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    Oh yeah, I got all focused on losing the weight and didn't even mention the things that actually matter to me this year haha. So I'm gonna try again, in no particular order: Lose 45lbs (already mentioned that) Get working again (I've been unemployed since July 2019. It's been rough, here and there, but overall everything has been fine. Slowly though, everyone is getting ready to hire people again, as we approach busier seasons in town) Save up $1000+ to put as a lump sum on my student loan, to make up for the last six months that I've been on repayment assistance. Do more creative projects and explore more in my newfound art style Bonus: Travel to some places we've been wanting to visit Get my motorcycle license The "Bonus" items are actually what we originally had planned for 2020 anyway. But due to unexpected circumstances and working towards getting back on our feet, we've decided to change gears and let 2020 be more of "focus" year to let ourselves save up some money and generally focus on some needed life improvements (we've outgrown our current place, it's time to find something better suited to our needs). More than likely, these "Bonus" items we'll shelve until 2021, when we're going to be kicking ass anyway. Right now though? It's grind time to get some much needed XP before venturing further!
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    What are you currently reading, have read recently, or are planning to read? Right now I'm rereading the His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman. I just finished The Golden Compass (the first book) and am waiting for the ebook rental from the library for The Subtle Knife. I used to enjoy these books in my pre-teen/early teen years, and it's fun having something light to read for a change The most recent set of books I've finished is the Mistborn trilogy by Brandon Sanderson. I was introduced to the first book thanks to an online book club I was briefly running, I enjoyed it enough to continue reading the rest! I'd like to get back into the Hyperion Cantos by Dan Simmons though. I finished the first two books, Hyperion and The Fall of Hyperion. Now I just need to get my hands on Endymion as well as The Rise of Endymion. Sadly though, the local library doesn't have them available, so I'll need to wait until I can purchase them. And one of these days, I'll finish rereading the Dune series by Frank Herbert. Again though, the local library is missing physical copies, aside from the first book, Dune itself. Which means I'll need to purchase copies of Dune Messiah and all the rest as well. A book I've read recently that I strongly don't recommend though? Carrion Comfort by Dan Simmons. I read the whole thing, amazingly, but it made me extremely uncomfortable for the majority of it. I have a word to describe it, but it's a very inappropriate word for a family friendly forum.
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    what is the best anime op and ending ??? why is it cool >????????????
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    I don't like to make "favorites" lists, but this is good.... and speaking of good martial beats... So many others too..
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    i personally like this one
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    Not necessarily the best, but easily the most nostalgic for me & matches the epicness of EVA’s IMO Some recent favorites (amazed that the first 2 are by the same artist) Really like the simplicity & harmony on this one (and it’s by the VA’s fir the main characters)
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    I have to say the Thousand Sunny is probably the better looking ship, but the Going Merry will always have a place in my heart Best ship ever
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    Wassup Animeforums.net! It's your boi, swifttheweeb, posting for the first time (sorry for the cringe) Joined because I don't have anyone at school to discuss anime/manga with, and I hope I'll enjoy this place. Top 5 Favorite Anime: 5. Soul Eater 4. Naruto 3. Dragon Ball 2. One Piece 1. YuYu Hakusho
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    -Start learning to drive at the end of April, as I will finally be 17. -Get the highest grades on all my assignments from now so that I can achieve my target by the end of my course. -Start working out (can't stay a stick insect forever) -Lastly, go on a trip with just me and my friends. Since me and my friends will be learning/have learned to drive, I want to make the most of it. I'd like to go to Alton Towers for a day or two, but I'm not sure my friends would find that as fun as I would...
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    Probably look in on having knee surgery from an old track accident soon. Thinking about looking into another job. Right now I feel stuck and aimlessly looking around for inspiration. Maybe this year will lead to much needed soul searching?
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    What movies have you seen recently, new or old? We most recently watched Monsters University, before that we watched Prometheus. Soon we'll watch Alien: Covenant and all of the Star Wars stuff. The last movie we saw in theatres was Joker, awhile ago now.
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    Horror games: love em, hate em, can't get enough? I've always wanted to enjoy horror games, but they always freak me out way too much, which is a shame. Soooo, I don't really play them! I like reading horror, but so far I haven't been able to muster up the courage to actually play horror games haha. Do you have any favourite games from the horror genre? As for me, the only ones I've really even tried are Silent Hill and Amnesia: The Dark Descent. The atmosphere and fog is what creeps me the heck out!!
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    I enjoyed it, although it did surprise me with its more somber tone. If you're used to Trevor's usual humorous approach to his stories, it certainly feels different (especially for me in audiobook format in which he himself is narrating). But it was nonetheless a good read and I feel like I took away a lot of perspective about racial prejudices in S. Africa, with and without the context of the apartheid. There was a lot in there about his mother and everything she had to do to raise him against all the odds stacked against her. That part I loved. You really walk away from it with a healthy respect for her. Overall, it was a great book and I would recommend it.
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    Starcraft 2 boys and girls! Am I the only one who wants a starcraft movie? I am hopeful that some one the awesome ladies and gents on this forums play SC2, but I am even more hopeful to encourage people to try the game out if they never have before. I feel like the RTS genre doesn't get enough attention even though SC remains one of the top E-Sport events with some of the highest price pools out there. THE GAME.- Think chess but on steroids. The fast pace of the game can be overwhelming to some, but the learning curve is rather accomodating. One of the biggest measure of ability in the game is how much you can do at every stage of the game, so rather than speed good decision making is the basis for SC. THE RACES.- Unlike a lot of other RTS games, you only have three possible races to choose from. The Zerg which is the best and only real race, the Protoss, and the Terran. Some people pick one race and stick with it their whole lives, but some like to live dangerously and enjoy the secret 4th option which is random meaning you get one of the three at random at the start of everygame. A hero of mine and one of the best random players out there is winterstarcraft, who is also an excellent resource for players looking to learn their game or improve their game. To those who already play I hope we can get some matches going. To those interested in the game lets get some questions going! FOR THE SWARM
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    I don't think it's the best, but I thought of the recent anime Ancient Magus' Bride was a bit more interesting and, at least to me, quite different from the usual ones nowadays. Don't know, I felt that it all just works well in combination with the visuals etc. To me it kinda seems like a whole story packed into just over a minute. I guess if I were to make one myself, it would be similar to this I guess overall Neon Genesis Evangelion's has quite some backing among the anime fanbase generally
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    As 2019 and the previous decade come to a close, what are your goals and hopes for 2020? I want to get back into going to the gym. College started in August, and I stopped going to the gym after. My next semester starts next month, but I want to tie exercise back into my schedule like before. I lost a lot of weight prior to school, but have gained a little of it back. Hopefully I can re-integrate the gym into my day with school as well. I also want to develop and host my personal website soon. I've been working on it offline for a while, and its almost time to get a web server started for it. I'm just not to that point just yet Third, I want to leave my toxic job I'm doing now, and go into out I.T where I work. I suspect management will not move me though until I complete school. So, what all are you hoping to do in 2020?
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    Death Note: Certainly brings back memories. I remember being obsessed with the anime for a time and got all of the manga and the books and handguide to better immerse myself in the story and characters. Honestly, the first half of Death Note was the best. The second half felt rushed and disorganized. I felt like I was missing a huge chunk of the plot, was hastily introduced to characters without much of their development and Near felt a little like he was wearing some significant plot armor at times. He definitely made L appear obsolete to the point where I was thinking, why didn't they just send Near to begin with? I wouldn't say that Death Note is in my top ten but the first half was edge-of-your-seat worthy and addictive! Attack on Titan: I wanted to love this show for its powerful animation and action scenes. I can't even imagine all the time, energy and effort in creating them frame by frame. Impressive and stunning! That being said, I somehow lost interest after the first season and didn't seem to care much when news came out that season two was in the works. Maybe when the series has ended I'll binge it and discover that I missed out. Sword Art Online: I've actually never seen this anime. I saw the trailer and it never caught my attention. Its quick rise in popularity, across various communities managed to push me further away from it. I honestly don't know why. Maybe my best friend's obsession with it (I'm not even kidding when I say obsession) turned my stomach a bit and left a taste I ended up associating with SAO. Fullmetal Alchemist: There's a lot of debate on FMA vs. Brotherhood but I ended up surrendering my vote to FMA. I had a lot of fun with it and found it more convincingly emotional than Brotherhood. Plus, the nostalgia! When Brotherhood came along I felt a bit cheated. It was literally saying THAT WASN'T EVEN MY FINAL FORM and what I largely knew about FMA was a sweet, sweet half-truth. It took me out of moments that never even happened or were arranged differently within the storyline of the proper source material. I tried but I can't bring myself to erase what I enjoyed about FMA. One Punch Man: Not much to say aside from enjoying it to the fullest. Wouldn't put it in my top ten but amazing show nonetheless. Tokyo Ghoul: I keep trying to watch this show all the way through. I make it a few episodes in and get sidetracked by other things/shows. I don't even know what the deal is because I massively love the first few episodes! Steins Gate: This is on my list to watch very soon, actually. No Game No Life: One day I will give it a shot but right now I'm not that invested in it. Naruto: All things considering, I liked this show and when I revisited it at a later age, there was a lot to appreciate. Mainly that the production stuck to their guns, finished a lengthy series that grew alongside their audience and closed where it all began. I can't think of a lot of many anime that span across years of development and remember where their story and characters started. I was in middle school when it first came about and to hear that some of my old school pals lived along this anime and had families of their own, is a crazy realization! Angel Beats!: Also on my list to watch next. Gah, there are so many shows!
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    Sometimes I wish they would try to remake a lot these movies/shows in the same format as Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children instead of live-action. Especially when they're going to hyperfocus on CGI and a ton of visuals anyway. I personally look at it this way. If it fails it fails but they could actually make something great as well. It's a gamble for sure. I ended up liking Alita: Battle Angel in the end. Might not have been perfect but that kind of progress and exposure will help pave the way for anime hitting Hollywood eventually.
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    We’ve decided to go on a Star Wars pilgrimage, of sorts. Just watched Episode I tonight, and will be watching more soon!
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    I do enjoy the play style of other Zelda games, much prefer them actually. I find with BOTW it’s the same problem I have with a lot of other games, it’s too big/open for me. And I just don’t find the open world concept fun. I’m strange and like things to be quite linear haha. However, while I don’t like playing those games myself, I do really enjoy watching my boyfriend play them!
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    Welcome to af!, If you do play fighterz lemme know cus my broly needs new victims
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    I renewed my audible membership and have been audiobooking like crazy the last few months! I just finished The Turn by Kim Harrison, a prequel to the Hollows series which I'm a longtime fan of. I'm looking forward to American Demon later this year. I've also read a number of other titles including Girl, Stop Apologising (Rachel Hollis), Becoming (Michelle Obama), Born A Crime (Trevor Noah), Precious Little Sleep (Alexis Dubief), and Unfollow (Megan Phelps-Roper). But my absolute favourite book I've read in the last six months: Maybe You Should Talk to Someone (Lori Gottlieb). I can't recommend this book enough! Certainly a book I'll remember. I hear it's been picked up by NBC for a television adaptation. I wish they would do that with the Hollows, lol.
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    Before my friends and I started watching anime we were just people who would play sports everyday talk and so on we didn't do much in our lives really... Until one day my friends came back with a happy look one their faces different then most days they told me they watched something called "Anime" they began telling me how it was like how amazing and how amazing it was. Later that night I decided to watch anime for myself so I did I watched Totoro once I finished watching the movie it felt like i changed into a whole new person. The next day I told my friends I watched anime from their we found different new amines together such as Totoro Fairy tail Naruto Boruto Angel beats Attack on Titan Tokyo ghoul My hero Academia Promised Neverland One piece Dragon ball z Pokemon Your lie in April Kimi no na wa and many more I have to say anime has brought me closer with my friends and has taught me so much like to all ways follow your dreams the life of a human sorrow and much more. I'm really glad I started watching anime when I did now I know over 100 anime's. I'll continue to watch anime as there is so much more I still haven't watched yet! Anyway that's all bye
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    I'm pretty basic, I mainly ship in the comics I read. So for anime, I really only have Usagi x Mamoru/Sailor Moon x TuxedoMask (Sailor Moon, obviously) and Ai Tanabe x Hachirota "Hachimaki" Hoshino (from Planetes)
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    What streaming services do you use and what are you currently watching? We've got Netflix, which is our main source of entertainment. Lately we've been watching Carole & Tuesday, Final Space, The Dragon Prince, and Castlevania, as well as some other shows here and there. I'm also waiting for the next season of Dead to Me, and I'm curious how they're going to continue in the next season of Russian Doll. We share a Disney+ account with my boyfriend's dad. We plan to continue watch The Mandalorian (we're on episode three I believe) and it's great to just throw on some old cartoons in the background. Sometime soon, we also plan to watch aaaaalllll of the Star Wars stuff. I've only seen the original six movies once and I've been wanting to watch them again. But we though it'd be fun to watch all the shows and stuff in between as well. I've browsed through Amazon Prime and even borrowed my mum's account to give Man in The High Castle a try (a lot of the filming for it was done where I live), but there's not really anything on there for us, so we gave it a pass. Aaaand, I've also been thinking about eventually getting Crunchyroll account, but that won't be for a long while yet. We have plenty of things to keep us entertained for now, as well as *ahem* other sources for our anime in the meantime haha.
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    For 2020, I'm hoping to lose 45lbs haha! It actually won't be that difficult, I've already been a lot more active than I was for a period of time earlier in 2019.
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    I happen to be quite a huge fan and advocate for homemade bread. It is delicious and waaaay cheaper than store bought. Plus, it's a lot of fun. I'm also quite passionate about giraffes, with an ever growing collection of various giraffe related items.
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    Heroes Rising is coming to North American theaters 02/26. Tickets go on sale 01/31. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2020-01-10/my-hero-academia-heroes-rising-film-opens-in-u.s-canada-on-february-26/.155224
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    For the past couple years, most of the anime I’ve watched have been simulcasts , but I have a pretty significant backlog pile of older series (despite watching anime for a very long time ). Was wondering what are some older titles that other members want to finally get around to watching in 2020? For me: Fate Stay Night (original & UBW); Saga of Tanya the Evil; Ajin; & the Chimera Ant arc of Hunter x Hunter. I’m currently watching the rebroadcast of Re:ZERO’s 1st season. As a side note, in 2019 I finally watched Madoka; Fate Zero; & all of When They Cry.
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    Omg I'm also a yuyu hakusho fan which char from the series is your fav cause mine is kurama and welcome to AF community
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    Hey there, welcome to AF! Interesting to see YuYu Hakusho at number 1, it's one of my favorites too. Have you seen Hunter x Hunter by any chance? Enjoy your stay.
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    I saw in the other topic that you've already started Itazura Na Kiss, which would be another similar one. Then maybe something like Lovely Complex? You might also want to check out stuff like Sukkite Ii na yo, Ao Haru Ride, Kimikiss, or Kimi ni Todoke. If you're looking for "different" relationship stories then Mahoutsukai no Yome was also very good, though that starts getting away from drama and into fantasy. I've seen it. It was pretty good.
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    Bumping for the sake of bumping, since I'm actually still alive, and that's a dead link. Have some Sforzando from Symphogear XV
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    Hello friendo I just recently joined as well. It seems that after a few posts the mods take the limitation away. I guess its a safety system so new accounts are in a way verified to not be spam or malicious accounts.
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    So, as a kid I loved this movie called The Wonderful Galaxy of Oz. A few months ago I found out the movie used remastered clips from the anime of the same name, and happened to find it online. Here's everything that I found related to this show. Alternative titles: Alla ricerca del cristallo Arcobaleno (Italian) Aventuras en la Galaxia de Oz (Spanish) The Adventures of Space Oz The Galaxy Adventures of Oz باتي و الأصدقاء (Arabic) スペース オズの冒険 (Japanese) Source: https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/anime.php?id=4739 All Opening themes (Italian needs better version, full Korean version needs found): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuc1VTC5zABACRvYkT2s8xr3Nia_PLXMz Where to view the full show (Arabic is the only version that's been found, it aired on Qatar television recently): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3bAgQ7kgCzh09wXQoyNHnZF_kbqZVSET Variations of the show that need to be found: Japanese (original language it aired in) Spanish Italian There have been some rumors circulating around that a VHS(?) release in (possibly) Japanese was released after the show aired in 1992. This has not been confirmed. Merchandise (you may have to change your region in Google to Japan to view these): Coloring book Full soundtrack CD English-dubbed movie Release dates for merchandise: Coloring book: unknown Full soundtrack cd: unknown English-dubbed movie: 1996 --- And that's all the information I have. I'm glad I was able to share this with you all because I've done painstaking research into the topic as much as I could. If you want to help me find anything missing on this list, I'd love the support. If anyone wants to help me translate the show into English, please contact me.
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    I try not to be too ambitious because in the last two years things end up going askew in my life and I just end up disappointed. My mother and my grandmother moved in and I've been having my hands full with taking care of them. My mother has been in and out of the doctors/hospitals for over two years now and we're starting to narrow her health issues down to Multiple sclerosis. Though, in late September of last year she got into a bad car accident (she's doing good from that, recovering well). On top of that, my grandmother is suffering from Alzheimer's. I've been going to classes with her and learning how to take care of her at home. All things considering, I'm somewhat optimistic about the new year. I get to work from home now (thank you technology!) and have been using the extra time to get back to certain hobbies. A goal I've been working toward is finally finishing my novel and getting it published this year. It's been a project in progress for six years now, I'm ready for it to go somewhere. Renewing my photography license would be nice. I miss the freelance photojournalism I used to dabble in. Squeezing in a bit more charity work too. As for my hopes. I really hope that some relatives can spare a little more time in lending a hand. They're greedy to a fault and hardly ever put aside their free time to help out with my grandmother (her own sons and daughters!). I spent last year hearing about how most of them went out on weekends to clubs, parties, celebrations, events, movies- etc. When I voiced my concerns I always got a reply about being young and thus having the energy to handle it all. It's very exhausting…. I'm happy that my job was able to reach out and help me get a more convenient position. I'm planning to have a dinner and a heart-to-heart with family. Definitely this year because I can't keep going like this!
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    I dislike it for giving a bad impression about anime to the general public. Little girls aka loli's sexualized, heavy fan-service, pretty much anything that is NSFW and unfortunately, this is the ONLY view of many in regards to anime.
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    I don't understand what you mean by "non-anime". This looks like anime style to me. Netflix clearly got the rights to produce this adaptation from Toei, so no, it isn't a violation of intellectual property, either. A Netflix Original doesn't necessarily mean it was originally created by them- it means that Netflix produced the programme and owns the rights to stream it on their platform and nowhere else. You of course have all the power to stop using their service; that's your decision.
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    Thing of it is, it’s still a joint project with Toei Animation so at least part of your anger should be directed at them for “selling out”. Though it’s not like the first time this has ever happened and won’t be the last. I made it through maybe 10 minutes of the new series before deciding it’s not for me, but wasn’t really into the original either.
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    Fullmetal Alchemist (Brotherhood) is on my all time top 10. The following titles don’t quite rank that high, but I still consider noteworthy: Death Note, Steins Gate, the original Fullmetal Alchemist series & Attack on Titan. Also just curious, does the Top 10 you listed come from MAL rankings?
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    I drink exclusively coffee espresso brewed with redbull.

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