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    Can't really make a definite list with a ranking nor have I thought deeply about it but I liked: Araburu Kisetsu no Otome-domo yo (though I wasn't a fan of the last 3 or so eps.) Kimetsu no Yaiba One Punch Man Season 2 (held my expectations low since I heard some bad suff, so I was pleasantly surprised!) Yakusoku no Neverland Dororo Tate no Yuusha (even though I think it's not that good, I kinda liked it...) Kaguya sama And there's Boogiepop 2019... it's kind of in a limbo of being good and bad. Having read the novels beforehand (and I loved them. not just as good LN but as good books in general) I was kinda disappointed by all the good and important stuff that they had left out to the point that I actually think they made it unnecessarily confusing and weird. But the mood, meaning the music and how they framed everything was so well done IMO that I kinda enjoyed it even though I cringed every time they realized what they had cut out. I already forgot a bunch of shows that come out this year and that I had watched but if I forgot them, they probably didn't leave much of an impression on me...
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    I think, as far as I understood you, this could also tie in, or rather is directly related with the prominent 'elitism' in the anime community. While anyone can say that someone else's fav. show is trash or what not, there definitely are very, very hardcore elitists who seem to be on a quest to desperately find the anime that they can say is perfect in every whatsoever (whatever that's supposed to mean...) while they try 'enlighten' everyone that everything else is trash. They're usually not that hypocritical because they are pretty clear on what they think is 'objectively good' animation, characters, story, etc... and are usually fairly consistent about it, however I think their premise, that they, through whatever divine intervention, know what is good and what is not, is simply fallacious. While the idea of discussing anime and somehow deducing what can be considered good (not what people have to like but of what we can say that it has good writing and what not) is important, these elitists seem to have done that by themselves rather than as part of the community and just split the community unnecessarily.
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    Apparently I have been a member here for 5 years now... Time really does fly~

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