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    Hi there! Social life? We don't have any Just kidding, there are plenty people here who enjoy talking about anime and anime theories! What are some of your favorite anime or some anime you are currently watching?
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    I didn't find a thread that was specifically about this, and was wondering, would you live in Japan? What if it would be only for a few years? Would you even consider living there much longer? I guess because of anime many here, including myself, have some interest in at least visiting Japan. There are many things which I saw in anime and Japan-related youtube channels that peaked my interest, and I would be curious to see. But living there seems like quite a different thing. I am not sure if I could adept to the rather strict adherence to laws and social norms (makes me sound like some kind of anarchist ) long-term. I guess I could get used to the rather insignificant things like having to separate waste in a strict way etc. A different thing seems to me to be the work ethics of it being the norm to work long hours with little to no overtime pay. It's difficult to say though since I assume that it is quite different in different places in Japan, depending on the region, job etc. The main reason I am considering this and asking about it is because it seems like I have a not completely negligible chance of working there for at least a couple of years, and am thinking if I should apply for it or not. So yeah, I would be interested in any kind of opinions you might have when it comes to living in Japan.
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    *starts setting down bean bag chairs everywhere, bakes some cakes and other pastries, then hangs a sign on the wall that says "☆Wicked's Chat Corner!☆" before sitting on a bean bag chair and noming on a slice of cake*... Welcome everyone, and feel free to have some cake!... XD
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    Bofuri is the newest game Anime to release this season, and it's already proving to be really fun. The story starts off with a newbie character who picks the name Maple to play in this VRMMO that her best friend begged her to get. Since she has no game experience and no one to walk her through the process she sort of makes up her own way of playing in this world, and dramatically creates situations that most players would never encounter. Its hilarious to witness and incredibly entertaining to see this characters antics vs the game style that most experienced players would choose. They also keep the pace up in this show and pack a lot in 1 episode, and yet it doesn't come off as rushed since its more laid back. If you want something serious, I suggest picking up shield hero, but if you just want to relax and have a bit of fun, this series will hit the spot. What do you think about it?
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    Hi, i am looking for social life within anime fans, so i found this site, i want to make friends with you guys, and talk about anime and theories about them
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    Nah, not for me. I'd love to visit, though, just for the experience. I would love to learn to cook some of their foods, go hiking, and visit an onsen if I'm allowed (I'm covered in tattoos, I understand I wouldn't be welcome at many.) I don't think I'd be especially interested in the anime-related things there. It would just be spending money on nicknacks I wouldn't want to keep in the long run. But I agree with Kohloo. Any chance to travel abroad to live and learn another culture is a treat and you should go for it!
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    Welcome to AF. It seems a bit quiet here, but people are friendly enough and more activity can always be created!
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    Nah, I wouldn’t live there. The language is the biggest thing for me. And while I could learn it, I’ve never wanted to learn Japanese and I’m already dedicating myself to French. Would I visit it? Maybe, but honestly not likely. There are other things/places I’d much rather do/visit before Japan. Sure, I like some Japanese food, but we’ve actually got some of the very best available here because we have an even larger variety/availability of fresh fish where I live. Most of the Japanese restaurants here are run by Japanese individuals and even they attest to better quality ingredients (namely, fish) here than in Japan. So, it’s not like I’d be visiting Japan for the food. And I don’t collect anime/manga related items, so I wouldn’t be going there for that either. The culture stuff might be fun, but again, there’s other places much higher on the list that I’d like to see first. The opportunity to work in Japan though? I’d do it if I were you, assuming you’re willing to learn at least a working knowledge/capability of the language. It’s a fantastic opportunity and you’d have a purpose for going there, which I think would be a lot more enjoyable than just visiting or going there on a whim.
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    Personally? NO I don’t read or speak the language. I don’t like Asian food. While I have some casual curiosity about the culture & philosophy, it really doesn’t line up with my personal beliefs. Even when it comes to otaku interests, a lot of it is too extreme and/or weird over there. About the only things outside of anime/manga/vgs that intrigue me would be folklore/mythology and that’s more about the past than the present. Also don’t like big crowded cities so the population density also be a problem. Rural areas might be nice to visit, but probably only a week max. All in all I’m happy with things as they are.
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    Welcome to AF then nice of you to join us feel free to pm me if you want to be friends
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    i've started watashi ga motete dousunda or kiss him not me
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    Played a bit of Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories before packing it away (I swear, it feels like I've been in the process of moving for a whole year now).
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    This would be my preferred scenario, actually. I've never understood the "travel" fascination .. as in visiting all the tourist traps, taking a few selfies, and coming back to work more exhausted than you were before you left on your "vacation". To me the whole point of travel is to learn about someplace first-hand. I'd much rather deep-dive... live in a place for months or years and really get to know the place. Ideally I'd know someone there, or arrange to move in with a tolerant native, or something along those lines. Of course, that's a much bigger commitment. Plus there's the practical difficulties of an extended stay. My native language is English, and being a product of the US publik edukayshun system that's pretty much the only language I speak, though I can understand a bit of spoken Japanese and I might still remember a bit of German from HS. I can read hiragana/katakana, but Kanji is still a wall. And since I'm not a millionaire I'd need some way to earn income to pay the rent, etc. I'd have to have a really good support system there to help me earn a living while "visiting". But if I could overcome all that then yeah, I think it'd be fun and educational to live there for a while.

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