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    I'll just use this opportunity to plug this wonderfully insightful video I found on the intertoob. There are 3 videos in this series (so far), one in fact focusing on Minecraft, and I recommend them all if not just for entertainment. As for the anime, I'll probably check it out. I find it hilarious the title of the anime is so absurdly long it couldn't fit in the thread title, though.
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    Hello everyone! Please keep your eyes peeled for the loveliest event of the year!~ AF will be hosting a Valentines event soon.
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    Thank you kindly BD :3 Although, sorry for the late reply XD been a little busy with something recently... which reminds me... https://somethingintheair.itch.io/a-grim-birthday I made a game! It was originally just for a uni hand in, but I decided to also share it, because I was quite proud :3 hope y'all enjoy! (For 15 days of work, I'm quite proud of the turnout, even with the janky art XD)
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    Enjoying the humor which keeps it from feeling as pretentious as SAO: Aliciation. For example the alert letting players know when they need to log out for a bathroom break & Nemesis whining about Ray using her to chop up zombies
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    Lemillion best boi
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    Nice Hanako theme for your profile
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    The continuation of the Fruits Basket remake is scheduled for the spring season, which starts in April https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2020-01-17/fruits-basket-anime-2nd-season-premieres-this-spring/.155474 There’s also a PV in the article summarizing season 1 and previewing season 2 (unfortunately not subtitled)
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    Ooooh that looks so cool! I'm right in the middle of helping judge a comic contest , but I want to check it out! When I get a chance (which will probably be a while...maybe Feb or Mar,) I want to give it a go Pixel art is so much harder than people think. I just made a little crap sprite using Setzer as a base (for my own stuff as a joke for my readers,) but it took soooo long and it looked horrible when I was done. I was astonished how long it took, and it was just a tiny character. I can't imagine how long it took to make the ones you posted...or a whole game! And they could tell (the ones who played FFVI) right away where I got the shape XD So kudos to you having the patience and the skill to make those images. They really are creepy o_O
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    I would love to visit the country but would I actually live there, even for a couple of years? No. It's not even because of the language barrier but simply heard from friends that have been there that they don't really care for Americans and some can get down right mean. Also even though we see pictures from FB, Twitter and other various social media platforms of people cosplaying, it actually isn't as common as pictures and videos make it look like there is. I am obsessed with anime as I am with video games. I love Asian food and am interested in their culture overall so of course I would love to visit the country but like I said I wouldn't move. And as much as I hate to say it I think anime plays a big part of people wanting to move there. Even though they have a lot of anime I believe once you get there you could change your mind especially if it's only because of the anime/manga. Plus unless you speak Japanese or learn it you won't be able to watch it and understand it entirely. And I'm not sure how long it would take for you to be able to legally immigrate there. For my friend it took 10 years for her to legally move from Canada to here because apparently you have to visit for so long besides various other things to be able to move here. She's been here now for a few months and still hasn't recieved her social security card so she can't go to the doctors or nothing until she gets it.
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    What are your thoughts on weathering with you.
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    Nah, I'm not giving up my ink just to visit a hot spring. There are a few which accept tattoos, and some I think you can notify them ahead of time and they can set up a private room. I respect their culture but I'm won't forsake my own to please anyone. If I can't find any that accept me, I simply don't go. No hard feelings to be had.
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    I'm not a fan of the chat comments. Its very stalkerish. I think they need to quit while they are ahead on that bit. It served its purpose.. Yes we know she is a newbie getting attention from the gaming community. Enough already , its starting to look creepy
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    Darwin's Game is turning out to be really entertaining. Also super excited for Infinite Dendrogram.
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    After 6~7 years since the last anime installment, a new Higurashi thing got announced: While Ryukishi07 apparently had been teasing some things, it was preeetty surprising getting this notification. Don't know about the studio behind it, or what it even will be. But hopefully it will be a nice opportunity to give this series some new fans
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