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    Hello everyone! Welcome to AFs 2020 New Year, New You!~ Is there something you want to achieve this year!? Lets express these desires to one another in this event, taking one aspect of our Profiles and updating it for all to see. During the event you may submit one change for your profile; Profile Picture Signature About me These images, and about me's can be about anything, as long as they are following the forums rules and guidelines! I strongly suggest replying to this thread with some tiny tidbit about the change that you made, however this is not required just for fun. And at the end of the event, your very own team of Forum Moderators will select their favorite submission for the new year. If your profile is picked as the winner you will get: Your Profile Featured in the forums sidebar as the "Featured Member" of the month A free Anime Forums shop item of your choice Free entry into the next A-F Points Lottery Rules for entry: Entries must be submitted as a reply to this thread, deadline is February 1st for submissions! Submit a before and after of your entry (Profile pic, sig, or about me) Have fun! I hope you all enjoy creating something new for your profiles for the new year! If you have any requests for the items to be made for you, make sure to check out the forums Art Exhibit to ask for some help! I'm sure some talented members here would have a great time filling your requests. ~AFs Community Manager
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    ciao a tutti! Hi I'm a guy from Italy, hope to be in good here! Bye
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    Hey there guy from Italy, i'm a guy from Croatia. Welcome to A-F, enjoy your stay.
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    I've been wanting to watch this show for so long. What a great way to be reminded to finally do so!
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    Avid tea drinker! I've gotten to the point where I dry my own herbs. Although, I only drink hot tea. I drink coffee too but not as much as tea. Recently I've been hitting the coffee a lot more, just trying to get some energy. Making a cup right as I came across this. Spooky!
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    Got a new watercolor palette since the one I normally use finally went kaput on me. Also got a portable watercolor palette kit from MIYA. Managed to use it today during lunch and I absolutely love it!
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    Welcome to AF, hope you enjoy it here!
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    CMP has approved my app for purchasing an M1 Garand. I might die of happiness...
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    Nice talk from AMD at CES. Looks like AMD is not done yet. In fact, (CEO) Su says that 2020 will be even better than 2019. Dunno, that's a hard act to follow, but it'll certainly be interesting to see them go for it. ( CES video here: https://youtu.be/zUeo7kUzn_8 )
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    Now I got my internet/WiFi back I can watch anime again though been doing it for awhile slowly getting back here too
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    Welcome to AF glad you join us here and have fun
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    What's up everyone, Mango here. I kinda suck at intros but here goes...I would say i'm just another newcomer looking for a place to call home, make friends, discuss anime/manga and anything and everything related to otaku culture. Looking forward to my time on here
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    Hi welcome here to af and nice to meet you
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    You found the right place, welcome. I hope we become well acquainted in time.
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    Hey there, welcome to A-F! Enjoy your stay.
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    Glad you found your way here. Hope you enjoy yourself
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    I'm a little late to the party but HEYYA!! Welcome to the forums!
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    Yo! Hope you enjoy it here.
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    Eilrahc? Sorry, I’m dyslexic. Kidding. Welcome to the forums
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    Hi there! People here are great and obviously enjoy anime I'm curious, what does your username mean?
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    Yea its that chihaya is really confused, u'll see it in last eps of season 2. Honestly its real possibility that she might go with arata and it would be so sad for taichi coz he still hasn't given up and moved on even after signs pointing that chihaya loves arata

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