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    Just added Science-Types to my to-watch list. I think it got me with the wagging ponytail thing.
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    Today is my birthday, I'm 19! Feel like an old man, lol.
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    Notice me Senpai~ Enter here to see if you can win Senpais heart. Fill out this cuddle buddy application and post your entry below. You may add as little or as much detail as you'd like. In the end, the most compatible entries will win their Cuddle-buddy Senpais heart.
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    To participate, select an event you wish to enter. Below each event description are the links to individual events you may partake in. Recommendations Event: You may write a recommendation for an anime, or manga that you wish to share with Anime Forums members for Valentines day. Restrictions for genres apply, and entrees must meet the requirements for this event. Manga Recommendations, Anime Recommendations Shipping Event: An art Contest to create a picture of your favorite couple! It can be digitally edited/ created or hand drawn. Shipping Beginner art level, Shipping Intermediate to Advanced art level Nomination Event: Your favorite ships are nominated and then voted on by your fellow members. Must include images for characters shipped. You may enter one nomination for each category. Straight Ships, BL & GL Ships AF Valentines: Choose up to 5 users on AF to send a Valentine, then post your creations here! Can be any form, a poem, a card, short sentence, or picture creation, even a video. AF Valentines Cuddle Buddy Senpai: Fill out our cuddle buddy application and see how compatible you are with your chosen Staff member~ (Staff will fill out their cuddle buddy application, and the member who matches up best with it is the winner based on compatibility). Cuddle Buddies
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    Thank you to all participants! I hope you are all having a wonderful new year thus far. I have to close this event now to make way for our Valentines Day event. Please check it out and do continue to enjoy yourselves here at A~F The winner of the New year event is @whatthehaek for a beautiful profile as well as a cleverly made "about me". Keep a look put for your profile to be featured as our member of the month and I will be in touch with you about your prizes.
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    Came across the trailer for 198X and I'm hyped to start playing this! You can find out more about the team and idea behind the game. >> https://198xthegame.com/
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    Hey everyone, sorry for such a long wait for the next blog post. Between mostly working a lot and this past week being sick I haven't posted anything so I better stay on top of it more. That being said it's review time. Also like always I'll try to not spoil the show but sorry if I do. If you don't know this about me I watch anime or read manga every free chance I get and in doing so I watch a lot of shows at one time. I'm always on the look out for something new or if a favorite gets another season I am all over it. I watch a few different internet sites like crunchyroll or on netflix. Recently I binged watched an Netflix original called Levius (pronounced Lay-ve-us). It's also the main characters name. This anime although may be classified as sporting since it revolves around a sport called metal boxing I would have to say it's a bit more of a drama type. The aesthetics of the world surrounding them is like 1940'ish with a steampunk vibe. They have mecha advancements and such. Metal boxing is boxing with arms that basically are replaced with mecha like structures. The world is a bit different as when in you get a short history of the mechanism that drives metal boxing. Something called Agatha water has a unique ability to interact with human blood producing steam. However the steam that's created can be manipulated by the user (blood donor) in other words. The first episode starts off with him already in the ring fighting an opponent like a quick glimpse of things to come. By the end of the episode and the next one is really how it all starts. A young boy from a war torn town. You learn of his background and how he got to where he is now. It's a bit sad but you also find out why there was conflict in his town which you might have guessed from what is written above. Greenbridge the town Levius lived in had this unique water source and well they lived on it and it may have changed them internally being exposed to the water all the time. So naturally a conflict arose wanting the rights to this water. A company called Amethyst supposedly swept in to help and stop the conflict but the rumors say it had underlying evil intentions as in kidnapping orphaned children and do experiments on. Levius finds himself has a young boy who was trying to rescue his mother but ends up losing an arm and being saved by his mother. As a young boy who already lost his father during the war and mother who is in a coma he is shipped to his Uncle who used to be a boxer back in his day. There is another main character sorta of in all this a young girl from the same town he couldn't save that later turns up in the ring. Levius stumbles onto the metal boxing and well the rest is history. This story is so great. Fighting to find something you feel is missing. The opponents you fight bring something to your understanding. Levius is innocent but not naive, simple and straightforward. I real genius in the ring. He ends up helping the other fighters through the fighting. The supporting cast gets little backstories that make not end up hating them. The accumlation comes to head as you learn AJ a fighter being manipulated by an evil guy who is the owner of Amethyst. The sad truth of a lot of things come to light and Levius tries to save AJ. Everyone comes to back up Levius on this even though it becomes very dangerous. I really would recommend this anime. Even if you don't like sport or boxing the story and plot is very excellent. It really draws you in.
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    You're right! I never noticed that. Not an actual character comparison but I just wanted to share how similar Ann's costume is to Aisha Clan-Clan's "Fire Cat" disguise.
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    I am currently filling the Valentine's Day Cuddle Buddies form.
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    I’m only 2 episodes in on science types. I don’t know how it’ll turn out, but the visuals are fun so far. I had kind of had the same reaction to Overlord. I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did.
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    Glad you found something. Hope its interesting! I'm still watching a lot of currently airing, but have also been watching Overlord! Overlord 2 is next. I love this anime, and I was so skeptical to even start it lol
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    I also do cosplay and I really enjoy doing male and female characters. By now I only have 2 cosplays done (even though with none I have full shots bc I'm kinda insecure with my body and shit) which are Nico Yazawa from Love Live - School Idol Festival (these two photos are 5 months apart), and Ash Lynx from Banana Fish.  This second photo was when I first used my Nico Yazawa Cosplay. By this time I was kinda costesting the serious version of him. This was from the day I first took him to a con (by this time I was pregnant and I couldn't even bind my boobs properly bc they hurt a fricking lot.
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    I still have my old drawings and I was much of a freestyle person, and I admit I still had a lot to learn in perspectives and porportions, but I really loved my sketches. Even though tbvh I was more of drawing in classes, but 10 years have passed since I graduated so
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    001 was the code name for There’s been no mention of a second season & it seemed to end on a pretty final note so doesn’t seem very likely. Trigger’s next projects are a Netflix series called BNA (Brand New Animal) & a follow up to SSSS.Gridman.
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    Some of you may have heard of these poems before, but for me it wasnt until Chihayafuru that I became aquainted with them. This old poetry is very different from what I am used to reading so its refreshing to go through them. What are some of your favorites, and your thoughts on them? Do you mean to say we must pass life not meeting even for a time as short as the segments in the reeds that grow at Naniwa Bay? -- Ise This poem speaks to me well of the sadness that one might feel for the fleeting of time and of missed opportunities (of which I have let slip quite a few). But things were even harder for the people of this era. In reading these old poems I love that I can be transported to a time that I know relatively nothing about. Read about the secret desires they had for one another that weren't able to be acted upon for so many reasons... The seasons, traveling difficulties, status differences, Its an intriguing topic for me. Im glad these poems are still around for us to read today, to contemplate what things must have been like in another time.
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    What is 3/7 chicken ,2/3 cat and 1/2 goat??
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    Adding a couple more (one recent, one not)
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    I’ve always thought Mikasa & Alita had a similar look
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    Erementar Gerad and Revolutionary Girl Utena (it's becoming increasingly difficult to resist the urge to say "the absolute destiny apocalypse" to people I meet in real life completely out of context)
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    Just finished Haikyu!! Now I'm watching Haikyu!! 2 and I'm on episode 18. Karasuno is still my favourite team. Love the whole team, with the exception of Hinata sometimes. At this point, Kei Tsukishima is my favourite character. I think he's had the most character development thus far.
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    I'd like to see Bones finish Darker than Black as the second season was so obviously left with the intention of further continuation. I doubt it will ever happen mind you, what with it being 10+ years old now. It's one of those things that if I ever win the lottery, I'll be shooting a cheque their way to finish it
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    I also am a bit weary of music/band animes. I liked Perfect Blue, but then...it was not really about the music as it was the psychological trauma the character suffered from. I tend to like all (or most) the music from Watanabe animes. He's apparently a musician himself, and he said it was always a goal of his to eventually make an anime with music being the focus (for real, though Bebop and Champloo have some of the BEST music I've ever heard from an anime. Not novel: actually good music.) Since I'm a big fan of 60s/70s (and pretty much a wide breadth of genres) I was impressed with the allusions to musicians. I'm not a big fan of EVERY song he referenced, but I recognized them and it was fun to see something I was familiar with. I'm also huge Beatles fan, so I loved how clueless the girls were when they referenced George Martin XD *Music Nerd XD*
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    I feel the issue comes down to what aspect of Akira do you want to be the main focus. If you go by the anime they tried to cram a government conspiracy, a tale of growing up, and a metaphysical thesis of the nature of conciousness and the power of the evolving human brain. It was a bit of a mess but because it was an animated film, the art team could get a lot of symbolism going because they had total control of the environment and aesthetics (ex. the children scaring Tetsou when he is recovering and using milk and toys as their psychic constructs). If you go by the manga, there is simply too much story to be faithfully translated into a short film. A three film series would be more approachable if they want to tackle all the manga goes through. Having a rise to power, fighting for hope, and resolution theme for each film could be an interesting take on it. I feel however that most life actions films suffer from the very human limitations of acting and directing. It is much easier to do several voice retakes and tweak the animation a little, than have to do retake after retake to get a certain expression or emotion right. Plus the handling of special effects can break or make a live action film. I personally feel certain works are so iconic they are best left alone. I understand some themes might become dated but it also serves as a lense as to how people then perceived the possible futures of humanity and what worried them and what excited them. So long as its not another death note at least haha
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    Ended up filling the "About Me" field, because I hadn't done that when I entered. It's my MAL intro, and it fits somewhat here as well
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    I've been hearing a lot about what's going on with the fires in your corner of the world. Just wanted to wish you a Happy 2020 and I hope you're safe and well.
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    I had a really fun time cosplaying Asuka Langley and Joseph Joestar. Both were really comfy too! (plus the great memes)
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    A couple of years ago I went to a local con as a tennis player just because I really liked tennis anime at the time. Before that I went to one in 2010 as Sakura and dyed my hair and everything I’ll have to get my laptop back in action to find those photos.
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    -Sakuya Izayoi from Touhou Koumajou Densetsu, by me
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    Looking forward to seeing who gets matched with you as their cuddle buddy senpai

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