has 50+ episodes? (i have so much freetime that 12 or 24 episodes feels really short)
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    Hi there, that's quite a specific username, you watch Black Clover?
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    This is pretty much my stance since there are a number of fanservice and ecchi humor series I found at least somewhat enjoyable, but not many recently. I’m in 100% agreement with Hisoka using Fire Force as an example of where it absolutely ruins a show. And the later in the series it goes, the more ridiculous the scenes. Last week’s took place in what’s supposed to be a fight with main baddies and was just Then there’s recent series like Kandegawa Jet Girls & Why the H are you here Teacher which are so graphic, they cover 3/4 of the screen with censor bars. I wondered what the point was but someone on another forum explained that the entire broadcast version simply serves as a commercial for when they put the uncensored blu ray version up for sale. No thank you. As ridiculous as some of the proportions are, I don’t find the volleyballs as off putting as the footballs. While any show with a character surrounded by multiple members of the opposite sex is probably a harem to some degree, most of the ones I enjoyed made it pretty clear from the outset who the real couple was (Ai Yori Aoshi for example). If course even where others may see multiple ships, I usually only consider one legit (sorry Yuki, but it will always be Kyo & Tohru IMO). As far as Tenchi is concerned, I always considered him too wishywashy to have any actual chemistry with any of the girls. As far as personal tastes, neither Ryoko or Ayeka ever appealed to me. But Kiyone As far as a more recent example, I actually thought the first season of Bokuben was nostalgic of the old goofy comedy harems and even kind of cute. Unfortunately season 2 upped the ecchiness and us kinda disappointing to me.
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    I think it's even more ridiculous to censor blood in an anime whose MC sets a very bad example for how men should behave. Where do you draw the line? The MC full-handedly, unapologetically, and continuously feels at liberty to grope a 16-year-old's breasts without her consent and in a way she is clearly uncomfortable with. It's racy, sure, but look it's so funny, right guys? But the blood has to go. Hide the blood. Think of our sensitive viewers!
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    It was for both version when it got aired becuase of censor laws so naturally fans complained and now it's uncensored, kinda .
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    I mean I love fan service in moderation.. but sometimes it's so heavily laid on that its just cringy and kinda aggravating. For the most part, I have to agree with nearly everything that @Ohiotakumentioned.
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    Thank you so much looking forward to getting to know all of you
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    Not gonna lie, I thought this winter was going to be slow for anime but I'm so glad to be wrong. Obviously at the top of the list is Boku no Hero Academia, it's just something about seeing each hero develop that makes me want more. Second is Haikyuu!!: To the Top, I fell of this anime awhile back but than binged all the way to the latest season and now I want more. Ahiru no Sora!!!!!! is one of the best new anime to come out that people don't know about, can't wait until they find out so I can say "I knew it was good" LOL. ID:INVADED is next on the list, the illustrations look good and I've been in need of a good mystery anime. Lastly is Radiant, I never saw season one but I've always wanted too.
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    According to this article, you should be fine. Hope that helps.
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    Really? Because I thought of then again, I’m old

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