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    Bottom is indeed Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Pillar Men from part 2, Battle Tendency.
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    Welcome to AF!
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    The fact that they are supposed to be close to human consciousness will hopefully lead to some interesting plot point that tackle what it means to be alive and to be human. In an age where AI is already kinda everywhere, I am excited to see what kind of moral dilemmas the anime will tackle.
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    Hi! I joined because I love anime and would love to talk about one that I just recently found that was thought to be lost forever (I mean, some of it still kinda is :_:). Some of my favorite shows are: The Wonderful Galaxy of Oz Noragami Gargantia on the Verderous Planet The Seven Deadly Sins Also why do my posts have to be approved?
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    I am in the process of settling into a new place, new job, and school schedule. But as soon as I get some form of a stable schedule going I would love to play from time to time. I am a blue black player though so I am sorry in advance for my control. I have a few gimmicky decks built around bolas and artifacts so we will see how things go down. It would be so cool if they added EDH to Arena. I would be the happiest man alive. It is an impossible dream tho.
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    Hello friendo I just recently joined as well. It seems that after a few posts the mods take the limitation away. I guess its a safety system so new accounts are in a way verified to not be spam or malicious accounts.
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    Hi there! Great thread title
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    Hi and cool user name since I love evangelion a lot
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    The top is Aqua from Konosuba Not sure about the bottom but art style looks similar to Jojo.
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    I drink exclusively coffee espresso brewed with redbull.

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