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    AT&T confirmed the install.. tomorrow is when the fiber comes. Still trying to get my head around 300Mb broadband. I mean, I remember 300 baud modems, 2Mbit arcnet, and 10Mbit ethernet. Data from NASA's Mars spacecraft comes down at around 6Mb. My current DSL is about 10 (upgraded from 56kb dialup). 300Mb be like...
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    Well, I've started up a new Sim on Sims4 since I got the GetFamous expansion pack on sale. I'm an awful person....even my husband thinks I'm terrible. So, I made her a starving actress wannabe....noticed that vacant lot in the valley looked like it really was missing some burning barrels... I ended up having her dump 10k on it (mind you she only started with 20k), then instead of even trying to build a house, I dropped a tent, cooler, campfire and camping chairs down and then built a little 3x3 shack to hold her valuables (like a computer). To solve the bathroom problem, I put an outdoor showerhead on the backside of the shack and a toilet...then threw up some dividers and a few trees behind it all to hide it... a clothesline and laundry bucket completed the scene... It actually looks like it belongs on that huge lot. I'd throw up a screenshot but everytime I try to attach one tonight I get an error message. Anyways, I feel bad that's she's so poor...her bills are only ~$300 and she's only got around 72 dollars to her name but eventually she'll ascend to fame and leave all this behind...right? Still, I put the poor girl in a tent...and she doesn't even have indoor plumbing.... >_> Yep, I'm a terrible person. That said, her lack of belongings and comfort at home has me sending her out into town for things...so she's not a shut-in like most of my Sims end up being at least! There's that, right? LOL....silver linings.
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    What hobbies, activities, or subject matters are you passionate about? What do you consider yourself an expert on, or want to be an expert at?
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    Ohayo guys I'd like that y'all put ur fav comedy animes (more then 1 if possible ^^'❤) -My top : Gintama Saiki Konosuba Sakamoto desuga Danshi koukousei no nichijou Handa kun Tsurezure children And much more but here it is my fav :3 i'd like that u guys suggest me some
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    Hello everyone! Welcome to AFs 2020 New Year, New You!~ Is there something you want to achieve this year!? Lets express these desires to one another in this event, taking one aspect of our Profiles and updating it for all to see. During the event you may submit one change for your profile; Profile Picture Signature About me These images, and about me's can be about anything, as long as they are following the forums rules and guidelines! I strongly suggest replying to this thread with some tiny tidbit about the change that you made, however this is not required just for fun. And at the end of the event, your very own team of Forum Moderators will select their favorite submission for the new year. If your profile is picked as the winner you will get: Your Profile Featured in the forums sidebar as the "Featured Member" of the month A free Anime Forums shop item of your choice Free entry into the next A-F Points Lottery Rules for entry: Entries must be submitted as a reply to this thread, deadline is February 1st for submissions! Submit a before and after of your entry (Profile pic, sig, or about me) Have fun! I hope you all enjoy creating something new for your profiles for the new year! If you have any requests for the items to be made for you, make sure to check out the forums Art Exhibit to ask for some help! I'm sure some talented members here would have a great time filling your requests. ~AFs Community Manager
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    Yea but not too much I mostly liked the comedy in it but okayyy I'll check it ! thank u :)) Oh okayyy thanks for the suggestions didnt watch any of em yet :pp still have too many animes to end these days
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    I’ve just started mine https://myanimelist.net/profile/VampireKnight20
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    Baccanno! (Horror/Comedy) Squid Girl Actually watched My Bride is a Mermaid but found the comedy dry and repetitive. Ended up giving the set to my best friend. I think she found it pretty amusing, so it definitely comes down to personal tastes on that one.
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    In addition to the factoids in the main series, there will be a series of educational shorts https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2020-01-03/asteroid-in-love-tv-anime-gets-educational-shorts/.155018 Unfortunately, they don’t seem to be included on CR & the video in the article isn’t subtitled. Hopefully one will show up on Youtube eventually.
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    Technology is a tool. It can be used for good or evil. I am for technology in general. I just wish people would understand more about things like data collection and mining before jumping in at the deep end. I'd be a lot more comfortable with all of it if the usage and ultimate effects were more transparent and there were more accountability for misuse and abuse. Especially in the US, right now companies can collect pretty much any data they like, handle it however they like, and use it for anything they like. Including sell it to the government for profit. What few laws there are regarding collection and usage are not enforced. It is about as bad as it can get, and the government itself outright lies or is in denial about all of it.* * not speaking from under a tin-foil hat... my data, along with millions of other people's, was "protected" in the government's "super secure" OPM database. We told them it was a Really Bad Idea. They didn't listen. With predictable results.
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    I'm gonna leave mine here, too. I don't really tweet personal stuff. Mostly I share indie comics or art stuff I like, updates to my own stuff, and the like. And then I go silent for like weeks because I forget about Twitter XD @ceruleangraphic
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    Welcome from someone who throws that average off considerably. Hope you enjoy it here
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    Prison School, Gintama Saiki Tejine Senpai And that mermaid + boy marriage anime.
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    My sister and her friend know me so well. Complementing Christmas gifts.
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    Forgot to put kaguya sama omg I- and cautious hero i alrd ended it :)) love yhe comedy in it asobe asobase too , Belzebub I will rewatch ittttt rlly missed it the other ones idk but i'll watch it , thx for the suggestions :3
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    Akiba’s Trip - parodies various otaku interests As Miss Beelzebub Likes - cuteness hell Asobi Asobase - the anti-CGDCT Cautious Hero - some serious turns towards the end Dokoida - superhero parody Gamers - romantic misunderstandings between characters who are kinda jerks Kaguya-sama: Love is War - CHIKA Kemono Michi - same writer as Konosuba. Some furry humor (scene with the cerberus is only part I wish I could unsee) Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple - MC wants to learn martial arts so he won’t be bullied, soon finds himself in over his head Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi - parodies various genres. Some serious developments towards the end Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid - dragons & humans learning to co-exist Rune Soldier - mage in training prefers adventuring & brawling to studying Slayers - fantasy adventure with a good deal of slapstick School Rumble - slice of life with a large cast with the emphasis on romantic misunderstandings Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-kun - MC is adopted by demon, tries to keep fact that he’s human secret from classmates
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    I forgot the chests changed in Minecraft for xmas. Merry Christmas!
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    I just beat Crush in Spyro 2. I'm currently playing it on an emulator, and playing the game takes me back to a better time in the late 90's and early 2000's.
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    Pet is the anime I'm anticipating the most. The producers of this anime are Twin Engine, they have produced great shows this year like Dororo, Vinland saga and Babylon. So I have high expectations for Pet.
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    @dayveejones_ follow me ill follow back
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    Kenshi Masaki - Tenchi Muyo War on Geminar
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    I mainly follow anime related or other people/things that interest me I am _IkkleGemz_ on there if anyone wants to follow me
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    Hi Diana! That's not old. Try double that .. and then add a bit for good measure. 55 here!

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