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    Anyone watching chihayafuru season 3? Who do u want to see be master and queen and who do u ship chihaya with? For me its arata and chihaya to be master and queen and i ship chihaya and taichi.
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    Now I got my internet/WiFi back I can watch anime again though been doing it for awhile slowly getting back here too
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    Indeed :'D afther my bday this year I'll be 3 years away from 30's so we gettin' old XD I see there are plenty of Given fans here, and indeed how not to love Mafuyu baby Thank you all for the warm welcome, for real and I hope to get along with everyone
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    Yea its that chihaya is really confused, u'll see it in last eps of season 2. Honestly its real possibility that she might go with arata and it would be so sad for taichi coz he still hasn't given up and moved on even after signs pointing that chihaya loves arata
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    I could guess that would happen with the statement from Taichi that he and Wataya both think of Chihaya as belonging to them both I cant believe he accepts that.. But I guess Im in for some excitement in the future
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    Yea u need to catch up, it becomes really tough to guess who she will go out with. Its the best love triangle in all animes i have watched.
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    I'm only on season 2, but I agree with wataya and chihaya for master and queen. Seems like Taichi and Chihaya are the obvious ship, but thats my personal favorite couple as well. Taichi might be a future contender for tha Master title, since learning from Wataya that a caruta master doesnt have to have natural talent but like I said, I'm only speculating since I'm only on season 2. Cant wait to catch up to season 3!
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    Welcome to AF glad you join us here and have fun
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    What's up everyone, Mango here. I kinda suck at intros but here goes...I would say i'm just another newcomer looking for a place to call home, make friends, discuss anime/manga and anything and everything related to otaku culture. Looking forward to my time on here
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    Hi welcome here to af and nice to meet you
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    Welcome to AF and like you given became my fav anime as well
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    This and, we can't forget the Holocaust wasn't entirely unique. It wasn't the first time history has seen genocide, and it hasn't been the last. It's not the novel brainchild of our aforementioned dictator and therefore was a hurricane that was bound to have happened whether or not the proverbial butterfly flapped its wings.
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    If we understand how the rest of the world was acting at the time of Hitler's rise to power, then it's easy to see that the Holocaust may have been inevitable. Whether that would be in the form of how it manifested in history is a question - but it was likely to have occurred. The most significant reason for this is simply because the world was looking for people to blame, reason behind turmoil, and a light to look to. They were also looking at things like eugenics. The best example of this is when World War II actually started in 1931, it wasn't by the Germans, but rather the Japanese that had already been trying to exile western and Slavic influence from Asia. They also insisted that the Japanese race of Asians were superior to all other Asians, similar to how the Germans believed the Aryans were the superior race of Europeans. With that in mind, it is easy to see that it was highly likely that the Holocaust would have manifested in some form with eventuality. I just can't attest to what it might look like - it wouldn't be good either way.
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    This is in line with what I was thinking, I just didn't want to dip too far into the psychological aspect of it in attempt to keep to the subject. No doubt this was a character trait that was present even before he let it ripen and subsequently fester the way it did. I also agree that he wasn't made Chancellor by accident. He was appointed that position. He was viewed as a great leader during extremely harsh economic and geopolitical times. History knows it was ultimately a catastrophic decision to put him in power- but not specifically him, as in such desperate times, anyone who stepped up with that level of passion to lead their country out of the rampant stagnation could have done it. I can't help but roll my eyes at that credit scene in Deadpool 2 where Wade travels back in time to Austria 1889 and it is implied he harms or kills infant Hitler. Somehow I doubt it would have stopped the Holocaust, and certainly would have had null effect on Germany's role in WW2.
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    That's a good question, and you'd be surprised how little I've heard the topic discussed outside of Art History channels. I think you're on the right track in your assessment of the economic and political climate of Interwar Europe. The Entente really shot itself in the foot during the Versailles meetings. They essentially guaranteed a disgruntled Germany, and the U.S. Congress' lack of foresight with the League of Nations just added more tinder to the fire pit. I really think it was just a matter of WHO, not IF with World War II. Let us not forget that contemporary to Hitler was Mussolini in Italy and Stalin in the Soviet Union. Then there was also Hirohito in Japan. With the whole world struggling for economic stability and resources, I think the notion of a war starting was inevitable. As for Hitler being the centerpiece had he been accepted into the art school in Vienna and not being the Germanic dictator - maybe, but maybe not. I've been of the camp that Hitler's anti-Semitism was a character trait, not something that was progressively developed. If that is the case, he'd have been of the opinion of exile (which he wanted first) then extermination. That being said, Hitler wasn't alone in his thought process. What made him Chancellor wasn't his ideas, which were a common theme among some really deranged individuals, but his charismatic behaviors. I think if any of those people who shared those thoughts could have developed the charisma, the result in Europe would have been the same. There's a great book by David Clay Large called Between Two Fires that examines Europe during the Interwar. When you hear stories of German marks all over the streets because they were worthless - it's really quite sad. You don't sympathize with the Germans, but you do understand why they might think SOMETHING needed to change. A great history to read and think about, especially considering current world affairs.
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    @The History Kid Do you think if Hitler had been accepted into the Vienna art school, would there have been another dictator who would likely have risen to commit the same crimes he did? It seems to me the political climate at that point in time had morale low and it could have been any other unhinged dictator in power if not him.
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    I've never played Skyrim with mods (more of a Fallout fangirl,) but my understanding is that while the console versions have mods available, the difference between Xbox and ps4 versions is huge. Xbox supports all modding. Ps4 supports modding with only elements which already exist in the game. This means if you play on a ps4, you won't be able to play sexy babes or fight Thomas the Tank Engine or hit Rainbow Dash with a Sonic Rainboom shout. I don't believe modding is available on Switch, but you never know.
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    GOAT? There are certainly some masterpieces that I have rated as such. Some would have to say Death Note, as it is just as popular today as it ever was, whereas some other once hyped anime have since lost their sheen (looking at you Naruto) I would say Vinland Saga is a contender. Though many would shoot this down for it not being a traditional style anime, as it has very little connection to the beloved culture many anime lovers grow to love, and though it has some shounen aspects here and there, certainly doesnt appeal overall in that very dominant genre. Regardless, its a masterfully done anime with a well developed story and doesnt have any adaptation problems so far. Its been worked on by Wit studios, and their animators show their experience in the set up of the dramatic action scenes as well as the top tier op and eds.
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    I'm a little late to the party but HEYYA!! Welcome to the forums!
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    AT&T confirmed the install.. tomorrow is when the fiber comes. Still trying to get my head around 300Mb broadband. I mean, I remember 300 baud modems, 2Mbit arcnet, and 10Mbit ethernet. Data from NASA's Mars spacecraft comes down at around 6Mb. My current DSL is about 10 (upgraded from 56kb dialup). 300Mb be like...
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    Yo! Hope you enjoy it here.
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    Greetings. Perhaps we may be well acquainted later; perhaps we have a few similar interests. Welcome.
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    I've been hearing a lot about what's going on with the fires in your corner of the world. Just wanted to wish you a Happy 2020 and I hope you're safe and well.
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