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    I remember my skateboard! My brother was the rollerblader. We used to do it a lot, sometimes we would bike, too. Grab some change and try to out-trick one another in a race to the convenience store a few blocks away. We'd usually buy an ice cream or something easy to hold, then ride back as slowly as we could. Thanks for the memory!
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    I have always wanted an electric violin, as pictured below. I have no idea how it works, but I'd love to find out. I think it would make recording very easy to do, since it does not require a microphone like a normal violin.
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    I do definitely recommend it. My biggest fear was compatibility issues with Android, but my phone connects to it with no issues and there is zero latency.
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    Did some stupid shiet outa anger from a friend i wanted things over with And man, was that the f*ckiest f*ck i F*cking did Ended up burning my cosmat ticket (was gonna burn it at jan 1 anyway, time just accelerated couse of anger, plus i wasnt gonna go couse id see friend im not in good terms with who i wanted to end it) But man, i did a f*ck up as i usually do Anyway, now im stuck in house studying Did want to do whole charm wall stuff (aka image below) But now thats impossible aint it Soooo, i compromised and made use of my omamori, <which shouldn't be opened> but i still did to put a note with my wish in it. And then placed it on our lemon tree Hope my wish comes troooo If it does, ill post what i wished about Edit: that charm is clearly doing the opposite of what i wrote holy crap Then again, i didn't think my wish was gonna come troo What's been destroyed, can't be fixed >.>
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    Reading mangos.. sounds like a tasty divination. ( )

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