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    Ended up filling the "About Me" field, because I hadn't done that when I entered. It's my MAL intro, and it fits somewhat here as well
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    @Seshi Episode 2 was wild. The impact the death lock out has on the tians was like wow that sucks. I mean with how much the players actions affect the world, being locked out of it for three in game days could have a lot of ramifications. Like in my head im seeing players assassinating others to keep certain quests from being completed and then use that 72 in game time to further secure their goals. I am really looking forward to see how much in game polictics will be addressed in the plot. Plust maybe they might do something a la .Hack and show the impact of obessessive gaming where players get addicted to the game and start ignoring real life. It was mentioned in the first episode that you can turn off pain sensors, so what other kind of simulation system could be available. More and more questions keep being asked for every little one the show answers, so I can say im definately hooked on plot and characters. The only things I somewhat dislike is the generic opening theme but I will gadly give that up if the anime stays consistent to the world its building and shows how impactful a word like this can be to people in general. I am also very eager to see what other types of embryos look like and how they actually work, since sexy succubus are apparently a possibility
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    helping judge a comic contest sounds awesome! Hope you're having fun with it BD :3 Yah, pixel art has its little issues when it comes down to it. the smaller the art, the harder it is to try and make things look like they make sense, especially when animating them (Which is why I tend to stay away from the 21 x 21 pixel range of things XD) Honestly though, for me at least, I try not to spend more then an hour on any piece of art at any given time, just because I'm a work-a-holic and prefer to get things done (Please don't judge XD) And thank you very much BD :3 means a lot!
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    Hello everyone! Please keep your eyes peeled for the loveliest event of the year!~ AF will be hosting a Valentines event soon.
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    Those old consoles in the control room!
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