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    Hello everyone! Ahhhh its nice to find a oldschool anime forum like this. I am from the UK! I have been a anime fan since the early 2000's and have been delighted to see anime getting more popular and accessible these days. I am in my late 20's, engaged and I am a cosplayer too! I love making my own costumes and attending conventions. Other than that I have been getting back into video games. I also love long walks, eating out, cats (well, animals in general), handicrafts, a bit of pro wrestling and I am also a little bit into fashion.
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    Hello, fellow Brit! I too am a fan of cats. We only have 3 now but at one point had 6 This is Guinness and Biscuit. Hope to see you around!
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    Hello there, welcome to AF! Have fun and enjoy your stay. ...oh and here's a cat gif... because... why not
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    I know a bit of the language, and I like a lot of the food (and the presentation). Anime wouldn't be enough for me either, but add in Akihabara where there's video games, manga, and all sorts of electronics (did I mention that I'm also an EE?) as well as anime and cosplay.... That's hard for me to say no to. I mean, we don't even have Radio Shack over here in the states anymore.
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    Welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy it here Since you like cats I would highly recommend My Roommate is a Cat https://myanimelist.net/anime/38145/Doukyonin_wa_Hiza_Tokidoki_Atama_no_Ue?q=My roomm
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    Nice a fellow cat lover and welcome to AF hope we can be friends and enjoy it here
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    Thanks guys ^^ Everyone is so nice! Heres Dexter!
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    Hi there! The more cat fans the better!
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    Isn't doing funny pranks funny , share some pranks you have played on others and maybe even some pranks other played on you? was it funny? For me i remember that i would prank my brother all the time
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    Recently I gave my hubby some payback pudding with whipped cream and sprinkles (only it wasn't pudding, it was actually mayonnaise and mustard) lol
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    Season 3 of Netflix Castlevania debuts a month from now https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2020-02-04/castlevania-animated-show-3rd-season-premieres-on-march-5/.156116 Caught me completely by surprise
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    I've had a quite interesting conversation with an acquaintance of mine who exclaimed Demon Slayer to be the best anime of 2019 even going as far to claim it's the best anime overall. We obviously had differing views and opinions on things hence I highly recommended him to watch Vinland Saga as well as Dororo. If we go by statistics like the one on MAL - it's ratings are at the top and even old renowned anime have been pushed back on the list. To be bluntly honest, Demon Slayer's hype is partly justified but it was just people giving it too much credits. The 19 episode of Demon Slayer (fight with rui) was not inferior nor superior to for instance Attack on Titan 3rd Season (kenny's squad vs levi). But this is merely my opinion, perhaps reading the manga too far ahead had an impact towards my view on Demon Slayer. I missed out on Fire Force due to lack of time but will probably wait for a 2nd season so I can binge watch it in one-go. My favorite best anime in 2019 are listed in a similar order to @Ohiotaku list but Dororo is on second place and Demon Slayer on third. Vinland Saga did not disappoint me at all. Unfortunately, I did not watch Dr.Stone and also dropped Reincarnation as a Slime. Other than that there are still a couple other remarkable mentions such as Neverland and Shield Hero as well as Attack on Titan 3rd Season. Diamond no Ace 3rd Season and Black Clover are both long-term series which had been airing throughout the whole 2019, thus included in the list.
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    I would love to visit there for a few weeks as a holiday but I dont see myself wanting to move there. I would love to learn the language, I really like the meals, but my love of anime really isn't enough for me to move simply because my family, friends and life in general is here where I am now. I love travel but I'm prone to homesickness.
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    I cosplay at conventions. I love having ongoing projects that I can work on on and off. I am happiest when I have things to look forward to and cosplay is perfect because there is a lot to learn and its part of the process of being excited for an upcoming event. It's really nice portraying my favourite characters and showing off what I love; anime/games, the characters and making things.
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    For the trivial pursuit fans out there... I just realized. That computer in the background behind Yukimura's head? The desktop looks a lot like Canonical's Unity desktop that came with Ubuntu's linux (among others) up until ca. 16.04. Ubuntu installs > 16 have switched to gnome by default, but Unity was my desktop for several years before they made the change so it was pretty obvious what the animators were basing their desktop on once I noticed. Compare... to.. (latter from wikipedia ) The background wallpaper is a different color, but if you look at the icons in the dock down the left side of the screen they bear a strong resemblance to your typical gnome user's dock. Especially the"swirly" (dash launcher) icon in the upper left corner of the screen is a giveaway. Even now Ubuntu is still using that 3-lobed circle thingy prominently in their logo. The other icons look very much like (now) LibreOffice's icons for their suite of spreadsheet, text editor, drawing, and presentation programs that also typically get installed by default on Ubuntu linux. Sorry, I just had to mention this once I noticed. Carry on...
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    what goes up, but never goes down?
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    Pretty high quality anime art, also goes very good as a PC background, or flip it sideways and put it as your phone background.
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