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    A disc drive is a disc drive for the most part. I have a BDP and a CDP in my rack. Both use lasers, both have optical lenses, both have DAC's, and both have preset output modules. The only difference is one has fewer components in it outside of the disc drive (the CDP) and doesn't have a video section (the CDP again). You can have better quality components, sure. But a laser is a laser. It will read whatever you put in front of it. It's up to the software or firmware to translate it. I remember once upon a time GameStop employees were telling people "CD's damage the BD laser" - which is absolute bunk.
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    Well it's not really anything you mentioned, but I added a cover photo. Hope some of the newer members win
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    I just wish they were more open about the fact that this is a sofrware issue. When I worked for the game store, a whole bunch of our guys were saying it was due to hardware limitations, and so were the customers - and that's just simply not true. It's irritating.
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    sad though ps5 won't have backwards compatibility with ps3,2 one 1 would have been nice to play the old games without having to download them
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    What people are going to start encountering more and more is the limit and finite-ness of streaming. It's very hard and difficult to beat the capabilities of physical solid-form media. The cost of infrastructure upgrades notwithstanding, the cost to maintain a constant and steady flow of bandwidth across the board is already difficult in lower tier markets. Have you looked at what a BD's transfer rate is lately? It's over 12 GBPs. A few go upwards of 18. Couple that with data caps, and no one can convince me we are anywhere close to having a sustainable stream-only platform in a mainstream service.
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    I was a bit concerned that the shift in tone would be too abrupt but they seem to be transitioning into it in a way that feels natural. Looks like the immediate focus will be on Todoroki & Bakugo getting their licenses. The reappearance of some of the rivals from the previous licensing exam was unexpected and can’t wait for next week Also looks like we’ll get some exploration of the relationship between Endeavor & Allmight & Todoroki. And All for One’s other apprentice will probably be the big bad for the season finale (definitely gives off some titan vibes) The repercussions of the Ovethaul arc will definitely be felt for a long while to come, but honestly I don’t feel it was executed very well, especially explaining things like Eri’s quirk or Ovethaul’s motives.
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    I’d like to like consoles but they’re just too locked down. If they ever make a console that accepts mods, I’m there. Until then I’ll stick with my PC. As for streaming, I see 2 problems there. First is bandwidth. How does a FPS in HD work over my ~7mb/s DSL at anything like acceptable frame rates and latency? It probably doesn’t. 2nd is kind of the same problem that I have with existing consoles.. lock-in, which leads to expensive content, user-farming (loot boxes, etc), and less value for your money. Apps that I don’t physically take possession of and that require an expensive console that can turn into a useless brick at any time some company decides they’re not making enough profit are basically a non-starter With me, especially if it takes “my” entire software library with it. At least with existing consoles I can generally continue to run in single-player mode from the cart/disc until the hardware itself breaks. To be sure there is interesting possibilities inherent in the streaming console idea. Multi-player games are hard to do if there is much physics interaction between players and it all has to be coordinated individually, without recourse to a server. If the whole “physics” environment is simulated in the servers’ local memory and just control inputs and visual/audible results streamed from/to a remote console someplace then that limits the required bandwidth and compute power for massively multiplayer games even as it opens up new gaming possibilities on the development side. I'm interested to see where consoles go from here. At the same time I’m in no rush to be in the bleeding edge.
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    That’s right, rub it in! ( ) Speaking of which, the latest in the fiber install saga is that AT&T missed yet another appointment!! That’s 4 for 4! I got ahold of their loyalty number and went in yelling. I was aiming for the CEOs desk this time. (Of course he wasn’t available. Probably out golfing with Trump. ) I did get a half-off deal on our service for a year however, including our two phone lines. Of course, that isn’t worth jack if they never actually get around to installing it. BBB and FCC have also already been notified, though in the latter case that agency has already been Trumpified as well so that’s probably a wasted effort. Making America Grate Again!

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