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    I remember this site having a chat at the end of the main page, back in 2016-2017, something like that. Does the chat still exists and I'm seeing it or it has been deleted?
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    That's ok. I might just have an exceptional memory for people and names, even when I didn't see them for long.
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    I'll check it out for sure. I think I remember you but I'm not sure. I remember some people but I don't remember their names. The only name I remember is Optic's.
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    That's gonna be my title 'Anime Forums Guide' Great to see that Wedgy knows you (there's some outstandingly major 'news' on her side as well which are not difficult to guess looking at her profile )
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    Hey, welcome back Teru, I remember you. AF moved platforms sometime late 2017 and with the move the live chat went bye-bye. If you're interested in joining a discord group in the meantime, you can find the link in this thread. Again, nice seeing some old faces back!
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    Having the chat was so great, the best of both worlds. You could use the forum and real time chat at the same time. And damn, you're like a guide, you helped me both here and on my profile.
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    Lately I've been going through old forums I used to be a part of but everything is so semi-dead. Well, happy new year anyway.
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    at this point I'm amidst catching up with Haikyuu and rewatching Kimetsu no Yaiba. As soon as possible I want to start as well some new anime. I'm also watching BNHA new season bc best arc being animated now
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    A super funny and underrated anime I end up returning to a lot is Cromartie High School. Besides the humor, I absolutely love how self-aware the show is.
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    My favourite comedy animes would probably be Azumanga Daioh and Ben-To. I don't watch too much comedy, though, hence such a short list and they're both tied for first haha
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    Apart from those already named, Binbougami ga. Has a lot of References to other animes and its really funny! I absolutely LOVE that anime omg!!10/10 for me
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    What did you think of Saiki? I cant wait to start it I have a ton on my watching and plan to watch right now, but hope to give it a go soon.

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