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    I'm back from basic training!!!!! I can't believe it but I made it through boot camp to AIT. I don't have all my freedom back but at least I had my computer. I don't know if any of you remember me after 10 weeks but I'm the girl who was writing the story. I'd like to continue that if I can but I should probably focus more on passing the next part of my training. Everyday when I felt like I wasn't going to make it I kept thinking of cool things like comics and anime. Anyway again everybody. I'm a real solder now.
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    Theres no same time option
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    I’ve been SPITZERified... for their "final voyage" end-of-mission event.
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    how do you eat your cereal? milk then cereal or cereal then milk?
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    Hi all, I am Oddball, and I am an oddball. I hope that I can discuss anime episodes that have come out, and possibly manga and similar media.
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    Today is my birthday, I'm 19! Feel like an old man, lol.
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    Just finished episode 4. While there’s still no over reaching storyline, Maple & Sally continue to have fun exploring. This series boss battles all seem to be interesting & well animated. There were 2 this week and unlike the previous ones Maple & Sally have to co-ordinate to win (much to the game developers’ frustration ). As a reward And we end on Shinobu’s (from Kimetsu no Yaiba) seiyuu voicing another elegant but badass samurai character who apparently wants a duel with Maple. Can’t wait till next week
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    riddle number two I am the beginning of everything, the end of everywhere. I’m the beginning of eternity, the end of time and space. What am I? the answer ---> don't click unless you think you know
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    Christmas last year
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    Updated shot from last week. A very tired selfie...
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    Sorry it's not a selfie but I just wanted to show off how cute and big my daughter is getting. 3 months now.
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    Posting another pic of me this time no filter
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    I’m not flexible! OT here’s me and sweet Lilly at the beach
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    You're absolutely fine! That's what this thread is here for
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    I've already posted one, but this was too cute to pass up. (Speaking of the dog of course )

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