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    when I used to draw, I had some drawings that were "good" to me back then. Now I look at my drawings and I regret myself of not have invested more on those, because I could have become a good design artist, and by now I can't draw nothing more than some sticks and circles again The last thing I've ever draw was this picture when Yesung from Super Junior released his solo album. Then never more XD
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    To participate, select an event you wish to enter. Below each event description are the links to individual events you may partake in. Recommendations Event: You may write a recommendation for an anime, or manga that you wish to share with Anime Forums members for Valentines day. Restrictions for genres apply, and entrees must meet the requirements for this event. Manga Recommendations, Anime Recommendations Shipping Event: An art Contest to create a picture of your favorite couple! It can be digitally edited/ created or hand drawn. Shipping Beginner art level, Shipping Intermediate to Advanced art level Nomination Event: Your favorite ships are nominated and then voted on by your fellow members. Must include images for characters shipped. You may enter one nomination for each category. Straight Ships, BL & GL Ships AF Valentines: Choose up to 5 users on AF to send a Valentine, then post your creations here! Can be any form, a poem, a card, short sentence, or picture creation, even a video. AF Valentines Cuddle Buddy Senpai: Fill out our cuddle buddy application and see how compatible you are with your chosen Staff member~ (Staff will fill out their cuddle buddy application, and the member who matches up best with it is the winner based on compatibility). Cuddle Buddies
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    I can't avoid reading UK and thinking from what UK country people are Welcome ^^ Hope to see you around
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    I’ve always thought Mikasa & Alita had a similar look
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    if you're a pretty good artist now ,... go look at some of your old drawings ( really old ) then im pretty sure you'll laugh at how bad you were back then .... I was SO bad when i was little
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    What is 3/7 chicken ,2/3 cat and 1/2 goat??
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    i might do the shipping event if i have time to draw and choose a ship
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    me too - my drawings were pretty " good " to me back then- now i want to throw all my old papers and sketch book awy
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    Will most likely do an anime recommendation & the nominations. Not sure if I’m brave/foolhardy enough to attempt the others Thanks for coming up with these
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    My recollection is that her dad literally vanished from existence just by touching her & her mother abandoned her as a result (which made it that much easier for Overhaul to manipulate her by telling her it was her fault people around her got hurt/died). The previous yakuza leader was actually her grandfather & he entrusted her to Overhaul since their quirks worked in a similar way. But he wouldn’t go along with Overhaul’s plans for her so he put him in a coma. While it’s certain all her issues won’t be resolved anytime soon, the trailer shows she will have made at least some progress by season’s end & will have something of a “little sister” relationship to Mirio.
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    As far as Eri's quirk, they are unable to help her develop it ethically, since for now she has only been able to practice it on humans. Meaning, if she doesn't hold back enough, someone could die. The only reason Deku could endure the quirk at full strength was due to the extreme power of his own quirk rivaling hers. I'm guessing that from the ED that her family was killed by her quirk once it manifested. Poor Eri-chan She has a lot of healing to do. I hope they show more of her.
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    I’ve never seen one that looks much like me. Not too many anime characters in my age group for one thing.
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    sorry i didnt take this pic - my friend did plus she filtered it
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    I'm back from basic training!!!!! I can't believe it but I made it through boot camp to AIT. I don't have all my freedom back but at least I had my computer. I don't know if any of you remember me after 10 weeks but I'm the girl who was writing the story. I'd like to continue that if I can but I should probably focus more on passing the next part of my training. Everyday when I felt like I wasn't going to make it I kept thinking of cool things like comics and anime. Anyway again everybody. I'm a real solder now.
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    I had a really fun time cosplaying Asuka Langley and Joseph Joestar. Both were really comfy too! (plus the great memes)
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    Just finished watching the movie so ...
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    I can't list everything I prefer, but I did try to find some non-yuri pairings I find awesome. #1 Haruka & Michiru - Sailor Moon #2 Natuski & Shizuru - MaiHiME/Otome #3 Diana & Akko - Little Witch Academia #4 Soifon & Yoruichi - Bleach #5 Soul & Maka - Soul Eater #6 Lina & Sylphiel - Slayers # 7 Goro & Kaoru - Major My actual all-time favorite pairing isn't from an anime, so I didn't add them.

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