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    Tomorrow is last day of review center ! So far, based on scores i get on exams, i feel confident ill pass this time, compared to first time (50-90/200), i always get 50-70% now (100-150/200), With the exception on parasitology, seems to have been my lowest in the review center, following isbb (cant remember, but i didnt get 50%, rather 40% ?) Eitherway ima keep studying to pass boards this march Also bought some jackets, couse, jacket is laif for a hikikomori I cant be the only one who feels naked, when im not wearing one outside, right ? I feel protected when i wear a jacket outside (like how a kid feels protected hiding in their blanket xD) Also UV light protection, muh skin needs to be protected after allll >.< Started playing arknights too, not fully focused on it, im still 100% studies, but its a fun tower defense game so far, i get the kancolle vibe, but with tower defense mechanism rather than no control on shipfus Also no permanent sinking/death if you push through (they should do a mode like this, it would add more pressure >.>....)

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