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    I am a simple person, who likes to translate things into several languages, just for pleasure, like anime music. I like to draw and make videos amv I use Portuguese, German, Spanish, Russian and English. Greetings to all.
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    I prefer to keep the riddles easy to guess
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    Very possibly people no longer draw on paper, but hey, I guess they are just scribbles. Nothing special. I also share some random designs, Cheers
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    i got it correct and i love riddles
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    Every now and then...grey clouds appear and the sun disappear(s) thus the sky full of sorrow and grief shed a tear. Another word to call the tear(s) of the sky?
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    Hi all I'm new here! I was just wondering, I'm thinking of starting a youtube channel for top 10's (i know not the most original) but I was curious about the genre I should start with? Any feedback or suggestions would be much appreciated!
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    I’m still working on my Valentine’s Day event entries, but thought I’d share this
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    I was puzzled as well but someone on CR’s forums pointed out that
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    Very busy episode this week as the supernatural battle is over in the first half, but many indirect challenges are introduced
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    Welcome! Have you ever worked on any fan subs? Anybody who can speak multiple languages is fascinating to me as I've known for sometime that my brain is not wired to languages at all (except English, obviously).
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    @Muco I thought you were talking about my tinnitus
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    As strange as it sounds, I like this song
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    Hanako-Kun sent me a valentine
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    Spring Violet Evergarden - Gaiden (Movie) Arte Kingdom 3rd Season Fall The Promised Neverland 2nd Season Attack on Titan Final Season Log Horizon Trailers
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    I want to but i won't go becuase i don't know the language plus i don't have any people i know over there , and everyone would just be strangers . Plus i don't like strangers.
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    First of all, I'd like to thank you for this @Seshi what a nice poem to wake up to in the morning. To someone sincere, whom I hold dear this is for inspiring me when I think no one can hear, you show me I can make an impact and really connect with those whom I speak to even when I don't mean to, so thank you, and happy Valentines day (In advance) Seshi. -Sincerely, SAO LILDOOP
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    Everyone out here with good stuff and I'm embarrassed to say Backstreet Boys.
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    Will most likely do an anime recommendation & the nominations. Not sure if I’m brave/foolhardy enough to attempt the others Thanks for coming up with these
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    Some Nights-Fun I heard it awhile ago and it was just epic now I listen to it all the time.
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    I see cats everywhere

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